Stupid Mario is a series made by SMG4. It mainly focuses on Mario in adventures based on his games, but with Mario being his usual idiotic self and typical SMG4 humor.

This series used to be the part of Retarded64 series, but later it was moved to SMG4 series.

List of Episodes (In chronological order)


  • SMG4: Stupid Luigi's Mansion & Stupid Smash Bros is (so far) the only episode in the Stupid Mario series that doesn't have "Mario" in the name. It's also the only episode in the series that isn't mainly about Mario.
  • Stupid Mario Maker is the most viewed video in the Stupid Mario series, having over seven million views.
  • Even though "Retarded64" isn't in the title of SMG4's videos anymore, SMG4: Stupid Mario Sunshine still contained its intro.
  • For some reason, in the Supid Mario playlist, a video for the song Dearly Beloved from Kingdom Hearts 2 was included. It was later removed.
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