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S.M.G Club is SuperMarioGlitchy4's 110th blooper, in which Mario discovers that SMG4 has started going to a secret rave club. SMG1Club


As SuperMarioGlitchy4 is sneaking out through the door, Mario and Toad wonder why he's been making up excuses to leave the castle lately (Such as saying his lemons are burning). Mario decides to follow SMG4 stealthily to wherever he is going. He comes across a rave club and struggles to get past security measures. Finally, Mario opens a door to see what he's been waiting to see… X on the toilet? Mario realizes that he went down the wrong hallway and heads to the dance floor.

Mario is amazed to see many S.M.G club members dancing and chatting. SMG4 himself sees Mario and it isn't long until the two are trying to escape the club's security men, as Mario is not a club member. They hide in a room and devise a plan where an SMG puts on Mario's spare overalls to fool the guards; then Mario wants to dance.

Mario goes to the dance floor again with SMG4, but they are found again by security guards. SMG4 says he will help Mario fight them, which eventually leads to the guards' defeat (after which Mario punches SMG4 by accident). The two then decide to escape the club.

However, SMG1 finds them and explains the club's "evil" purposes. He admits that he stole SMG4's style because nobody was coming to his club, but intends to kill SMG4 and Mario anyway. Mario punches away the DJ and puts on JB music, hurting SMG1's ears; a short while later he presses a self-destruct button, causing the club to collapse. Mario, SMG4 and SMG1 are then found back at the castle, but "SMGay1" has been dismembered by the club's explosion and says that he hates SMG4 and Mario.



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