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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Enter X, more often simply called Enter X, is the 21st video made by SuperMarioGlitchy4. It marks the debut of the villain X.


A villain called X (not to be confused with Xboxfan997) steals Mario's body. Mario is stuck in his own brain and he needs to find a way to stop X. He goes to the control room and wins a puzzle to get advantage of X, so Mario vomits the villain out and beats the crap out of him. Later, X is put in jail, until he escapes in the sequel to this blooper.

Characters Edit


  • Every time when Toad is in the Men's locker room, he feels someone watching him.
  • Mario is not a team player.
  • X likes the dark spaghetti.
  • This is the second time in which a character of the bloopers talks with the YouTube viewers (in this case X).


A sequel to this video, "A Murder Without Peach", was released ten months later, in which X murders someone in Peach's Castle during a rave party after he somehow escaped from jail.

I have absolutely no idea what's going on "I have absolutely no idea what's going on.
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