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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Operation G.A.Y is the seventh episode of Season 2 and the fifty-seventh overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on November 5, 2011.


Luigi drops a membership card for the Gay and Lesbian Club, so SuperMarioGlitchy4 and Xboxfan997 go to return it to him. However, they uncover who they think is Luigi working for an evil boss who wants to unleash an army of Luigis to make the whole world gay.


The episode begins with SMG4, X, and MCG discussing whether websites can have babies or not. Luigi begins jumping around the main hall of the castle. Luigi says "ha sucker", drops his card, and runs off. X finds that it's a membership card for the Gay and Lesbian Club. The two decide to return the card to him.

SMG4 and X lose sight of Luigi. SMG4 pushes a brick labeled "do not press this brick" to reveal Toad using the toilet. After pressing another brick labeled "do not press this brick," they find a naked Mario who shows them the way to a blatantly labeled secret lair. SMG4 and Mario enter the secret lair, where they find a secret door. They find Luigi working at a computer trying to make up evil plans. He is greeted by his boss, who asks him how Operation G.A.Y is going. Luigi tells him that it is going well. X is initially in disbelief that Luigi would work for such a person. SMG4 loudly shouts that they have Luigi's card. The boss takes notice, so SMG4 saves face by pretending that he is a magic door. When the boss wishes he had a pony, he gives him Toad. The boss gets angry and orders the guards to kill the door. X takes Luigi and runs but is stopped by a bath man who wants identification. SMG4 tries to fend off the army of Luigi clones with a sausage. Eventually, X finds the exit. He goes looking for the Luigi imposter, with the army of Luigis after him.

The two eventually arrive with the real Luigi and corner the imposter. The two Luigis are confronted by Mario, who asks a series of questions to prove which Luigi is real. Mario's first question is "If you see a man what would you do?" Mario shoots off the first Luigi's head before he can finish the question. The other Luigi runs outside and is immediately hit by FightingMario54321's car. He claims that Luigi turned into a toilet. The remaining Luigi says that his hat fell on the toilet and that he is just a clone. His boss begins to speak, but poorly conceals himself by not only claiming that he is a door but also warns people not to go near the crouching guy because "he's gay." Mario gets him to come out and confess to the others that his name is Bot and he was the one who created Operation G.A.Y: a plan to use cloned Luigis to make everyone gay. He orders the Luigi clone to retreat into his Pokeball. He orders his army of Luigis to go after X and takes the real Luigi upstairs, where he threatens to kill him. Before he can do so, MCG shoots off Bot's head.

Luigi thanks the gang for rescuing him. Mario decides to take them out for spaghetti. A headless Bot wonders why nobody is listening to him.



  • Mario owns a stupid club and Luigi is part of one.
  • Gay Luigi supposedly got help from the chocolate fairy.
  • Gay Luigi is a "pokegay", a reference to Pokemon.
  • One of the fake Luigis was a meme.
  • SMG4 makes a reference to how every character (people dressed as plumbers) are basically a copy of Mario, but with a different color code.

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