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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Orbical Adventures is the nineteenth episode of Season 2 and the sixty-eighth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on February 5, 2012.


When FM is captured by Bowser and SMG3, Luigi and Mario try and save him.


Mario is awoken by a call for help mentioning spaghetti. Mario and Luigi figure that it might be Bowser's doing and that it isn't Peach because she's been kidnapped too many times. Meanwhile Bowser has FM in a cage thanks to SMG3, who wanted FM to beat up Bowser. Mario and Luigi arrive and Luigi is kidnapped also, leaving Mario to choose between Luigi and FM. Mario chooses neither so he and Luigi are kicked out. Before they can hop back in the pipe to Bowser, SMG3 places a curse on the pipe so that whoever enters it just comes back out. SMG3 accidentally reveals that the curse can be broken by a magical orb. Mario and Luigi race to see who gets the orb first. Mario goes to the Kingdom of Glowshire to search and finds the Rock Wizard. They try teleport to someone who can help them find the orb, but randomly teleport to Bowser's lair and see him showering. FM leaves his cage and pleads for rescuing from Bowser showering but SMG3 gets him back in his cage. Mario and Rock Wizard teleport to the ghost town of Squangdingledore to seek guidance from the Old Man Psychic. The Old Man Psychic says the orb is in Mario's heart and he runs away. Mario, not satisfied with this answer, chases the Old Man Psychic until he floats away. Meanwhile Luigi finds a menacing castle, convinced it holds the magic orb. Luigi enters and finds the orb's evil guardian, who uses his Doritos against him. At the same time Mario and Rock Wizard arrive at the home of Old Man Wizard, a legendary wizard who they think can help find the magic orb. Mario and Rock Wizard are stopped by the Old Man Wizard's guardian. Mario and Rock Wizard sneak past him when he chases Ronald McDonald for jaywalking. Old Man Wizard agrees to help if Mario collects seven objects for him. Unfortunately, Mario throws his toy at Old Man Wizard, knocking him off his house. Mario and Rock Wizard, believing they killed him, flee through a pipe. Old Man Wizard is miraculously alive, but crushed by the ambulance he called. The pipe leads Mario and Rock Wizard to the home of the orb's guardian. Mario takes a wizz in the lava river and enters the castle. Mario threatens using the force to get the orb. The hungover guardian makes Mario choose between the magic orb, which is dangling above lava, or Luigi, who is locked in a cell with a crazy hobo. Mario chooses the hobo and they leave. One hour later, Mario is relaxing and Luigi arrives with the magic orb, which the guardian gave to him after he let Luigi go. Mario and Luigi try to throw the orb into the cursed pipe but miss and it falls into the abyss. Rock Wizard reveals that the pipe was never cursed to begin with. Mario and Luigi defeat SMG3 and Bowser, rescue FM, and make it back to Peach's Castle in a helicopter.



  • Nintendofa996 appears in this blooper, but is never referred to by name.
  • Near the end of the video, Rocks says the pipe was never cursed, despite it being shown affecting SMG3 earlier.

I have absolutely no idea what's going on "I have absolutely no idea what's going on."
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