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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Problematic Pipe Problems, more often simply called Problematic Pipe Problems, is the 208th video made by SuperMarioGlitchy4.


A lot of pipes appear out of nowhere, so Princess Peach forces Mario and Luigi to fix them.


Warning: This section includes spoilers for people who haven't watched the blooper yet.

It's a regular day at the Mushroom Kingdom, as Mario dances, Luigi eats spaghetti and Lakitu's cloud is stolen by SuperMarioGlitchy4, causing the turtle to fall in the water. Mario is about to dance his way into the castle, when suddenly, a pipe blocks the way. Mario brings SMG4's attention to this, and angrily asks if he had something to do with this. SMG4 tells him that isn't the case, as Mario jumps onto the pipe and gets knocked off by a sudden Piranha Plant. SMG4 laughs, as the ground starts shaking, and pipes then suddenly appear everywhere from the ground and Peach's Castle to other things. Soon, thousands of them sit in the castle grounds.

Mario tries explaining this to Princess Peach, who is furious this is even happening. Mario tells her SMG4 could pay for it, him denying such a thing. She sarcastically tells him it's all okay, as Toadsworth tells him to find some assistance, as Mario tells him to not boss him around. SMG4 tells Mario that he should just go find who even did this. Mario agrees and finds Bowser, and fights him at the water. Mario is pleased, but SMG4 tells him Bowser wouldn't be smart enough to cause the thousands of pipes. Mario then finds SuperMarioGlitchy3 and gets him in the water as SMG4 tells him that it's probably somebody new, and not somebody they've faced already. Peach forces Mario to use his plumbing skills to fix the thousands of pipes.

Mario and Luigi start singing about how they can fix it, and Mario gets stuck in one. SMG4 gets a plunger.

A little while later, Mario, Luigi and Yoshi are in the pipe. Luigi asks why he brought Yoshi, as Mario says Yoshi is really just for making food incase they get lost. Yoshi gets upset as Mario comforts him. Mario tells Luigi to look at the map, as Luigi doesn't know where they are. Mario is about to tell Yoshi they're fine, right as Yoshi dashes away in panic, not wanting to be lost. Luigi dashes after him, right as Mario runs after him. Luigi spots light, and yells to Mario about this, as he falls out and barely misses some molten lava. Mario is seen hanging onto a pipe. Luigi yells out to Yoshi, as he falls into the molten lava, ending the poor dino's story.

Meanwhile, back with SMG4, Toadsworth and Peach, SMG4 asks if there's anything he can do as Toadsworth tells him to get Peach's umbrella and food. SMG4 mumbles to himself about his dislike of Toadsworth, as the Old Man Hobo escapes through a pipe. SMG4 chases after him, wondering what he's doing. He lands at Isle Delfino, where he is welcomed by elderly men.

Back with Mario and Luigi, they end up exploring this strange world, as Mario gets thirsty. Luigi warns him that the stuff is dangerous, but it's too late, as Mario was already drinking it. Mario comments that he sees everything, as Luigi just pushes him further. Pipes begin coming up and down through the ground and the liquid near Luigi, scaring him as Mario angrily yells at a Monty Mole. Luigi jumps away, Mario wondering why he just jumped away. The pipes appear everywhere again, surrounding Mario. One ends up above Mario, and sucks him in.

Mario wakes up in a cage, as the king of pipes announces to all the other pipes they've captured their true enemy. Mario is confused, as the King tells him that pipes are more than just tools. Mario wonders if it's an effect of the liquid from earlier, which is quickly declined by the pipe, who insults him. It tells him that they've been treated horribly as Mario hasn't done his job. Mario tells him the only plumbers are him and Luigi, but that is quickly refused by the pipe as well, not wanting to hear anything. It tells Mario he can't escape, right as Mario jumps out of the not very tall fence. Mario is recaptured in a cage so he can't get out. Luigi busts through and tries to save Mario himself, and confronts the King, but he gets punched down and captured as well.

Meanwhile with SMG4, he has a grand time telling jokes to the elderly who laugh with his jokes. SMG4 comments that they seem pretty cool, and he wonders why he never met them before. One of them says that they only pick those who are groovy enough. SMG4 understands, as the Old Man uses a Fire Flower underwater, which begins scalding the spa. SMG4 wonders what's happening, as the old men all go away. They all comment about eating him, SMG4 gets shocked and asks them if they were trying to cook him. They tell him no, but he doesn't believe them and jumps away. One of the old men blocks his path, saying he must become one of them. SMG4 has a thought of what would happen and freaks out at the thought. He runs away and jumps in a pipe.

The pipes meanwhile show Mario and Luigi's wrongdoings, starting with a picture of Bowser stuffed in a pipe surrounded by Bob-ombs while Mario nearby has a trolling face on. The second picture shows Mario and Luigi racing, as Mario's kart blows up near a pipe, launching it away. The last picture which scares the pipes is Mario using one of the pipes as a toilet. This is later proven by the stuff being shot out. Mario yells at him that toilets and pipes are basically the same things, the King not wanting to hear it.

SMG4, still freaked out, appears through one of the pipes, and explains to Mario that he was 'raped' as Mario doesn't understand a thing. The King asks SMG4 if he needs anything, SMG4 commenting that there's a talking warp pipe. He runs away and through a door, but somehow lands out from a pipe again, trapped in the room. He comments to ignore him, as he'll be going crazy. The King dismisses it and is about to give death to Mario and Luigi. Flames surround the cage, about to engulf the two plumbers, the pipes laughing hysterically in glee that they've won, Luigi screaming to SMG4 to help, but unfortunately he is screaming, still in his crazed state, as the King yells why the world can't have better plumbers, as Mario understands that if they're angry because he doesn't do his job, then they should teach themselves how to plumb so they don't have to kill them like this. The King comments that that wouldn't make sense, Mario stating that he can show them. Mario apparently shows them in this time as a mock-montage is shown.

The King actually ends up pleased with Mario, and shows him an "EXIT" pipe. Luigi tells SMG4 they can go. But SMG4, still crazed, runs past Luigi and jumps through a "Gay bar" pipe instead. Mario yells after him that that's the wrong pipe, the King telling him it's pointless and he won't come back for a while. It then tells them to leave and never return.

Mario returns to the still pipe-filled castle, singing as he finds Toad, who tells him Peach is waiting. Peach is furious with Mario for not fixing the pipes and before Mario can explain, she launches a pipe at him which pushes him into outer space.


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  • This is the last Super Mario 64 Blooper of SMG4 in which Super Mario 64 is written in its full form. The SM64 Bloopers released after this one have Super Mario 64 shorten as SM64 in their title.
  • This is the first time pipes appear as living characters (second if we count their cameo in the video "Mario Quits"). They're usually inanimate objects.
  • This is the first video of SMG4 with Toadsworth in which he doesn't appear dressed up like Peach.
  • After the hobo uses the flower under water, SMG4 includes a message appears discouraging commenters, saying "Shut up, it makes sense."
  • The King Pipe's dark palace is the same than Toad's one in the blooper "A Fungus Among Us", which was, oddly enough, released exactly one year earlier to the day.
  • It's unknown what happened to SMG4 after he entered the "Gay bar" pipe.
  • King Pipe wouldn't appear in another SMG4 video again until SMG4: 3 MILLION SUB FAN COLLABORATION!, which was released 4 1/2 years after this blooper.
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