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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Free Lunch for Mario is the fortieth episode of Season 3 and the one hundred and thirty-ninth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on August 11, 2013.


Mario looks for free lunch :D until one of the free lunches turns out crap :P don't eat crap off the ground kids!


The video opens up with Mario finishing up his explanation on how to get ladies to Toad. Peach comes in and tells the two that she would bake a delicious cake, only to lie and depart from the room, much to Mario's anger.

After the intro, SMG4 asks Toad where Mario is. The red plumber is searching a garbage bin in hopes of finding free Spaghetti, with no luck. Suddenly, Dr. Mario turns up to throw away lunch that fell into nuclear waste, only for Mario to come in and gobble it all down. As a result, Mario ends up transforming his gloves and skin green, all while becoming even stronger but less collected mentally. As SMG4 investigates with what's going on, Mario lets out a roar of anger, prompting the Youtuber to ask what's if he's all right. After the Italian makes an idiotic statement, the Meme Machine turns away, only to have his head being lost offscreen.

This prompts SMG4 to visit Dr. Mario, trying to find away to cure the problem. However, the doctor does not care, frustrating SMG4 and unleashing Mario from his cage. Back in Peach's Castle, SMG4 is attempting to come up with ways to try to solve the problem, asking Toad (whose afro is being eaten) for solutions. Toad spews out on trying to eat Mario himself. SMG4 asks Bowser for any ideas, to which the Koopa King suggests to give the Italian love as his son. The demonstration, however, does not work.

When the Youtuber gets back to the castle to brainstorm, the power briefly goes out and Mario has escaped from his cage. Upon the lights going back on, SMG4 sees Toad being turned into a Mushroom, and Luigi crying about his Justin Bieber poster being ruined, much to the Youtuber's chagrin.

Stepping outside, SMG4 muses himself that the red plumber will be in his monstrous form permanently. Suddenly, an entity from the clouds declares he will help. As it appears, an Old Man descended from the clouds and introduces himself as a wizard. As SMG4 shows what needs to be fixed, the Old Man asserted he needed to use the bathroom, while asking Mario if he can hold his lunch. Unfortunately, when the wizard got back, the plumber grew to an enormous size. In spite of a Toad interrupting and the Old Man attempting to defend himself, both ended up failing miserably (with the former being thrown out of the castle and the latter self-destructing with an explosive spell). Thus, Mario began wandering around a city.

The Green Goliath began his stroll by first looking at the home of a sales Toad, crushing somebody in hopes of spaghetti, and then hopping on top of a large building. With the The Police being willing to fire, SMG4 stepped in to plead on not shooting his friend, but this did not work, and the Police fired anyway. The Youtuber successfully jumped to another building to avoid the line of fire, while Mario fell off and crushed Dr. Mario in the process. Police cars arrived and poised to shoot the giant plumber. Suddenly, SMG4 remembered of Peach discussing about baking cake, to which he quickly gets out one and feeds it, turning the giant back to normal. Mario has no memory of the events that happened, and when he asks for free lunch, the Youtuber angrily declines and kicks the Italian.



  • Dr. Mario with Lyrics can be heard whenever Dr. Mario sings.
  • This episode references the Incredible Hulk.

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