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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Hotel Mario is the thirty-second episode of Season 3 and the one hundred and first overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on June 30, 2013.


What a beautiful day in the kingdom... the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the castle is burning down... where will the royal princess live now?


Mario runs out of spaghetti and asks SuperMarioGlitchy4 to get some more. SMG4 refuses due to what happened the last time something like this happened. Mario watches a tutorial video on how to make spaghetti. Still confused about how to make it, he goes to the upper floor and burns down the entire castle in his attempt to turn the oven on, leaving Princess Peach furious.
Hotel Mario

Mario with his house guests

The police revealed that everything is lost and tell Peach to pay 2 billion coins to fix it. Peach can't afford this massive debt, so Mario invites everyone to live in his house.

However, Mario proves an irritating host. His guests unanimously vote to kick him out of the house, but he breaks in again through the roof. However, he overhears the others feeling bad about kicking Mario out, and Peach deciding to bake Mario a cake. Mario gleefully leaps from his perch on the ceiling, and accidentally falls and flattens Peach. Afterward, the gang apologizes to Mario. To celebrate his return, Mario decides to once again, try and make some real spaghetti but ends up burning down his house. In the end, Mario decides to live like hobos, upon which everyone is seen in a supersized landfill.


Errors and trivia

  • Mario does not cook solo at all, because his cooking skills was 0%.
  • This is the first episode that Mario burns down his house.
  • This was the first blooper to feature backgrounds on the outro, however, it is the last video to use the old outro.
  • In the house, Mario uses the oven in his house, however, the first time Mario makes the spaghetti in his house, the house wasn't burnt, but the second time, the house did burn down.
  • It's possible that SMG4 is to blame for the events in this episode, as Mario did learn to cook from his videos, which probably gave painfully obvious fake instructions about cooking.
  • The video that Mario watches to learn how to cook spaghetti is, in fact, How to make spaghetti.
  • In the blooper, "Plumber Academy for Idiots" when Mario is taking a test, there is a short clip of him burning Luigi alive with a flamethrower. Considering how the blooper opened with Luigi on fire, and that later in the blooper, Mario is seen using the same flamethrower to light SMG4 on fire, it can be assumed that Hotel Mario took place before Plumber Academy.
  • The name of the blooper is a reference to the CD-i Mario video game, Hotel Mario, one of the few Mario games to not have been edited by Nintendo.
  • When everyone is voting to kick Mario out, Toad is mistaken for Lakitu in the subtitle.
  • The part when SMG4 mentions that he and Mario were in jail for 3 weeks is a reference to 0% of Spaghetti.
  • All of the characters in the thumbnail for the video are all sprites from the game Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga.

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