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Stupid Mario Odyssey is a blooper created by SMG4 on June 24, 2017. It is a parody to Super Mario Odyssey, and involves Mario going on a journey to take Cappy to Crazy Cap.


Mario travels around the globe with Cappy, capturing all sorts of different creatures and objects in order to get Cappy home!


The video starts with Mario shopping for a new hat at Walmart because Toad used his first one as toilet paper. Mario walks through the store and comes upon an aisle full of Mario and Wario Bros hats. He walks through the aisle searching for his hat, but turns out they were all out of stock. Mario is about to leave, but the cashier informs him that they have a bargain sale of hats for 99 cents each. Mario looks through the bin, trying on a bunch of different hats until he finally comes upon a Mario hat. However, before he is able to put it on, the hat gets eyes and reveals itself as Cappy. Mario screams and throws Cappy at the cashier, causing the cashier to become possessed and give Mario his form. Mario jumps out of the cashier's body, and Cappy reveals that he has a power called CAPture ability.

Mario leaves the store with Cappy and asks him how he got to Walmart in the first place. Cappy tells him that he was trying to find his way home, but the cashier took him and put him in the bin. Mario offers to take Cappy home in his kart, but realized he crashed it into a fire hydrant on his way to Walmart. Cappy instead calls his ship, and the two set off. Cappy tells Mario to find Crazy Cap, but Mario instead starts pushing random buttons and crashes the ship into Peach's Castle.

Mario throws Cappy at Toad as revenge, and possesses him to try and communicate with other Toads. He goes up to two other Toads and asks them if they know where Crazy Cap is, but all they do in response is say the castle smells like shit. Frustrated, Mario leaves Toad's body and goes outside.

Outside, SMG4 is just minding his own business and looking at memes until Mario shouts 4 and throws Cappy at him. Now in SMG4's body, Mario uses his laptop to do some research. While looking at apps, Mario finds a file called "SMG4's bag of memes" and wastes even more time looking through it. Mario finishes looking through the folder, and starts looking at pictures of Spaghetti. After looking at Spaghetti, he then starts wondering what's in SMG4's search history, but hearing this, SMG4 breaks out of Cappy's CAPture ability and chases Mario attempting to attack him.

In fear, Mario runs up to Peach's room and throws Cappy at her attempting to hide in her body. SMG4 arrives, and Mario pretends to be Peach in order to trick him. SMG4 sees through Mario's disguise however, and throws Peach's TV at him. As SMG4 leaves, Toadsworth comes in and notices Peach wearing Cappy, telling her it's a unique hat from Crazy Cap. This grabs Cappy's attention, and he tells Mario to try and get directions out of him. Instead of asking however, Mario grabs Toadsworth, puts him in the ship, and points a gun at him threatening to shoot. Toadsworth crashes the ship in fear, and Mario and Cappy end up in a random city.

Now without a ship, the duo have no way of transportation. Mario insists they hitch hike and tries to in the middle of the street, but ends up getting hit by Heavy's car. Heavy jumps out of his car, thinking that Mario broke the hood by getting hit, and pulls out his minigun threatening to kill him. Mario throws Cappy at Heavy and possesses his body, and Soldier, who noticed the event nearby, comes up to Heavy Mario and tells him to give him his hat. Mario runs away, but is only pursued by several other Soldiers, so he jumps out of Heavy's body and uses it as a decoy for the greedy Soldiers.

With that idea gone, Mario decides to do the next best thing: Possess random objects (Instead of obviously just possessing a car). He possesses a bench, shopping cart, stoplight, and even tried possessing a seagull, but only ended up getting Cappy kidnapped by a flying Shy Guy. After getting Cappy back, Mario spots a Goomba couple driving in a car, and possesses the driver. While in the Goomba's body, the girl Goomba tries to break up with him, but Mario simply says "It's not you, it'sa me Mario" while jumping out of the body. He kicks both of them out of the car, and now with a car and GDS, Mario promises Cappy that they will make it to Crazy Cap.

The GDS ends up taking them to the middle of the desert, and Cappy realizes the GDS is in Spanish. The car runs out of fuel so duo start walking through the desert until Mario catches on fire. Cappy spots a nearby town, so Mario throws Cappy at a bullet bill to get there faster, while hitting a few people and Bob on the way. The make it into town, but see that the entire population is just full of Mexican skeletons. They ask 1 skeleton for directions, and are taken to the leader of the Little Bone Village, Pete.

Pete leads them to a warp pipe that's being guarded by a T Rex, and tries to shoo it with his skeleton magic, only to end up getting eaten. With very limited options, Mario spots Spongebob, Squidward, and Patrick's houses, and possesses Squidward's house to sneak past. They nearly make it past, but they are spotted when Mario trips, and start running from the T Rex. When they make it to the pipe, but Mario's current body is too big to fit through. At a last desperate attempt, Mario jumps out of Squidward's house and throws Cappy at the T Rex, possessing it. Now in the body of the dinosaur, Mario traps it by crushing it with Squidward's house. Finally past the guard, Mario and Cappy go through the Warp Pipe.

At the other side, Mario finally finds Crazy Cap, and the two part ways after Cappy gives Mario a new normal Mario hat. Mario starts to find his way home, but as he leaves, he realizes that Crazy Cap was right next to Walmart, meaning he wasted his entire day trying to find a place that was literally right next door.



  • 00:07 – (Mario Bros 2 - Overworld theme remix; needs verification)
  • 00:35 – Wii Shop Channel – Main Theme
  • 00:51 - Super Mario World - Overworld
  • 01:04 – Earthbound - Apple Kid Theme
  • 01:17 - Mario Party 7 - Let's Go!
  • 01:45 – Super Mario Galaxy - Buoy Base Galaxy
  • 01:53 – Super Mario Odyssey - Main Theme
  • 02:14 - Earthbound - HI HI HI!
  • 02:20 - Paper Mario - Goomba Village
  • 02:47 – Mario Party 3 – Inside The Castle
  • 03:10 – Initial D – Running in the 90s
  • 03:14 - Mario Party 8 - File Selection
  • 03:30 - Ren and Stimpy - Hit and Run
  • 03:51 - Ren and Stimpy - Pizzicato Playtime
  • 04:08 - Viewtiful Joe 2 – The Boss Appears
  • 04:26 - Pokemon HG - Pokemart
  • 04:40 – Super Mario RPG - Sad Song
  • 04:49 – Super Mario RPG – And My Name’s Booster
  • 05:17 – Super Mario Odyssey - New Donk City
  • 06:19 - Spongebob - Daytime Drama
  • 06:36 – Super Mario RPG - Super Pipe House
  • 06:46 – Paper Mario – Mysterious Dry Dry Outpost
  • 07:32 - The Road to Tulum - Martin Gauffin
  • 07:41 - Joachim Nilsson – Fiesta Carioca 2
  • 08:46 – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – Main Theme
  • 08:50 – The Mask - Cuban Pete
  • 09:08 - Pokemon Stadium - Free Battle Menu
  • 09:29 – Conker’s Bad Fur Day (CBFD) – Stealthy Conker
  • 09:48 – Super Mario Galaxy – Dino Piranha
  • 10:07 – Was Not Was – Everybody Walk The Dinosaur
  • 10:21 – Super Mario Galaxy - Star Festival


  • The fact that SMG4 got a hold of his body just when Mario was about to go through his search history could hint that SMG4 looks up explict things
  • Due to being released months before the game, it shares a lot of differences with the actual game.
  • This is Bob's 14th appearance, However, He was only seen for a brief second at 7:31.

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