This page is for the transcript of Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Hide and Seek.


(The blooper starts with a black screen and a lens flare as text appears)
Screen Text SuperMarioGlitchy4 presents...
(The screen cuts to a Mario Party minigame with Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Wario in the game)
Mario (bouncing on the others' heads ingame while holding a Bob-omb) It goes over here! Now over there! No one can get this!!!!
Luigi Mario! You idiot! Pass!
(Yoshi steals the Bob-omb)
Mario No! Give it back I owe somone 30 bucks!
SMG4 (as Yoshi) Haha! (throws the Bob-omb into a wall, winning the minigame)
X (as Wario) Score!
(The screen cuts to the castle, where Mario, Luigi, SMG4 and X are shown playing the game)
Mario This sucks!
Luigi Its because you didn't pass the ball!
Mario Shut up
SMG4 Good work X
X Thx
Mario Screw this I'm out (exits the room)
Luigi Wait Mario! (follows Mario)
SMG4 Wait come back you ragequitters! (follows Luigi)
X *sigh* (follows SMG4)
(The screen cuts to the main room of the castle)
SMG4 Cmon! We were having fun!
Mario I lose every game we play! And the only game I won was the food eating contest
Toad Yeah you tell him who's boss!
Mario Shut up you
SMG4 Can we play one more game?
Mario >:( Fine.... But not Mario Gay Party!
SMG4 Then what game other than Mario Gay Party?
SMG4 Lets think outside (exits the castle)
Mario *groan*
Mario (turns to face the fourth wall) Hey YouTube for the record I'm planning to stab him... so don't tell anyone! (exits the castle)
X What did he say?
Luigi Something about being gay
(The screen cuts to the castle exterior, where Mario, Luigi, SMG4 and X are gathered)
SMG4 Ok we are here to think of one more game
SMG4 Anyone got an idea?
Mario Call of Duty Black Ops!
Luigi Luigi's Mansion
SMG4 No its not suppose to be a video game!
X How about hide and seek?
Mario What?! Thats a child game and I'm only.. 2... 3 yrs old!
Luigi Why hide and seek?
X Cause everyone won't shut up! So lets play a simple game
SMG4 Ok who here votes for hide and seek? Say I
Luigi I
SMG4 Who here votes for a gay seizure game? Say I
Mario EYE!
SMG4 Ok looks like we're playing hide and seek
Mario Dammit!
SMG4 Ok now who's going to be the person who seeks?
Luigi, SMG4, X Mario
Mario What why me?
SMG4 Cause your the dumbest one now go hide
Mario What number do I count up to?
SMG4 Uhh a million
Mario (runs over to an alcove outside the castle) 1 million thats not a big number.... is it?
Mario (crouches) Ok 1.... 2..... 3.... Uhh.... 10........... Banana.........
SMG4 Ok everyone hide
Luigi (runs toward the lake) Hide must hide! LOL!
Luigi Lolollllololololololol
X Can I hide with you I suck at hiding
SMG4 Fine just follow me
(The screen cuts to SMG4 and X in Bob-omb Battlefield)
SMG4 Now if I wasn't a dumb Italian were would I hide?
SMG4 (looks at a Bob-omb Buddy) Noo too gay
Bob-omb Buddy Hey!
SMG4 (looks at a sign) Nooo not the signs... even though Mario doesn't read
SMG4 (looks at a Goomba) Naahh if we hid in Goombas we would actually Goomba stomp it
SMG4 Mario might be done by now... If he skipped it...
(The screen cuts back to Mario, who is still crouched in the alcove)
Mario Toilet... 8... 1... 4... 2... 9001.... YouTube.... is.... gay.... 2.. 1.....
(The screen cuts back to the battlefield)
X How about we hide in the cannon
(The screen shows the cannon as "Hallelujah!" plays in the background)
SMG4 We both can't fit in there... That would be gay
SMG4 And what happens if Mario uses that cannon... Ewww
X Well we don't have much of a choice
SMG4 Soo who goes in first?
X OMG this is taking forever I'll go first (enters cannon)
SMG4 You ok?
X Yeah! Hurry up
SMG4 Here goes nothing
SMG4 And can you Bob-ombs stop looking at me!
Bob-omb Buddy Sorry its our jobs
(SMG4 enters the cannon, and it rises out of its hole)
SMG4 Ow... Get of me!....
X Sorry.. Don't touch me there!
X So... Do we just stay in here???
SMG4 No we would suffocate
SMG4 Then where should we shoot aha! (points cannon at Bob-omb Buddy)
X No!
X Just shoot somewhere! (points cannon at the sky)
Bob-omb Buddy I think I should of told them that I put 300% more gun powder
(The cannon fires SMG4 and X into the sky)
SMG4 I believe I can fly!
SMG4 Where the hell are we going?
X I don't know but I can't fly!!!!!!!!!!!!
X Helllpsz!
SMG4 You know its not that bad when you calm down
X Yeah... It kind of is
SMG4 Ok when are we going to land?
X Dammit! LAND!
SMG4 ...Sooo how's the diet going?
X Good...
SMG4 I wonder if Mario is still looking for us
(The screen cuts to Mario, still crouching)
Mario 999998... 999999... Oh I forgot what comes next... Oh well I'll just start from 1.... Uhh
(The screen cuts back to the sky)
SMG4 Ok thats it I'm falling! (descends rapidly)
X Wait for me! (descends rapidly)
(The screen cuts to the Land That Never Was)
SMG4, X AHHHHHHHHHHH! (both land on the ground)
SMG4 Owww... Are you ok X?
X ...I can see the light....
(SMG4 and X get up)
SMG4 Ok where are we?
X Hasn't Mario been here before?
SMG4 Oh yeah...
SMG4 But we're not here to remember! We need to get back to the Mushroom Kingdom!
X Then lets go ask some people around
X (walks over to Yoshi) Hey Yoshi can you help us get out of here?
Yoshi Are you calling me fat?
X What? I never said that!
(Yoshi punches X, who crawls away)
X Yeah that dinosaur is mental
SMG4 Oh you think???
SMG4 Maybe the Bob-ombs would know
SMG4 (walks over to a Bob-omb Buddy) Hey do you know a way to get out of this hell hole
Bob-omb Buddy Nope once your in you don't come out
Bob-omb Buddy Oh and by the way would you like some Chinese food?
SMG4 What? NO!
SMG4 (walks away) Yeah I think everyone in this place is crazy
X I don't want to become a crazy hobo living in the middle of nowhere!!!!!
SMG4 Don't worry we'll just run around crazy tring to find a way out
(SMG4 and X begin running around the area quickly as "Yakety Sax" plays in the background)
X (crouching in a flower area) Dammit I thought there were cancer in these flowers
SMG4 (leaning off of a roof) I'm Superman!
SMG4 If I could get out of here!
X (inside a black room of death) This exit is blocked!
X God dammit! AHHHH (runs out of the room)
SMG4 (hovering around the area while A-posing) I'm going crazy!
SMG4 Get me out of here!
(The screen cuts to SMG4 and X near the edge of the area as the music stops)
SMG4 You find an exit yet?
X No but I'm going to die if I don't... which is a good thing
(The screen cuts to a hidden door in a wall)
SMG4 Hey where does this blocked door lead to?
SMG4 Cookies?! I WANT SOME!
SMG4 (punching the door) D: Open up! We're not Christmas carolers!
X There's got to be a better way to crash open this door!
SMG4 (holding a hammer) OUT OF THE WAY I GOT A HAMMER!!!
X Noo that won't work
SMG4 Supa kick! (kicks the door, which remains closed)
X I don't think anything can break this door D:
SMG4 MOVE! (runs into the door at full speed, breaking through)
SMG4 WOW! I did it... and I got brain damage!
X Nice work macho man
SMG4 Ok next thing... Where the hell is this place?
(SMG4 and X look at the area, which appears to be a ship floating over a sea of lava)
X This doesn't look like it'll get us home... but lets find out
(The screen cuts ahead, showing X on top of the ship looking down)
X Hurry up SMG4!
SMG4 (slides down a spire of rock) WEEEEEEEEE!
SMG4 (accidentally lets go and falls in lava) Uhh oh
X Looks like this whole ship is full of ghosts
SMG4 (on top of the ship) D: And no toilets
X Becareful
SMG4 (goes onto the ship deck) There's not much ghost
SMG4 Oh no tooo many!!!! AHHH! (moon jumps to the top of the mast)
X Watch out behind you!!!
SMG4 (looks at Big BooHuh? AHHHH! Papa GHOST!
SMG4 (rapidly trying to ground pound the Big Boo) Kill it kill it!!!!
Big Boo D: I just want to be friends
SMG4 Me to but look where we are (defeats Big Boo)
X You raped that ghost!
SMG4 Thx raping is my specality...
X ..........Oh hey look a cannon!
SMG4 We're not going to squish into one cannon agian?
X Looks like we have to
(SMG4 and X get in the cannon and aim for the sky)
X Shoot!
(SMG4 and X launch out of the cannon and land near a plant-covered pyramid)
SMG4 Owch!... We made it... somewhere
X Cmon lets exlpore this place!!!!
X (looking at a giant Piranha Plant) Crikey! A big snapper we got!
SMG4 (caught between a Thwomp and lava) We got a squisher!!!
X (on top of the pyramid) Hey I found a hole I wonder where it leads
SMG4 I bags finding out! (jumps in the hole)
SMG4 Wow! There's a giant pirhana!
X Well then kill it! (jumps in the hole)
SMG4 DIE! (starts attacking the Piranha Plant)
SMG4 Plants vs. fatty!
X >:D I like killing! (attacks the Piranha Plant)
X But this plant is way to strong!
SMG4 (air surfing) Out of the way!!! I got an invisable Koopa shell!
SMG4 (air surfs into the Piranha Plant) I think its working
Piranha Plant Ok stop I give up!!!!!!
Piranha Plant I'm going to become ugly like you if you don't stop!
Piranha Plant I'll teleport you guys somewhere else
(There is a flash of light, and X lands on a stone ledge)
X Ok SMG4 lets ex.....
(SMG4 falls past the ledge)
X SMG4!!!! (jumps off the ledge and lands outside a castle)
X Where are you?!
SMG4 (standing on top of a moving Whomp) Over here! You should try this!
X Stop goofing around we still need to get out of here
SMG4 (standing at the top of the castle) But it looks like there is no way out!
X But there has to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SMG4 (tries to jump over a moving fireball) Jumpin the fire jumpin the fire
SMG4 (launches himself out of a cannon) I'll just shoot my way out!
SMG4 Uh-oh AHHHHHHH! (falls off the edge)
X SMG4! CMON!!!! (jumps off the edge)
(SMG4 and X land back in the first area)
SMG4, X AHHHHHHHH! (both land)
X OMG! We're back where we started!!!!!!!!!!
X I wasted 10 minutes of my lifeeee!!!!!!!
SMG4 Just calm down X
X Take this! (throws a Bob-omb into the pipe in the center of the area)
X Haha! Not so smart are you!!!!!
(There is an explosion and the ground begins to shake)
SMG4 Uh-oh what did you do!?
X I didn't mean to do anything I was just raging
(A beam of light shoots out of the pipe)
SMG4 WOW! What the hell is happening!!!!!!!!!!!!
(The music video for Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" appears on the grass)
SMG4 Rickroll? What the hell is happening?!
SMG4 I think when you threw the bomb into the pipe something must off happened
SMG4 But I can't explain the Rick roll part!
(The ground begins shaking again)
X Wow its shaking agaiN!
X What's happening?
SMG4 Its going to-!!!
(The Land That Never Was explodes)
X You know... This doesn't make any sense....
X Maybe the bomb into the pipe but not the Rickroll....
(SMG4 and X fall back outside of the castle)
SMG4, X AHHHHHHHHHHH! (both land)
Mario Donuts.... and sphagetti and Luigi mmmMMmm.... 34214...
Mario Uhhh... A million... Ready or not here I come! (stands up and runs to where SMG4 and X are)
Mario Found you guys!!! Do I win?
SMG4, X Uhh... Yes
Mario (dances) YESH! I WINSZ! I'm tooo goodsz!
Mario I pwnZ!
Mario wOOOOO! (runs into the castle upside down)
SMG4, X Groan.... (both enter the castle)
(The screen cuts to the side of the lake, where Luigi is hiding)
Luigi HAHA! I must be the last one!
Luigi I'm never moving from this spot untill they find me!
(The screen focuses on Luigi with a circle as it cuts to black)
End of transcript
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