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This is the transcript for Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Mission For Peach by SMG4.


[The blooper begins with Mario outside of the castle]
Mario What a beautiful day, flowers are blooming, birds are chirping....
Mario Oh screw this I can't be nice all the time
Mario Lets go have fun!
[Mario runs toward the castle, then the scene cuts to Mario killing Goombas]
Screen Text SuperMarioGlitchy4 presents:
Screen Text SM64 Bloopers!
[Mario goes back to the castle]
Mario Phew I'm beat
Mario Goomba stomping 100 Goombas is very boring work
Mario HEY PEACH! I'm hungry! Cook me something!
Mario Peach?.... Hey Toad you know where Peach is?
Toad ???
Mario Then where is she?
Screen Text One hour earlier
[Flashback to Peach walking outside the castle]
Peach Lalalala what a beautiful day!!!!
Peach Oh screw this I can't be nice all the time
Bad Guy 1 Shhhh get the sack ready
[A Goomba (probably Bad Guy 1) comes on screen]
Bad Guy 2 AHHH! Spider!
Bad Guy 1 Just shut up!
[The Goomba goes off screen following Peach]
Bad Guy 1 Get the princess!
[Punching noises, Peach walks back on screen]
Peach Well you fail!
[Peach walks off screen, Mario walks on screen]
Mario Hmm...
Mario Hey you guys what are you doing?
Mario Sure
[Mario walks off screen toward Peach, gunshot noises]
Peach Ow! Mario what are you!
Mario Shut up lady! If thats your real name!
[Mario comes back on screen]
Mario There you go guys
[Flashback ends, back to the castle]
Toad *Facepalm*
[Scene cuts to Peach in Bowser's lair]
Peach What are you going to do to me?
Bowser Oh nothing YET! And no one can hear you yell
Peach Oh yeah?
Peach HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Scene cuts to Mario in his house]
Mario So the princess disapeared again!
Mario Were did she go this time?
Mario Hey theres a note here

Dear Mario

I have stolen Peach XD LOLOL in your face fatso looks like more work for you LOLOLOLOL if you want to see Peach again, get 1000000 coins and go to the top of Mt. Coronet LOLOLOL Bowser

Mario Well in your face Bowser cause SCREW THE PRINCESS!
[Screen cuts to Bowser]
Bowser JUST DO IT!
[Screen cuts back to Mario]
Mario Stupid turtle... This is why I hate Peach!
Mario Can't she get a life instead of getting kidnapped!
[Mario goes back to the castle]
Mario Ok a million coins... This is going to be a piece of sphagetti
[Mario goes inside the castle]
Mario Can I have 1 million coins?
Toad O_o You don't expect me to have that kind of money
[Mario goes to King Bob-omb at the summit of Bob-omb Battlefield]
Mario Can I have 1 million coins?
[King Bob-omb punches Mario off of the summit]
Mario Looks like I got to earn coins
[Mario starts a coin collecting montage while "Scatman" plays, getting 999999 coins]
Mario Need one more coin...
Mario GASP!
[The camera zooms in on the last coin]
[The coin starts to run away]
[Mario chases the coin into the battlefield]
Mario Stop right there!
Coin Oh no! I didn't want to be a coin I wanted to be a real boy!
Coin Please don't take me
Mario Don't worry I won't hurt you
Coin Really?
Mario No not really! Now come here!
King Bob-omb Stop! Right there!
Mario AHHHH King Bob-omb!
Mario Hows it going?
King Bob-omb Have you been taking my coins?
Mario No thats crazy... Your a hobo
King Bob-omb I can see your coin amount
Mario No you can't
King Bob-omb >:(
[King Bob-omb attacks Mario while the screen shifts to show the coin counter]
Mario Ow ow OW! Don't touch me there gay!
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