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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Just Like Any Other Day is the seventh episode to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on June 18, 2011.


There really is no story to this blooper, just a bunch of clips of smaller bloopers put together.


In Bob-omb Battlefield, Mario is bored and goes to see King Bob-omb. He uses a moon jump and teases the Chain Chomp. Mario asks King Bob-omb if he wants to do something, but he tells Mario to go away.

Mario then goes to King Whomp and he demands Mario to get off of him. Mario said he would if the Whomp would play with him, angering King Whomp.

Mario then asks Toad, who quickly declines. Later, at Bowser's Lair, Bowser introduces his twin brother Bowsar, who Mario quickly kills for no reason. Then Mario kills Bowser as well and then sings to the "Kung Fu Fighting" song with lyrics twisted to match his own world.

In the snow mountains, he sees a snowball (which is a part of the big snowman). Mario races the snowball down the hill until it catches up and crushes him. The Head asked what was rolling, and Mario lies saying it was its ancestor. He then "plays" with the snowmen nearby on the bridge, but dies.

In the haunted mansion, he goes exploring to get King Boo. He soon finds him but then dies after being terrified of him.

He soon arrives in heaven, wondering where God is. Mario then falls out and lands onto the water outside the castle. The water appears to be frozen.

Much later in the battlefield, he asks how much the Pink Bob-omb's cannon costs. The bomb says it was over 9000 coins, but he just found it.

Later in the Jolly Roger Bay, Mario wanted to shoot his way to heaven, but he didn't make it, and says "Fine, whatever, trust the devil." He swims toward an angry eel with a star on its tail, who Mario chases after, and soon gives up. 

Later again shows Mario and Bowser fighting, where Mario eventually dies.

In another icy land (Snowman's Land), Mario discovers an igloo and realizes how big it is. He soon leaves the igloo, then turns back to the castle as the blooper ends.



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