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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Clone O' Mario is the twenty-sixth episode of Season 2 and the seventy-fifth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on April 5, 2012.


Mario finds a cloning machine and then uses it to create numerous clones of himself who then cause mayhem.


The blooper star with Mario fishing but only find an old man and throw him back in the water. He decides that he just jump in and catch them by himself without success either.

When he spotted a special fish he tracks him into an abandoned boat and Mario shot him.

Later he swims inside a hole that he spots. He finds a machine that he believes is a spaghetti machine and kills a Goomba that he believes wants the machine. He presses the lever and the machine create multiple Clone of Mario.

He creates an army of Mario and he is the king. When SMG4 appears he wants to get rid of them but Mario doesn't want to.

Meanwhile, another clone mistakes the machine lever with a lollipop and activate the "evil clone lever crap thing" and create an evil clone.

Back at the castle, SMG4 says no to Mario and he replies that he barely has any friends and he responds by saying what if someone gets hurt. Mario says no one's going to get hurt and at this moment we see Luigi getting throw out the wall by clones and Mario believes they are helping to teach Luigi how to fly.

He says that they aren't bad but one of them appear and take his clothes off and he believes that he is taking it to the laundry. SMG4 pissed get in the castle and behind Mario, a clone aims a gun at Luigi but he doesn't care but the clone calls him again and this time he aims a spaghetti bowl. He screams in terror and runs inside the castle and locks the door.

He finally doesn't want the clones to be around because they hate spaghetti. X appear and Mario asks him if he can fight clones with retarded moves and he answer that he doesn't fight like that.

The door of the entrance gets attacked by clones and Toad says that someone must get out and everyone is looking at Luigi. Luigi is thrown outside and when he comes back he is headless. Mario finds a note and a map that will help them to get rid of the clones.

Later in the lost forest, Mario finds a red light but Luigi figured out that this is actually from a rocket launcher and he saves Mario's life. While running from the clones they find them self trap in a cave and Mario try to resonate them and jump over the group leaving Luigi behind.

Later Luigi beheaded again wake up Mario who's sleeping under a tree and run away from the clones that still want to kill them. When they encounter a big hole Mario throws Luigi in it and they both end up on the other side.

Back at the castle, X and SMG4 are mad from the clones weirdness and Toad kills himself.

Mario and Luigi find the wisdom tree and Mario is making fun about him while Luigi tries to solve the situation but Mario piss him off making them pass only if one of them sacrifice himself. Mario starts dancing naked making the tree losing his appetite but instead one of them must get inside him. Mario thinks that he wants a baby but he replies that's not what he meant. Mario gets inside the tree but burned it down when he saw a spider.

At the castle X and SMG4 are playing a game with clones. They ask a question and if the clone raises his hand he got murdered and he starts a genocide by asking a question like who knows my pin number, who here likes Justin Bieber and who here hates his bloopers and sees a majority.

Back at Mario and Luigi, they are in a snowing mountain and meet rock but Mario push him accidentally in the hole behind because he wanted him to see his penguin but Mario got his wand in time.

They get back to the castle passing X and SMG4 who are taken by clones and Mario goes back at the beginning and destroy the machine by making explode the wand in it.

The blooper end with a Toad that Spawn and say that the real machine is in another castle.


Trivia and Error

  • At the end of the video, the first "pingas" is heard when a clone comes out behind a rock.
  • At 1:58 "spaghetti" is misspelled as "sphagetti".

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