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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: A Day Without Peach is the twelfth episode to be uploaded by SMG4.

Mario goes crazy after Peach leaves the castle and then he has a party, takes drugs and sees everything neon-colored and strangely wired. It was aired on July 2nd, 2011.


Peach goes on a small vacation leaving Mario in charge of the castle but things go awry fast


Mario falls out of Bowser's Dark World, yelling to Bowser if he gets his head stuck in the toilet again, then don't call him. Mario ironically says "What does he think I am, a plumber?" right as Toad yells to him that he needs to tell Mario something.

Mario wonders what he means, as he's busy doing nothing, Toad alerting him to a message Peach wants to tell him outside. Mario runs off, wondering what she wants.

He runs outside to find Peach, who tells him she is going on a small vacation, and wants Mario to be in charge while she's gone. Mario cheers at the thought, but Peach gives him a condition: he can't hold any parties, he must keep the castle clean, he can't do anything that will damage the castle and he must not do anything that would upset Peach greatly. This upsets Mario greatly, and even asks her if she is his mother mockingly. Mario asks her if he can exercise, which Peach almost refuses, but allows. Mario doesn't listen and thinks she meant the no. She drives off, ready for the vacation. As she drives off, she wonders if Mario really listened to her.

He runs inside cheering that Peach isn't around, and tells Toad they should hold a party. Toad refuses, knowing all the things Peach told Mario, presumably as a back-up person incase Mario didn't listen like she feared. Mario asks Toad to be cool for once and not "look like a drug addict." Toad wonders, as Mario wonders why he is wondering so much, and then offers to give him drugs, Toad also telling him to offer him 500 coins for a party.

They have a party, Mario asking Toad if he thinks it is great, him agreeing. Luigi asks Mario why, as he knows Mario wasn't allowed to have parties as well. Mario lies to him, telling him his mother was the cause of him not being allowed to have parties and not Peach. Mario yells and cheers that Peach would never find out. Where Peach is, she has a feeling that Mario is having a party, thinking she knows him and thinking he wouldn't listen. She tells herself she told Mario not to so he should listen.

Back at the castle, the party seems to be over and Mario tells everyone goodbye. Mario tells Toad he thinks that was the best party ever, Toad agreeing with him. Mario tells him he's actually pretty tired, Toad noticing. Mario tells Toad they should renovate the castle, Toad thinking he's funny.

A while later, Mario tells himself that it's barely visible, the camera showing the irony of that statement. He explores for a bit, saying the sign was always there, and the box, and the rotating star, all of which are new since this renovation. Mario wonders about Toad's new face, Toad not seeing it so Mario decides not to bring it up. He tells Toad they should have fun, as he goes to Bob-omb Battlefield and messes with the king.

As he is messing with the king, he brings him along to have the fun, the King demanding Mario put him down. Mario rotates his head vertically all throughout his body to Toad as a trick. Toad tells him what's better and gives drugs to Mario. Mario then starts seeing the castle all neon-colored and wired strangely, and thinks he's air surfing. Toad appears to have taken them as well, and is seeing the same things as Mario. Mario later uses Bowser to air surf further. Bowser doesn't like this.

Later, Mario is swimming in the air, and blames Toad for leaving "the tap on again" presuming they let the water flood the castle. Another time later, Mario explodes himself from holding a Bob-omb, has a beer contest with Toad, and it transitions to the next day.

Mario feels weird, and sees hallucinations, and asks Toad about his feelings, Toad stating he can see fairies everywhere, him not safe from hallucinating visions as well. Mario vomits, and then states the carpet needs cleaning, and then goes outside. Mario struggles to remember the previous night, including where his pet Bob-omb was. It appears to be in front of the castle, and Mario tells it not to go near the castle. It goes inside and blows up the castle.

Meanwhile, Peach is ready to return to the castle. She sees the mess that it is in, and sees Mario, who claims he's taking a shower in the fountain. Peach threatens Mario, Mario wonders if the castle can grow back to comfort Peach. Peach then shoots Mario with a gun.


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