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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Mini Italians is the tenth episode of Season 2 and the fifty-nineth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on November 12, 2011.


when X finds a mysterious mushroom he shares it with his friend but instead of killing them it does something else...


The episode begins with Mario jumping out of a warp pipe preparing to save Peach Toadstool but then decided to save Daisy instead.

A sudden scene jump had X looking at the sky thinking of how beautiful the day was. However, he was proven wrong when it showed chaos in the form of a dead Pikachu, Old Man Hobo in a flying bathtub that crashed onto the ground, a hobo holding a sign that declared it was the end, Toad running while on fire, and Naruto nearby.

As X went exploring, yelling out to the hobo that he did not want what he was saying ("The end is near" backward) due to thinking it was Japanese s**t, he suddenly found something.

Meanwhile, in the castle, Mario yelled out something was wrong with Luigi wondering what was it. Turned out the Fridge was running and taunting Mario to catch it. Having enough, Mario took out a sniper rifle and shot the fridge dead, making sure it stayed as one. Soon, he checked its content and was horrified to learn there was no more spaghetti. Luigi was not surprised and asked if he could eat something else, just for Mario to yell out no. Luigi then asked if he should eat something that was not Italian in origin, which Mario considered but then asked if it would cause him to lose weight. Giving in, Luigi went off to buy more spaghetti.

Once Luigi left the room, SMG4 appeared and asked Mario if he had seen X. His response was that X could be hugging a zombie. Otherwise, he did not know. SMG4 then asked Toad, who responded that he killed him. Just then, X came back, causing Toad to swear knowing he was caught lying.

Mario asked if X brought back food, which he showed was a pile of poop. Mario was happy but SMG4 questioned that choice. X then quickly corrected himself by taking out the actual thing, a strange mushroom. Mario desperately wanted to eat it but X stopped him and SMG4 explained why: Last time Mario ate a strange mushroom, he got transformed into a banana and subsequently eaten by Donkey Kong. Mario then ended by saying his hat was eaten.

X suggested that they either need to know this mushroom (which was suggesting someone kill it)'s effects or find someone who would eat it. As if on cue, Gourmet Guy appeared and offered to eat it. SMG4 freaked out at his appearance while Mario said although he was like him, he was nowhere near as fat. X then offered part of the mushroom to the Gourmet Guy, who then ate and suddenly fell unconscious. Mario thought it was a good thing but SMG4 observed that Gourmet Guy was not moving, prompting Mario to poke him with a stick and to also take a bite out of the strange mushroom.

X decided not to until Mario said to just take a bite, causing X to tell everyone to take a bite. SMG4 wanted not to do so as he feared they might end up like fat like Gourmet Guy but Mario asked him what he had to lose other than his life, causing him to accept but to blame what happens to him on them. With that said, they all took a bite where Mario said it tasted like spaghetti, SMG4 saying it tasted like Mario, which he responded that he tasted good, and X saying it tasted like poop.

Suddenly, Mario started freaking out but SMG4 told him to shut up. After a while, he started tripping out and X said nothing was going to happen but suddenly had a stomachache. SMG4 reported that he was small, which later also happened to X, who concluded they ate a mini-mushroom. He wondered where was Mario, just to see him enjoying being small because he could swim in his own toilet. X was not having it and wanted to find a way to grow back to normal with SMG4 adding it was stupid.

Just then, Gourmet Guy woke up and headed out, causing Mario to try shouting out his name to no avail because he was too soft to hear. Just then, he tripped, causing Gourmet Guy to fall onto SMG4. In slow motion, SMG4 noted how he was going to be squashed before it really happened. Gourmet Guy proceeded to pick himself up and walked on as normal. Just then, Mario wanted him to squash SMG4 again, just for him to say he did not want it to happen again and would rather be big again. X wondered how would they be big again with Mario saying there was only one solution. The camera panned to Luigi dancing before Mario corrected that it was Toad (who was somehow wearing a disguise)

Mario tried to grab Toad's attention but Toad could barely hear Mario's voice, wondering who said it and why there was a dark spot on the floor with a fat person dancing on it. That caused Mario to ground pound the floor, which just caused Toad to see dust and stars. In the last bid attempt to get Toad's attention, Mario threw a pile of poop at him, just for him to think it was Mother Nature who did that. X was doubtful Mario was going to work while SMG4 was still hopeful and showed Mario burning Toad with a flamethrower.

X then suggested exploring the area to find help. Mario tried getting Peach's help but all she thought of him was a spider, which she later corrected to Italian parasite after Mario shouted his name. X tried running around in circles in front of the Wet, Dry World painting but it naturally did nothing. In Big, Small Island, they saw everything was fine. Back in the castle, they all tried getting MCGustavo but he thought of them were talking ants before attempting to kill them. Mario then hoped FightingMario54321 could help them, who was actually dressed up as Jason Voorhees after hearing someone said his name, causing SMG4 to run away screaming that he met the monster that hid in his closet at night. Mario then ran away from his own monster, which was just Toad wearing a dress. Toad hated how Mario complained about that.

Fed up, X said they needed a plan, which Mario said he knew one: a wizard since they could help people grow. X asked where they could find one when suddenly, Rock appeared. Mario and SMG4 asked Rock to make them grow big before other people killed them, which it agreed to provided they solved its three riddles. None of them wanted to do the riddles so Rock decided to just cast the spell. Its spell went wrong when its wand set it on fire.

X suddenly had an idea. They needed something in The Mushroom Kingdom to help them grow back in size. SMG4 said it was puberty but X said it was Mushrooms, much to Mario's protest to eating bad drugs. As they explored for the mushrooms, Mario came up with nothing but X spotted one, at the top of Bob-Omb Battlefield. Mario went first, claiming he was the bravest, just to run back in fear from a Goomba who wondered what was wrong with Mario. SMG4 went next and tried to take on them just to be hurt by them. X then suggested using the cannon. Soon after launching themselves, they hurried on, with Mario using a Koopa Troopa's shell although he gave up after taking in some sparkly stuff in his mouth.

As X wondered how would they get past the Chain Chomp, where it threw off an insult to them about their mom, which SMG4 took offense to, Mario suggested using a disguise. After doing a bit of impersonation practice as a Bob-ombs, he walked by the chain chomp but it failed. However, the resulting explosion caused it to be stunned. X went in as a Koopa Troopa. Although it also failed to fool the Chain Chomper, X simply threw the disguise at it, causing it to be stunned too. SMG4 then went last as a chain chomp himself, pretending to be its child. Of course, it failed too, forcing SMG4 to ditch the disguise.

X indicated they were almost there. SMG4 tried to climb the slope but it failed. Mario tried using Gourmet Guy to climb over the hill, which X pointed out to wrong but Mario countered to be hitchhiking. Two hours later, they finally made it to the top with their goal in sight. X warned the group to not alert the nearby King Bob-omb. Mario tried to sneak up but got fed-up halfway and threw Old Man Hobo in a bathtub at him. Of course, King Bob-omb was made aware by Mario where he said that he must be defeated in a duel first, causing X to sarcastically call Mario a genius for getting them killed.

SMG4 hoped Mario would die fast so they could go home quick but Mario was determined to not lose to a Justin Bieber fan. He succeeded in capturing King Bob-omb and proceeded to throw him over the mountainside. King Bob-omb swore revenge before being flown off. Mario celebrated the easy victory and had everyone eat the mushroom. Despite the sudden interruption of Bot, it did not do anything as Gourmet Guy, who wanted to eat the mushroom but was denied by the group went after the newcomer wanting a hug from it.

Eventually, everything was back to normal. Apparently, Toad was having horrifying events from what happened throughout the episode. As SMG4 and X were happy to be normal-sized again, they wondered where was Luigi. Turned out he was still stuck queuing up at a food court because of slow people.


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  • Daisy (mentioned by Mario at the start)
  • Justin Bieber (first mentioned by Mario at 9:28)

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