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This is the transcript for the Season 2 blooper Super Mario 64 Bloopers: How Mario was Born. (Note: This entire blooper uses subtitles.)


SMG4: Oh hello.

SMG4: Today I'm going to tell you an interesting story.

Lakitu: Boo! Only gays tell storys!

SMG4: Anyway, the story I'm going to tell you is a very old story.

SMG4: The story on how MARIO WAS BORN!

Lakitu: Based on a gay story.

SMG4: Yes, thank you.

SMG4: This rare species is very cool!

SMG4: They are strong! Good looking and brave!

SMG4: Right mario?

Mario: Hey look I'm Peach!

SMG4: Err, don't worry.

SMG4: Ok, so let's get started on the story.

Mario: :D Hey can I listen?

SMG4: Whatever, just shut up and listen.

Mario: Just before that! I AM GAY!

SMG4: ....Ok, thank you. Now let's get started.

SMG4: It started A LONG TIME AGO!!!

SMG4: Deep somewhere in space....

SMG4: In the middle of nowhere...


SMG4: No, Mario....though I do wish.....

Mario: Ok, ok, A KINGDOM OF GAYS!

SMG4: Hey, I'm telling the story!

SMG4: Ok, so in the middle of space where two legendary figures-

Mario: Your mum and bowser LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!


SMG4: The legendary Pokemon Palkia and Dialga were having a chat.

Dialga: So you know that dude called smg4?

Palkia: Yeah, he sucks and he's gay, old people love him.

SMG4: MARIO! They didn't say that!

Mario: Well, what else would they say? HMM! OWNED!

SMG4: Anyway, as they were talking some idiot...well did something......

Palkia: HEY! Did you throw this piece of poo on me!

Dialga: WHAT! Now I POO ON PEOPLE!!!!!

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