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(In the Mushroom Kingdom, there is a guy randomly dancing. SMG4 and a friend was asleep. Morning music can be heard offscreen)

smg4: :D good morning mushroom kingdom!!! (he goes into his room) :D I wonder what my youtube account is up to... (he gets on the computer to go on YouTube to see if there are any 1,000 subscribers. His pupils and irises shrunk. There are 1,059 subscribers)

smg4: MARIO YOU SON OFA B*a@u$*@!!!! (he threw his computer out of the castle wall and smashes into Luigi out of the way. The scene cuts to Mario and Luigi dancing as the words "SUPER MARIO" crashes into Mario) Ha ha!!! (the word "GLITCHY" smashes into SMG4. The word "4" slides into it; static; A random guy peaks from the bridge of Peach's castle.; static; It shows a random gay in the Bob-omb Battlefield seeing a Goomba)

Guy: HAHAHA!! (he attacks a Goomba; cut to a guy seeing another Goomba as he slides into it, making it fall) TAKE THAT!!! (he stomps on a Goomba as he punches another one, making it to have more Goombas) AHHHHHHH!! (static; It cuts to X at the Rainbow Tower)

X: ok I can do this! (he makes a triple jump, then begins to fly) YEEEEAHHHHH! I'M FLYYYYYIIINNNGGG!!! ( but fails and falls down.) SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTT! (static; cut to a guy at the Mushroom Kingdom)

Guy: hey!!! (runs up to him) smell my glove (static before it cuts to AustinDawgyDawg is spinning around five clones of him who are doing the same thing than him (but without moving). Cue static as a guy runs into the Hazy Maze Cave)

Guy: ahh crap!!! D: where'd the sea dragon go!?

(the scene cuts to Dorrie at Big Boo's Mansion)

dorrie: :D YES! I'M FINALLY FREE!! (flies) and I can flyy!!!!!!!

(static; cuts to a man as another guy runs)

Guy: (in Microsoft Sam's voice) Hey! Boobies!

(Two guys laugh)



(static; scene cuts to a Thwomp in Whomp's Fortress)

thwomp 1: so how was your day?

thwomp 2: oh you know, pounding my ass against the ground all day

thwomp 1:... our life sucks

thwomp 2: i know

(static as it cuts to King Bob-Omb carrying Mario in his hands)

mario: :D yay! higher daddy!!!