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[Intro of Mario falling out of paintings plays]

Intro Text: A Supermarioglitchy4 production

Intro Text: Of...

Intro Text: SM64 bloopers!!!!

Intro Text: Starring...

Intro Text: The italian who is falling out of the pictures right now!

Intro Text: AKA Mario!

Intro Text: Enjoy the blooper!

[Intro ends, scene cuts to Mario in the battlefield]

Mario: I'm soooooooooooooo bored today

Mario: Lets see what my enemie the king is doing

Mario: Moon jump ACTIVATE!

[Mario moon jumps toward the summit]

Mario: Wahooo who invented hacking

[Mario hovers out of reach of the Chain Chomp]

Mario: Haha Chain Chomp you wish you could be flying

Mario: Stupid dog

[A cannon is fired at Mario but it misses]

Mario: Haha you missed

[Mario makes it to the summit and tries to attack King Bob-omb but misses]

Mario: Hey king wooops

Lakitu: Fail aim

Mario: Hey king want to do something?

King Bob-omb: Yeah sure how about go away?!

[Scene cuts to Mario standing on top of the Whomp King]

Whomp King: Hey duhhhh get off me!

Mario: Only if you play with me you piece of concrete

Whomp King: RAWWWR!

[Scene cuts to Mario in front of Toad in the castle]

Mario: Toad do you want to play?

Toad: Don't even ask

Mario: Hmmm who is someone that I can play with

Toad: How about Bowser?

[Scene cuts to Mario in Bowser's Lair]

Mario: Hey Bowser

Bowser: Haha Mario I want you to meet my twin brother Bowsar

Mario: Where? [Scene zooms out to show an immobile clone of Bowser]

Mario: Hmmmm he just looks like a robot [Mario grabs Bowsar's tail]

Mario: Hey Bowsar are you awake? [Bowsar begins moving]

Bowsar: Huh wah hey its Mario I'm your biggest fan!!!

Bowser: Bowsar!

Mario: The only way to kill two Bowsears is...


[Mario gets set on fire]

Mario: OWCH.... mmmm what smells good

Mario: This reminds me of hell

[Mario picks up Bowser and moon jumps toward a bomb]

Mario: Hey Bowsar this bomb is magical you should touch it

Bowser: I'm Bowser! And I know its not!

[The bomb explodes and defeats Bowser]

Bowsar: Hey you killed my brother!

Bowsar: ...Meh he was bossy anyway

[Mario picks up Bowsar and moon jumps toward another bomb]

Mario: Huff your so heavy

Bowsar: Hey uhh I'll pay you 100000000000 coins if you spare me

Mario: Sorry I don't take bribes but I do take drugs

[The bomb explodes and defeats Bowsar]

Bowsar: WHIOWIF(JIOFsjuduoajgi

Mario: Okay what now............................................

Mario: (to the tune of "Kung Fu Fighting")

Everybody was Goomba stomping dow dow dow

The italian was slow as lightning

In fact Marios overalls were really tightning

[Scene cuts to Mario at Cool, Cool Mountain]

Mario: Ok what to do now

Mario: Hey look a snowball

[Mario accidentally knocks the snowball and himself down the mountain]

Mario: Oops


Mario: HAHA I'm winning

[The snowball knocks Mario further down the mountain]

Mario: Owch

Mario: Oh no get out!

[The snowball rolls toward Mario from behind]

Mario: Ok I think its gone

[The snowball hits Mario and continues]

Mario: Ow... Well now my spine is bent

Snowman: Hey what was that?

Mario: It was your ancestor

Mario: Have a ice day

[Mario begins to cross a bridge with snowmen on it]

Mario: Hmm I can beat these guys

[The snowman defeats Mario]

Mario: Oohhhh snow taste good

[Scene cuts to Mario in Big Boo's Haunt]

Mario: I heard rumors about this mansion having a Big Boo

Mario: This place looks just like my house except without the decor

Mario: Ok lets search for that ghost!

[Mario goes into a room with bookcases]

Mario: Hmmmm books how weird, scary things aren't nerds

[A flying book damages Mario]

Mario: Ow stupid books no wonder education is bad

[Mario goes into the attic]

Mario: Hmm never been through this door before

[Mario goes out onto the roof and sees the Big Boo]

Mario: OMG its a flying white thing with a ugly face!

Mario: Ahhhhhhhh! Wheres Luigi's vacuum cleaner?

[Mario damages the Big Boo but accidentally falls off the roof]

Mario: Damnit!

[Mario moon jumps back to the roof]

Big Boo: Hehehehe your such a fail

Mario: Oh yeah you talking piece of dust

[Mario takes damage but damages the Big Boo as well]


[Mario defeats the Big Boo, then falls off the roof again and loses all of his health]

Mario: Atleast I killed something while I was here

[Scene cuts to Mario in a cloud area]

Mario: Uhh I think I'm dead

Mario: Hmm were could god be?

[Mario jumps to a platform with a rainbow]

Mario: Rainbows are for hippies!

[Mario jumps and falls off the edge]

Mario: Noooo!!! I don't want to got to hell!

[Mario lands on the water and is able to walk on it]

Mario: Huh? Isn't this the part where I fall into the water?

Mario: Must be frozen

Mario: Stupid prop water

Mario: Meh I pee in this water often...

Mario: Too often... And whats with this gay music

Mario: Well I'm going

[Scene cuts to Mario in the battlefield again]

Mario: Hey Bob-omb nice cannon

Mario: How much does it cost

Bob-omb: ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! coins

Bob-omb: No not really, found it

[Scene cuts to Mario in Jolly Roger Bay]

Mario: Ok I'm bored again

[Mario swims over to a cannon and goes in it]

Mario: Hmmm were to aim?...

Mario: I want to go to heaven again!

[Mario aims for the clouds and launches out of the cannon, but misses]

Mario: Jebus!

[Mario lands in the water]

Mario: Fine whatever trust the devil

Mario: Hmmm I wonder what the eel is up to?

[Mario swims over to the eel]

Mario: Hey eel can you come out to play?


Mario: Is that a yes or no or a go away

[The eel leaves its cave]

Mario: I see you want to play follow the leader

[The eel drags a star behind it]

Mario: HEY!!!!!! Is that a star?!

[Mario swims after the eel]

Mario: Come here! I'm suppose collect those!

Mario: Don't make me turn you into sushi!

Mario: Whats the star doing on your butt?!

Mario: I don't want to this but you leave me no choice...

[Mario tries to attack the eel but it does not work]

Mario: OW!!! Well that dosen't work

Mario: Wheres my gun!

Mario: Oh forget it fishes suck

[Mario swims away from the eel]

Mario: I'm gonna eat your babies eel you just wait!

[Scene cuts back to Mario in Bowser's Lair]

Mario: Ok Bowser lets fight, italian to... uhhh dragon

Mario: Cue music!

["Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows" plays]

Mario: What the hell you call that music!

Bowser: I find it catchy

Mario: Ok DJ put some better music on please!

["Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows" continues]

Mario: Don't make me come over there!

[Different music plays]

Mario: Thats better...

Bowser: Wait I wasn't ready!

Bowser: Ok lets do dis!!!!!!!!!!

[Mario picks up Bowser and moon jumps toward a bomb]

Mario: Haha my hack shall destroy us all!

Bowser: No!!!!!.... Well this is fun!

Bowser: Where do you get these cheats?

Mario: Youtube

[The bomb explodes, Mario accidentally drops Bowser off the edge]

Mario: Owch!... Sorry Bowser!

Bowser: WEEEEEE!!!!

[Bowser jumps back onto the arena]

Mario: Wow how can you jump that far?

Bowser: Your mum taught it to me

Lakitu: This battle is boring!

Mario: Fine I'll do it the non-cheating way

[Mario grabs Bowser and begins to swing him around]

Bowser: Weeee! This is fun

Mario: Ugh your more heavy than Bowsar

[Mario moon jumps and throws Bowser off the edge again]

Mario: oops

[Bowser jumps back onto the arena again]

Mario: Man your weight makes the ground shake

[Mario picks up Bowser and moon jumps toward a bomb again]

Mario: Uhh you should go to the gym

Mario: Cmon touch the damn bomb

[The bomb explodes and defeats Mario]

Mario: FAILLLLLLL!!!!!!

[Scene cuts to Mario in Snowman's Land]

Mario: Its too cold out here!!

Mario: Isn't there any shelter!

Mario: Cool a very small igloo

[Mario enters the igloo]

Mario: I hope my fat doen't get wedged between the walls

Mario: WOW! This is a big igloo!!!

[Mario turns to face an enemy]

Mario: Hi you live here?

[The enemy damages Mario]

Mario: Hey! What no fat people in your house???!!!!

[Mario punches the enemy, then notices another one]

Mario: Ahhh! Kamakazee!!

[Mario destroys the second enemy]

Mario: Ok well at least I don't look too fat in this igloo

Goomba: Hey get out of this apartment!

[Mario continues walking through the igloo, then sees a Bob-omb]

Mario: Hey Bob-omb do you live here?

Bob-omb: No, I come just to use there TV, food and toilet then I just leave

Mario: Hmm maybe I should try that

Mario: ECHO, ECHO, echo, echo...

Goomba: Be quiet! I'm taking my beauty sleep!

[Scene cuts back to Mario standing in front of Toad in the castle]

Mario: Well Toad we had a fun day didn't we

Toad: What are you talking about I just stand here with these useless feet which only jump!!!!

Mario: You said it kiddo

Mario: Thanks for watching... goodnight

[Mario begins sleeping]

Toad: Yuck I can smell your breathe from here

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