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Brother Battle is the 44th episode of season 1. Luigi just pwns Mario about 10 times.


Mario was fed up with losing to Luigi, so Mario and Luigi duel to see who's better in a Battle of the Bros.


Mario and Luigi are playing the Nintendo 64, Mario kept swearing when he was getting beaten by Luigi but Mario keep saying that he is better than him. They play on the last mini-game where Mario is supposed to be better and lose again so he ragequits.

SMG4, Nintendofan997 and Toad are playing tea set party because Toad think is the best game on the planet. Mario comes and talks to SMG4 about how Luigi is a gay cheater and reveal that Luigi punches Mario in the stomach because he is to fat.

They fight until Toad, X and SMG4 wake up the next morning and SMG4 Stop the fight because he didn't sleep. While they still argue Wario shows up to tell them to not talk loud because Waluigi is taking a nap after a tournament, they got the idea of a tournament with 2 teams (Mario with SMG4 and Luigi with X).

Toad organizes the tournament calling Luigi's team Team green and Mario's team Team tubby.

Hot Bob-omb

Everyone throws the Bob-omb to another player some minute later, it ends with Mario getting killed and it's a victory to Team green.

Round 2

All team tries to remake Bowser's face. It does not say who wins this round but is certainly not Team tubby.

Round 3

Mario is a composer of an orchestra but he is not making the right song and the public throw multiple projectiles at him. Meaning that Team green won again.

Round 4

In the sea, they are trying to find the biggest treasure but Luigi got it and it's again a victory for Luigi's Team.

Round 5

They are surfing on a fallen bridge and Mario gets killed. So Team green won again.

Round 6

They are thieves with bags and according to the number of coins, Mario's Team wins this time.

Round 7

They play a game where they must land on the red color but Mario dies by jumping on lava. It is presumed that Luigi's Team wins.

Round 8

Mario uses a lever that changes the direction of the roller where everyone is and because Mario doesn't know which way he must turn it, he changes all the time and they say that he sucks. It's unclear who wins but Mario could have won because he may have killed them all.

Round 9

Same as round 2 but it's Luigi's face. It does not say who wins but like round 2 it's clearly not Mario's Team.

Round 10

They must press the right button but Mario pressed the wrong one and an A-bomb explode. Meaning Team green win.

They got a minor break time for 4 seconds even with Toad pretending to be 1 min.

Round 11

They must make a cake but Mario eats them. Team green clearly win.

Round 12

Mario is on a boat and must dodge bombs but got killed by Luigi. Team green wins this round.

Round 13

They are on a disc and Mario is drunk. Team green must have won again.

Round 14

the 2 teams must break wood but Mario can't break the first one. Team green presumably won again.

Round 15

They are falling with umbrella and Mario imitate Marry Poppins but the umbrella can't support his weight. Luigi's Team must have won the round.

Round 16

They must escape the eyes but Mario is looking in it. Luigi's Team must have won again.

Toad checks the score and sees that on Team tubby got 1 (Round 8) and Team green a number over 9000. SMG4 says that it's Mario's fault and Toad says that the last fight is between Mario and Luigi as a duel.

Quick Draw Corks

Screenshot 2014-11-22-20-51-21

Appears in the last two seconds.

They try to shoot each other but Mario paused the game 3 time and when he shoot first he misses. They try again and Mario shoot Bowser by mistake meaning that he loses. Mario ragequits and swears all the way out.



I have absolutely no idea what's going on "I have absolutely no idea what's going on."
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