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Ssenmodnar (1,000 subs special) or "ṩṩἔᾗмὄḋᾗᾄʀ (1,000 subs)" is the 86th video made by SuperMarioGlitchy4, and the first video in the ṩṩἔᾗмὄḋᾗᾄʀ series. It's also to celebrate SMG4's 1,000 suscribers. It was released on June 17, 2012.


Plot (start of the video):

One day, in the Mushroom Kingdom, SMG4 woke up and went to check on his YouTube account, realizing that he got 1,000 subs because Mario changed his account name to: "I am smg4 and I am gay". This makes SMG4 mad, then he throws his computer out the window, hitting Luigi.

Plot (title screen)

Mario and SMG4 are dancing in front of Princess Peach's Castle. Suddenly, a giant "SUPERMARIO" logo falls on Mario, then SMG4 stops dancing and laughs at him, but he is squashed too by a giant word "GLITCHY" and the number "4" is added to the title.

Plot (middle of the video)

1. A random guy peaks from the bridge of Peach's castle.

2. A guy stomps on a Goomba in Bob-Omb Battlefield, and punches another one, but causes it to make more Goombas.

3. At the Rainbow Tower, Xboxfan997 make a triple jump, then begins to fly, but fails and falls down.

4. A guy tells another guy to smell his glove.

5. AustinDawgyDawg is spinning around five clones of him who are doing the same thing than him (but without moving).

6. A guy walks in Hazy Maze Cave to ride Dorrie, but he realizes it isn't there. In fact, the Dorrie is at Big Boo's Mansion, free, and able to fly.

7. A guy says "hey" and "b00bies" to another guy. Then they start to laugh.

8. A Thwomp in Whomp's Fortress asks another Thwomp how was his day. After the other Thwomp answers him, he concludes by "our life sucks".

9. King Bob-Omb is carrying Mario in his hands, amusing him. Mario tells King Bob-Omb (with calling him daddy) to carry him higher, but King Bob-Omb starts having enough of Mario and throws him away.

10. A crazy random guy is singing "Double Rainbow" while he's looking at two rainbows in the sky.

11. Continuing from skit #8., the first Thwomp sees Mario coming near him, Then he asks Mario to come under him and tries to squash him, but fails. So the second Twhomp tries to kill him too, but fails just like the first Thwomp. Then the two Thwomp start insulting each other.

12. Steve's Guide to playing Minecraft: normally he only puts a block on the ground.

13. A guy shows his new friends Dark Bowser X and Dark Fawful X to MarioMario54321, that angers him.

14. Starman3 jumps through the Tick Tock Clock, only to get thrown out of it for no reason.

15. Someone is starting to play Super Mario 64, but get squashed by a Thwomp, making him a Game Over.

16. A guy who needs to pee is running to find a toilet. He then finds the pipe which leads to Bowser's fight area and starts peeing in it, basting Bowser who is standing under the pipe, in his area.

17. Mario has a Goomba head on him, he turns his head to the camera and asks it what is it looking at.

18. A guy sees everything from above him.

19. MarioMario54321 and OiramOiram12345 are in a fight, Bowser starts off with OO12345. Then OO12345 makes a giant Energy Ball, but MM54321 throws a rock to him before he could launch his ball and hurts him.

20. Dshaynie is trapped in the left fish tank of the castle and requests for help.

21. A guy sees a giant sign in Jolly Roger Bay.

22. Sonic starts dashing all over Peach's Castle, and runs so fast that he finally burns two hours later (his legs are showing standing next to Toad).

23. Continuing from skit #19, OO12345 is hurt by the rock MM54321 thrown to him.

24. Starman3 is on a floating tree, with all other trees floating. Then a guy starts to chasing him.

25. Mario starts walking in Bob-Omb Battlefield and punches a Goomba.

26. At the top of his Fortress, Whomp King sings "Everyday I'm Shufflin'", then starts dancing on the "Party Rock Anthem" song.

27. PhazonMario is being attacked by Bowser who's saying "U MAD?" 15 times.

28. SMG4 walks outside the castle and passes in front of the window of the bathroom. Then he looks through it and sees Peach, showering with her clothes on. So he calls MejiaCantilloGustavo to check it out. MCG says he didn't know he was gay, then SMG4 realizes it was Mario in the bath. Mario sees SMG4 outside and greets him, making him scream.

29. From skit #19. and skit #23, OO12345 is still hurt by the rock.

30. A guy on a boat asks another guy who is he, so the random guy answers he's a pirate. Then two other random guys come as pirates and start singing together with the first pirate.

31. A guy says he likes turtles.

32. OO12345 says any word to MM54321, and MM says he sucks. So OO says he will rule the world now. Then Bowser comes to ask if the two guys have some soap, but accidentally pushes them off the edge.

33. Mario stops near a big firebar.

34. FightingMario54321 drops a penguin in a pit at the Snow Mountain, then suddenly another penguin comes up, gets a gun and chases FM54321.

35. Po is dancing on SuperMarioGlitchy3 in front of the Castle.

36. Continuing from skit #8. and skit #11., a third Thwomp is coming to visit the two others Thwomp in Whomp's Fortress. The second thwomp says to the first that the new one is ugly, then the first Thwomp tells him to shut up and starts pounding the ground, and accidentally squashes the new Thwomp.

37. A penguin in Snow Mountain is flying up.

38. The title screen of Super Mario 64 is seen in negative colors, with the Mario Head saying "HEEELLOOOOO!" very slowly.

39. Mario gets crazy with Toad.

40. A guy is swimming under the sea, but comes out drunk; another guy (the same one that in skit #13.) asks him if he is OK.

41. MM54321 asks Lilyncookies if she greeted herself to SMG4, then Lily answer him that she don't know and tells him to let her check. So she comes to see SMG4 for greet him, but SMG4 screams: "WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! YOU'RE SO UGLY!!!!!!!" at her, and runs away.

42. The Mario face on the title screen of Super Mario 64 is distorted.

43. A guy gets a Power Star on the balcony of Big Boo's Mansion and says "HERE WE GOOOOOOO!!!". Then another guy appears, saying "No! It's just Chuck Testa".

44. Mario is ready to jump off Peach's Castle, with People watching him and telling him to not do it. One of them tries to convince him to don't suicide by saying that there's alot more from life, but SMG4 appears (with a Troll Face) for tell Mario he have spaghetti. Then Mario jumps down.

45. Continuing from the 14th skit, Starman3 takes his revenge on the Tick Tock Clock and pulls out a rocket on it, causing it to blows up.

46. Mario shows SMG4 the TNT boxes he put all over Peach's Castle. SMG4 is surprised to see that, although Peach says she hates it. Then Mario decides to punch one of the boxes, making to explode violently the whole Castle.

Plot (end of the video)

After the last cutscene, it is revealed that SMG4 is making the video so he can sell it high, but when he clicked on the upload button, the computer got a blue screen of death, making SMG4 do the exact same thing at the start of the video............................................BUT he missed Luigi in the first shot, so he did it again, finally hitting Luigi for new. Then we see a guy on his computer (he was probably watching the blooper) who rages in frustration. Then the video ends.



  • This Ssenmodnar video is the second best video of SMG4 in the year 2012, the first being "The Adventures of Mario and Luigi - Episode 1" made on December 2012.
  • This is the second Ssenmodnar video which has the most number of skits in the whole series, behind "Ssenmodnar 2 (100th video)".
  • This is the only blooper where Sonic is a Mario-like guy. In the next video The Wacky Wario Bros.: The Winning Ticket, he will resemble his regular self.
  • This is the only Ssenmodnar video of the whole series where MarioMario54321 and Starman3 appear in several skits (6 skits in this episode for MM54321 and 3 skits for SM3). They appear in only one skit in the nexts Ssenmodnar videos, and Starman3 disappears after the 6th episode of this series.
  • This is probably the very first appearance ever of a Teletubby in SMG4's videos.
  • This is the only video of SMG4 where Lilyncookies (also named Lily for short) appeared (in skit #41.). She certainly won't reappear in a video of SMG4 because he screamed: "WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! YOU'RE SO UGLY!!!!!!!" (sound from the YouTuber "PewDiePie") at her in the video. In the past, it was writted in the description of the video: "If Lilyncookies is angry at me then I'll be hiding in a bin." (SMG4 later deleted this quote of the description).
  • In the start of the video, when SMG4 wakes up, MCG makes a cameo appearance, sleeping on the floor of the Castle.
  • In skit #11., SMG4 made a mistake when he wrote Thwomp 2's text (note: it's written "Thwomp 2" over there because SMG4 used the names "Thwomp 1" and "Thwomp 2" in the video to differentiate the two Thwomp): he wrote "Thwomp 1" instead of "Thwomp 2" two times: when Thwomp 2 says "SON OF A-..." to Mario, and when he says "shut up" to Thwomp 1.


  • Duriny the Steve scene, one can see right through Steve, because of the chroma keying error.


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