This is the transcript for Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Bloopception by SMG4.


Screen Text SuperMarioGlitchy4 presents... (Super Mario Bros. death music) (Haw haw!)
[Scene shows Mario outside SMG4's room in the castle with sad music]
Mario *sigh* :(
[The camera shifts to the door to SMG4's room as video game noises emanate from it]
SMG4 Hahaha!
SMG4 Making bloopers beats being a charachter in SM64!
Mario Does he have to play so loudly
Mario D:
[Mario walks over to Toad]
Mario :*(
Toad Ok Mario what is it this time?
Mario Well I always wanted to know what it feels like to make a blooper
Toad Why don't you make one?
Mario Well SMG4 never lets me touch his computer
Toad Can't you use Peach's computer?
Mario I'm not allowed to download anything and it has slow Internet
Toad Well thats your problem
Mario Stupid Toad no help
Toad Well have you tried?
Mario Yeah once....
[Flashback to SMG4's room]
Mario I hope he doesn't find out
[SMG4 walks into the room]
SMG4 Never touch my computer! [takes out gun]
[Flashback ends with gunshot]
Mario It didn't end well
Toad Well then you got to find some way to get to that computer
[Mario goes into another room]
Mario The TV will cheer me up :)
Mario Ok TV work your magic!
Mario Stupid tiny buttons and huge hands.... there!
[The TV turns on, showing a mugshot of Barney]
Mario Even the TV lets me down...
Mario Stupid cable
Mario I wonder what else is on
[The TV cycles through numerous shows, including a sports channel, a spaghetti show, Nyan Cat, and Scatman, before...]
Commercial Always wanted to prank someone? Is he always using the computer?
Mario Ooh yes
Commercial Wanting to use the computer? (Oustanding stuff!...)
Commercial Well then use our new Fake Virus USB! [A USB shaped like a Wii Remote appears]
Commercial This USB contains many fake viruses were you can plant them on a computer (Ok actually pretty bad)
Commercial People will think its real and ragequit!
Commercial Then you take the USB out and wala its working! (May contain AIDS)
Commercial And you trick them LOL! Get them at a store near you!
[The commercial ends and the camera shifts back to Mario]
Mario Ooh I am so getting that
[Mario quickly runs out of the room to a phone]
Mario Yes can I order the Fake Virus USB
Mario No I am not a terrorist
Mario Yes thank you!
Mario Ok I ordered it now to wait!
[The Jeopardy theme begins playing]
Mario Waiting... Waiting
Toad How long are you going to wait?
[The screen cuts to black]
Screen Text 6 weeks later
[The screen returns to normal, Mario is weakened and tired from waiting]
Mario Waiting... Wait... ing
Mario I GOT IT!
[Mario runs outside]
Mario Hello? Is this one of those prank doorbells?
Mario WOW!
[The camera shifts to show a box]
Mario Can it really be?
Mario My package?
Mario Well only one way to find out
[Mario begins destroying the package] (chainsaw noises)
Mario Wow this package is hard to open
[The chainsaw noises stop as Mario gets the USB]
Mario Yeah! Now lets get virusing!!!!
[The screen fades to the exterior of SMG4's room]
SMG4 Ok now for my lunch break
[Pink Panther theme]
SMG4 I wonder if I can eat Toads
[SMG4 leaves as Mario comes onscreen]
Mario Hehe
[Mario enters the room]
Mario Its the computer :O
[The screen shows the computer, then shifts back to Mario]
Mario Ok now to insert the USB
[USB inserted sound]
Mario And....
[Mario clicks on Virus (K:)]
Mario Now to activate all the virus programs
[Intense computer noises]

Virus Detected

Multiple viruses detected. Computer now screwing up. Enjoy :D

Mario I wonder what happens if you press a button
Error Error (error noise)
Mario Haha! This is fun!
(error) (error error error) (error error error)
Mario Haha! Everybody join!
[Windows Error Remix]
[The screen alternates between Mario dancing and error messages appearing on the screen]
SMG4 Hey why is this doorknob greasy? And whats that error music?
Mario !!! Got to hide got to hide!
[SMG4 enters the room]
SMG4 Finally!
SMG4 I'm sure I heard something
[The screen shifts to show Mario pressed up still against the wall]
SMG4 Oh well back to making bloopers
SMG4 Hey! My computer is screwed up!
SMG4 I can't do anything! WHO DID THIS!
SMG4 Looks like I got to go get a proffesional computer fixer
[SMG4 leaves the castle]
SMG4 >:(
[SMG4 drives away in his car]
SMG4 Mumble mumble
SMG4 And mumble...
[The scene cuts back to SMG4's room, where Mario is still up against the wall]
Mario Is he gone?
Mario Cause this position is really starting to hurt
[Mario comes off the wall]
Mario Ok now I'm alone I have free time to make a blooper!
Mario Now I take the USB out and it the computer goes back to normal
Mario Now... Umm which program plays N64 games?
Mario Since I never played SM64 on a computer...
Mario Oh maybe its this program!
[The computer screen shows Mario about to click on "Erase Windows"]
Mario Yeah I'm sure its this
[Mario clicks the application]

Erase everything

You are about to erase everything on this computer

Continue         Abort         LOL

Mario (glitches) Duuhhh
Mario Umm this one... No this one!
Mario ......Oooh...
Mario ....This one?
[Mario clicks on "LOL"]
Mario Yep I think the computer says I picked the right choice
[The computer punches Mario]
Screen Text After an hour of searching for PJ64
Mario I finally found it!
Mario It was in the Mario Do Not Touch Or I Will Kill You folder
Mario Ok SM64! Bloopers!
[Super Mario 64 opens]
Mario I love this game... It reminds me of myself
[The giant Mario head appears on the screen]
[Mario continues to the save files]
Mario Oh phew that terrorist almost looks like me
[Mario opens the save file, the screen cuts back to the real Mario]
Mario How do you control this? I'm familiar with a N64 controller but not a keyboard
Mario Dammit and I got huge hands!
[The screen shows the Mario in the game]
Mario This sucks! How can you control this?
Mario D:< This is irratating me!
[The screen cuts to the castle]
Mario Stupid keboard!
[Mario throws the keyboard against the wall and shoots it]
Mario ...Sorry about that
Mario ...How am I going to play if I have no key board
[Mario gets a N64 controller]
Mario Ahh thats better
[The screen shows the ending cutscene in the game]
Mario Ohhh yeah! The princess!
[The screen goes back to the real Mario]
Mario Wait a minute what am I doing?
Mario I should be making a blooper right now!
Mario But I don't have an idea... and SMG4 will be home soon!
Mario I'm getting even more irratated!
[Mario begins raging]
Mario >:O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mario I think I need a moment outside
[Mario goes outside by Luigi]
Luigi Hi Mario! Hows it going?
[Mario punches Luigi]
Mario Ok I feel better now
[Mario goes back to SMG4's room]
Mario I think punching Luigi gave me an idea for a blooper
Mario Lets get recording
[Screen fades to black]
Screen Text Meanwhile...
[The screen shows a traffic jam on a highway]
SMG4 This sucks... Whats holding up traffic
SMG4 Ok.... Taking too long... I'm going to walk....
[SMG4 arrives at the mall]
SMG4 Yes the shopping mall! Hopefully someone can come and fix my computer
[SMG4 enters the mall]
SMG4 Why do shopping malls have to be so big?!
SMG4 Hmm
Man Oh shut up!
[SMG4 walks by an Apple store]
SMG4 Maybe this store!
SMG4 No Mac sucks
[SMG4 walks past it to a Source store]
SMG4 ...Hmm a little to tech
SMG4 But ok
[Back at the castle...]
Mario Ok done recording :)
Mario Now all I got to do is edit
[The screen shows the Sony Vegas editor]
Mario Hey wait where are the subtitles?
Mario Are you telling me that you got to wright all the subtitles!?
Mario I thought it magically generates for you
[Back to Mario...]
Mario And my Engrish ish very badth
Mario Fine...
[Back to SMG4...]
Store Owner And stay out!
[SMG4 is thrown out of a shop]
SMG4 Dammit I just wanted to smash your TV!
SMG4 Dammit looks like Im not going to get my computer repaired D:
[Back to Mario again...]
Mario Soo tired.... of typing...
Mario Why can't they get a typing animation for me
Mario Since I have to crouch to look like I'm typing
Mario :) I feel so proud of myself
[SMG4 enters the room]
[Mario somehow becomes naked]
[Mario is fully clothed again]
Mario I'm sorry! I just wanted to make a blooper!
SMG4 Huh? But its broken...
Mario I made it look like it was broken! Please don't use your gun!
SMG4 Well you could of just told me
Mario *sniff* Really?
SMG4 No not really now lets see your blooper
Mario Oooh your going to like this!!!!
[The blooper begins]
Screen Text

sm64 bloopersz

madsz by mario (the fat guy)

Mario lolz! I cantz believez you are watching dis!
Mario I men I'm going to tell you guyz about SMG5...4
Mario smg4 is a really badz person!
Mario see here's a picsz of him
[Mario shows a picture of SMG4 edited to make him look evil]
Mario see he's very scary and bad!
Mario :( he s bad :(
[Mario shows a clip of "SMG4" by Toad in the castle...]
Mario he stole peoples munny!
"SMG4" give me your dollar signs!
Toad Mario why are you dressed up like SMG4?
[...and one of "SMG4" fighting Bowser...]
Mario he kills meh turdels!
Mario I love turdels!
[...and one of "SMG4" with an explosion in the background]
Mario he even likes fireworks!
"SMG4" trolololololol I love fireworks!
[The blooper shows Mario outside the castle]
Mario untill one dayz a sexy hearoh appeared!
Mario I am marsio I will destroysz this smg4!
[The blooper shifts to Mario inside the castle]
Mario so when he saw smg4! he chargesz his lasersz!
Mario shoop da woop!
[The blooper shows a headless "SMG4"]
Mario pew! he shot his head! and he died!
"SMG4" oh nosz! I lost meh head!
"SMG4" ohh this sucks!
[The blooper shows Mario outside the castle again]
Mario and thats how he ended up in my refrigiator!
Mario :D like this or smg4 will come and getsz you!
Screen Text FIN (booing)
[The blooper ends and the scene shifts back to the castle]
Mario You liked it?
SMG4 YOU MAKE ME LOOK BAD!.... At least no one saw this
Mario Oh yeah and I uploaded it already onto YouTube
[SMG4's anger increases]
Mario Your not mad again are you?

System error

Your computer crashed because its rage levels were too high.

Rage             Rage some more                LOL

Mario Ahh dammit
[Mario clicks "Rage" and the Windows Error Remix plays again]
Screen Text THX for watching
End of Transcript
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