Chinese Elves and Gay Cashiers is the 94th blooper made by SuperMarioGlitchy4. In this blooper, Mario and SMG4 go somewhere far and try to get back.



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The blooper starts with SMG4 asking Mario if he's sure about the idea of rigging the cannon. Lakitu then says he busted his ass of rigging it, but Mario says to him, "No one cares about you, Lakitu." Glitchy then asks him how it works, then Lakitu answers, "Well, the power of the cannon shoots the fatass through the--" " Nerd... " "Shut up, Mario!" SMG4 then remarks that it is cool, and replies, "Cool! So the cannon is 100 times more powerful." Lakitu then says that he is done, and gets thrown away by Mario, who then wants to test it, but SMG4 says, "Fatasses first!" Mario goes in first, and gets shot to somewhere VERY far away, and remarks that he is flying. He then gets pitstopped by a tree, slides down it, then lands and asks where he is. SMG4 falls to the ground, making Mario scream, "AHHH!!! RAINING FAT PEOPLE!!!!!
I have absolutely no idea what's going on "I have absolutely no idea what's going on."
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Smg4 says that it's him and then says where are they. Mario says they're in China with midgit elves. Mario then goes and asks Link where they are, but Link just does a retarded dance ( he glitches out ). Mario is suddenly scared of chinese people. SMG4 suggests that that it's their language. Then, an elf girl says not to worry about Link and welcomes Mario and SMG4 to Kokori Forest. Mrio asks if she's free tonight, then SMG4 said not to listen to Mario. He asks if there's a way back to the Mushroom Kingdom. The elf girl says they'll never get back there. SMG4 says AHH CRAP!, and Mario says that's alright with him. The elf girl then says there is one way back to the Mushroom Kingdom, by the sacred tree. SMG4 says tree?, then Mario says if they have to pee in it or something. The elf girl says the great tree will decide their fate. He will either let them live or DIE! SMG4 and Mario then proceed to the tree. On the way, Mario sees a poor plant, and gives it an old man. When Mario sees the tree, he reconizes it. The tre says who dare to disturb the great and powerful tree?. SMG4 says they're travellers from afar. The tree says he's blind because he doesn't have any eyes. Mario remembers they had a tree lke the great tree. The tree then realizes that Mario was the guy that burnt him. There then proceeds to be a clip of Mario burning the tree from a previous video.
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