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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Breaking Walls is the twenty-third episode of Season 2 and the seventy-second overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on March 9, 2012.


Mario can see you............................


The video starts with Mario running toward the camera in a fiery background with Eye of the Tiger playing in the background before making a giant crack in the screen. The screen says that they last left Mario spinning on the floor which makes Toad cry. Mario proceeds to throw a knife in Toad's eye. Mario then tries to annoy Luigi but is blocked by a forcefield known as the camera. (Not held by Lakitu, as he was outside doing random stuff.) Mario acknowledges the various YouTube components including the like and dislike button, the lack of likes, a dead guy, related videos, viewers, and text. He even rearranges "Mario is gay" to say "peach is a gay homo and is a man", which caused Peach Toadstool to assault Toad after he called her over.

Mario then gets bored and sends an Old Man to sing and dance. This gets the attention of GageDawg who doesn't like the idea of old men dancing, so Mario punches the Old Man stating he had a heart attack and died. He asks the viewers if they want to know about his butt rash. This gets the attention of MCGustavo who runs away after telling the viewers that their mom is right behind them. Three errors then mess with Mario. The first one covers Mario's face and says "Adobe Flash Player has stopped working." The second one says insult instead of error at the top and says "Mario is a gay fag." Mario punches it only to have the third one play the error theme in a much slower tone, pop out from the upper right corner, has a skull instead of an x, and says "lol and >:D". Mario kicks the error and burns the cursor with a ray gun. X then comes out but runs away due to the fact that someone is watching him. FightingMario54321 comes in and runs away from robots, which Mario completely ignores. When Mario tells them to shut up, they all turn into Ronald McDonalds. Mario then admires the viewer's place and stated that he is going to sh** on their keyboard.

The ceiling starts talking about Mario suffering a terrible fate but nonetheless, Mario dances naked, scaring people. then AustinDawgyDawg comes in and calls Mario a stupid jackass. Mario then thinks he lives in a box (The YouTube border). Then the ceiling comes back and tries to shove Mario into the camera. Meanwhile, EpicYoshiFan tries to talk to Mario but sees him slamming into the wall and walks away. Mario finally gets through and gets trapped in YouTube. SMG4 also jumps through the camera, mistaking it for a bathroom. Then the Old Man takes over the channel. Mario proceeds to enters SMG4's channel and changes his profile picture a bit> This causes both of them to get in a fight in the 2012 version of SMG4's channel page. Mario punches an Old Man singing "Why Can't We Be Friends" on Rhett and Link's hangin' with hippies video. They both end up in the lobby scene from the matrix, only for an error to pop up. Mario then dances inside the Scatman music video causing SMG4 to shoot him. Mario then fires a rocket launcher at Justin Bieber and dislikes the "Baby" video. Then they end up in the scene from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door where Peach takes a shower. Mario adds it to favorites, making SMG4 mad. They both hide on the sides of SMG4's page and Mario writes a letter to SMG4 telling him to stop following him, signing as his mother. Then they run past a mad MarioMario54321. Mario then says "in name....father..son..holy..spirit" in front of Buddha pictures. At the YouTube homepage, SMG4 runs over Mario repeatedly. They get back to where they got into YouTube and SMG4 asks where their friends are, which is revealed to be all of them watching Bowser drink milk. Mario distracts the Old Man by telling him he threw his knitted sweater in the lake, which made the Old Man leave the screen. Mario then tries a lot of stupid gimmicks to break the glass, but none of them worked. When all hope seemed lost, SMG4 finds a hammer and breaks the fourth wall with it, allowing them to finally get back in the video. Mario then kisses SMG4 and they sing We Did It from Dora the Explorer.

The video closes with the Old Man in the lake with a sweater as it fades to black and the text "The End" fades onto the screen. The video seems to end with a regular YouTube screen before it cuts to Catasblanca saying "What the hell was that?!"


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  • This blooper breaks the Fourth Wall a lot. The blooper is even centered around this concept.
  • Mario can be seen typing into the search bar "nyan". He was going to watch a video called Nyan Cat, which involves a cat with a Pop-Tart body saying "nyan" really fast, making it sound like "meow."
  • SMG4 saying like he hasn't done this before is most likely a reference to Scatman's Revenge.
  • When SMG4 tries to stop Mario from interfering with his channel, we get to see how SMG4's channel was like with the 2009-2012 YouTube layout back then.

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