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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Have you seen this Polygon? is the ninth episode to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on June 24, 2011.


Mario somehow loses his left hand and he turns the kingdom upside down searching for it.


Mario talks to the viewers on the bridge as only his head is seen. He decides to talk to Toad, who asks if he's ok. Mario says that his butt is hurting, and Toad asks him if he feels something is missing, referring to his not-seen left hand. Mario doesn't seem to notice it and replies that nothing feels missing except that he doesn't have a girlfriend and has an empty stomach. Toad then yells at him asking where his hand is, Mario, thinking he'll show it, but he realizes it's missing, and wonders where it is. He asks Toad if he can "borrow" his, but Toad replies with a no and tells him they're stubby anyway. Mario is sad because that was his "playing hand" and goes to Bowser, thinking he is an expert on hands.

At Bowser's Lair, Bowser tells Mario he is not an expert on hands as Mario thinks he is. However, he tries to get Mario to go away by lying that he knows something and tells Mario to jump off the edge. Mario believes him and does just that, and ends up next to Toad again.

Toad tells him that he can't get his hand back by jumping off a cliff as Bowser instructed him, and in fact does the opposite, possibly worse. Mario then decides he needs to think like a hand. He thinks and goes outside where Peach is.

He asks Peach for his hand back, who is quite shocked he came to her for his hand. Mario still believes she has the hand, and if she doesn't give it, he will use her as a hand. He quickly rethinks that threat as she is too big, and throws her away. Mario runs back to the castle, making a remark about how his right hand is lazy to pick his nose. He thinks again and decides to ask Lakitu.

He starts calling him a nerd (Lakitu defending himself by calling himself a geek) as Mario eventually asks Lakitu if he knows where his hand went. Mario picks him up, and Lakitu makes a remark about how his hand disappearing seems normal, Mario demanding to know anything from Lakitu. When Lakitu replies he doesn't know, Mario throws him away to let him "see his nerd friends."

He goes back to Toad and asks for help from him. Toad doesn't really seem to care, as Mario persuades his reasons more. Toad tells him he could go to the hands in Shifting Sand Land. Mario doesn't see the point as they're just hands. Toad tells Mario he's an idiot before Mario goes.

Mario asks them if they know where his hand went, and they ask him what kind of hand he means. Mario describes it, and they then say that he must be talking about 'him.' Mario doesn't understand who 'he' is, and they explain that this 'he' is a strong hand that lives somewhere in the sky. Mario asks how he can get to 'him', and they don't know, crushing Mario in the process.

Mario comes back to Toad and tells him what he discovered, Toad asking why he wants to see God. Mario tells him it's not God and explains further. Toad can't help him as he doesn't know anything. Mario wonders if the hand in the sky is his hand, Toad making a remark about how chubby it is. Mario then goes off to ask random people. He, at one point, circles back to Toad. He then continues further, not receiving an answer. He lastly goes to the Chain Chomp, who gives him major damage.

He comes back to Toad, who asks to see how much damage was caused, and Mario reveals that his whole head got smashed off. Toad lies to him that the damage isn't visible, and Mario thinks he's clueless. They think it's the end, however, it doesn't turn out to be and Lakitu fails to bring an ending. The blooper is stuck.

Mario thinks nobody knows about the hand in the sky, when somebody yells out that they do, Mario wondering who it is. The voice reveals itself as the Strategy Guide and can help him in anything in relation to this subject. It tells Mario to get in a cannon, specifically the "Fahr out post" one. This cannon is in Cool Cool Mountain. He asks the Pink Bob-omb to lead him the way, as it does and leads him to the cannon. After some preparations and a remark they wish they were shooting Mario to kill him, Mario is shot upward into the sky.

Eventually, Mario spots it. "Lefty" turned into Master Hand, and after a long and tiring fight, Lefty goes back to his rightful place on Mario's arm and doesn't seem pleased at this turn of events.



  • The code used to make Mario's hand disappear seems to only be a graphical code, as Mario seems to be able to pick up people like Lakitu and Peach with ease even with only one visible hand.
  • Mario has his left hand in the fight against Lefty. This is a goof because no known code exists to remove Mario's hand in Super Smash Bros., the game used to have the fight between the two. SMG4 makes the viewer aware by telling them to pretend they can't see Mario's left hand in an annotation before the fight.

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