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The Super Mafia Bros is a group that appears in SMG4: The Fan Written Episode (4 Mill Sub Special). They are all characters from VeggieTales.


The Super Mafia Bros. formed because the Soviet Pizza Hut was using their souls to make pizzas. They recruited Mario to help them overthrow the Pizza Hut. Fuego the Water Bottle, an employee at the Soviet Pizza Hut, retaliated and started shooting the Super Mafia Bros. After Fuego killed the Tomato, Mario threw the Tomato at him and knocked him over. The rest of the Super Mafia Bros. then beat up the water bottle.

After the Super Mafia Bros. conquer the Soviet Pizza Hut, the group decide to repay Mario by giving him his soul back from FM. They open up Bowser’s Magic Game-Entering Portal and kick him to the dimension of the FitnessGram Pacer Test. After Mario completes the test, he comes back out of the portal with his clone. Mario then gets hit into space by his clone but the Super Mafia Bros. are fine with that because they have Mario's clone to keep them company.


  • Their real names are not used in the Fan Written Episode; instead, they are referred to as "Tomato", "Cucumber", etc., most likely as the eggplant is an original character.
  • The unnamed eggplant uses Cappy's eyes.

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