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[[Category:Bloopers with villains]]
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[[Category:Great bloopers]]
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A Fungus Among Us is the 154th episode of SMG4's SM64 Bloopers. It is about Toads are going to rule the Mushroom Kingdom.


The episode begins place in the castle, with Toad (and Mario) just doing the normal. After Mario gets tired with the stupid stuff he did, Toad gathers all of the other Toads. They begin to do evil things to abuse the castle, such as doing a shower raid, and hacking SMG4's computer. Eventually Mario finds Bowser, who is the dump saying, "This is where the magic happens!". They both enter the castle disguised as Toads. Someone reports that there is a fake Toad, but the Toad Security rips an innocent one's head off. After Bowser notices this, he runs and his hat falls off, as well as Mario's. Bowser leaves Mario in the lurch and flees.

Toad leads Mario to his hideout. He gives him a choice, he would either take spaghetti, or his friends. Mario obviously chooses the spaghetti, but Toad burns him. All of the other Toads laugh. But Mario is revealed to have more then one life. Mario charges at Toad, killing everyone except Toad, even Luigi and the gang. Toad tries to reason with Mario and surrenders, but Mario tackles him, and rapes him.
Toad army

The toad army

YouTube description 

Toad's are planning to STAHP THE humans and take over da world :o oh neerrrw



  • This is the third time Toad is the main antagonist. The first time was Toad Gold, and the second was President Toad Whasintong and the third was Mushroom wars: that space series?).
  • This is the second time Mario disguises as a Toad, the first one is Master of Fail Disguises.
  • This is the second episode to be about Toad, the other being Toad Gold.
  • The title is a reference to the phrase "there's a fungus among us"
    • The title may also be a reference to the SpongeBob episode Fungus Among Us.


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