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My Best Friend Slenderman is a blooper made by Smg4.

More info coming soon.



Mario is in a room, when something "mysterious comes up, which appears to be Toad. Mario gets a flamethrower and burns him. Then it is redirected and Toad says it's him. He asks Mario to get more Toilet Paper because his kart broke down. Mario steals some guy's white Lamborghini, crashes it, and it burns down. Mario gets stuck in a forest, only to see Slenderman chasing him down. Mario plays "Red Light Green Light" with Slendy. But Slenderman cheats which makes Mario angry. Mario takes slenderman to the kingdom, however, nobody approves of him as he eats people. Mario tries to teach him to be friendly with people, but the people either run away or scream in horror. Then, Slenderman dies, which makes Mario think of all the things they done. Toad gets another dead pet slenderman.

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