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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: SMG4 Joins the YTR is the forty-second episode of Season 2 and the ninety-first overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on July 22, 2012.


When SMG4 joins a club called The YouTube Rangers, Mario becomes jealous and will do anything to join.


The video begins with SMG4 standing outside the castle. In the video, SMG4 says that he is staring at a wall, though there is no actual visible wall to be seen. SMG4 gets cut off from his staring session when Starman3 comes along. He yells for SMG4 to come over to him. SMG4 runs over to him and asks about what Starman3 needed him for. Starman3 asks SMG4 if he could ask him a question, SMG4 tells him to go ahead. Starman3 then asks SMG4 if he is sure, SMG4 angrily says that he is sure. At the same time, Mario and Luigi are in the middle of looking through a dumpster, in search of spaghetti. Luigi questions Mario, asking if eating spaghetti from a dumpster is a good idea. Mario feels that digging through a dumpster is a good way of getting spaghetti, and he backs himself up by saying that finding spaghetti in the trash would be easy to do. Luigi is worried that if they find spaghetti in the dumpster, it will be dirty. Luigi expresses his worries to Mario, though Mario still persists on eating spaghetti from a dumpster, as he refuses to eat the spaghetti that Peach makes. Luigi sighs and turns around to see that SMG4 and Starman3 are having a conversation with each other. Luigi then asks what it is that SMG4 is doing. Mario jumps out of the dumpster, fearing that SMG4 has become gay. Mario proceeds to scream out loud: "OH NO! HE'S GAY! MY BEST FRIEND IS GAY!" Luigi then informs Mario that SMG4 is not gay, but rather, he is having a conversation with Starman3. The focus of the video goes back to SMG4 and Starman3. Starman3 asks if SMG4 if he is very sure that he wants to be asked a question, to which SMG4 angrily yells at Starman3 to stop wasting his time. Starman3 then asks SMG4 if he wants to join a group that he created.

SMG4 asks if the group is dedicated to having tea parties. Starman3 says no and tells SMG4 that the club is specifically for YouTubers partnered with Machinima. SMG4 is confused and asks Starman3 what the hell he is talking about. Starman3 cuts his explanation of the group short and asks SMG4 whether or not he wants to join. SMG4 gets very emotional, saying that he has never been asked to join a group before, and asks if it can really be. SMG4 then immediately declines the offer. Before SMG4 can run off, Starman3 tells SMG4 about one of the perks to being in the group: cookies. After SMG4 hears about this, he quickly changes his mind and decides to join the group off of this singular perk alone. The focus then goes back to Mario and Luigi. Luigi tells Mario about how SMG4 just got invited into the group. Mario then confidently replies that he and Luigi are a part of their own group: The Mario Brothers. Luigi then silently says that the Mario Brothers is the "gayest group ever." When Mario hears Luigi insult their own group, he gets very angry and asks Luigi what it was that he said. To which Luigi quickly replies "NOTHING." The focus then goes back to SMG4. He enters the room in which the group is hosted, and is immediately surprised. Starman3 welcomes SMG4 to the group, which he calls: The YouTube Rangers (YTR).

Starman3 then tells SMG4 that homosexuals are not allowed to join the YTR. During this part, the other members of the group are jumping around and dancing in the background. SMG4 is immediately fascinated by a sign hanging on the wall. Starman3 is weirded out with SMG4's fascination with the sign. The focus shifts back to Mario and Luigi, who are standing in the front of the YTR room door. Luigi tells Mario that he should not ask to be in their group. Mario says that he is not going to ask to be in their group and that he is just going to tell them that the YTR sucks. Mario knocks on the door, and Starman3 rushes over and opens the door. Mario begs Starman3 to let him into their group. Starman3 takes a very short period of time to think about it, and then says no. Starman3 then slams the door shut. Mario then gets very depressed over the rejection. Luigi sighs. Luigi expresses confusion towards Mario because he thought that he didn't want to join the YTR. Mario explains that he wants to get into the group because they have cookies. Mario becomes determined to get into the group, no matter what he has to do. The focus goes back to SMG4, who is angry that there are no more cookies. He uses the word "Goddammit", which made Starman3 upset. Starman3 explains to SMG4 that the word "Goddammit" is a banned word in the group. TheCaptain64000 then screams: "OH SH**! WE'RE OUT OF COOKIES!". SMG4 and Starman3 are both staring at TheCaptain64000. SMG4 then turns around to face Starman3, who jumps up and nervously chuckles. The focus then goes back to Mario and Luigi, as Mario attempts to dig a tunnel through the castle walls. Luigi questions if digging a tunnel in the castle is a smart idea, worried that this kind of action will make Peach upset.

Mario does not care what Peach thinks at all, as he is only concerned with trying to join the YTR. About 10 million years later, Mario finally manages to get into the castle, but instead of ending up in the YTR room, Mario instead ends up going into a room in which someone is busy taking a bath. Mario runs out of the room, screaming. Mario then tries to break the YTR room door down. He tries punching it down, sliding into it, blasting it down, throwing Luigi against it, and even dancing in front of it. Mario then decides that he is fed up, and he attempts to barge into the YTR room. Mario tries to push open the door, using all of his force while Starman3 tries to keep the door closed. TheCaptain64000 does not want Mario to come in, as he is afraid that Mario will ruin the YouTube Rangers. Mariostar92 tells Mario not to take on more step. Mario does not care about what they say, as he is only concerned with getting in. Starman3 stops pushing against the door, and Mario comes in. At first, Mario proclaims that he does not see what is so bad about him coming in. Then a huge explosion immediately follows. No one gets harmed by the explosion. SuperMegaUltraSonicX16475 is not happy that Starman3 let Mario come in and Starman3 tells him to be quiet. Mario then exclaims "GUYS! I WANT to be in YTR!!!" Matt responds by saying that Mario can join the YTR. Mario is momentarily happy, as he believes that he has finally been accepted into the YTR. Then Matt reveals that he was only kidding with Mario and that he could not actually join the group.

Mario is both mad and surprised as he turns the opposite way to see that Toad is also a member of the YTR. Toad says that he makes bloopers as well. The video then shows a blooper that Toad made. The blooper is only a 6-second long clip of Toad running around in a circle as You Spin Me Right Round (Like A Record) plays. Luigi then asks if he can join the group. Mario replies to Luigi's request by saying that he is a homosexual, and therefore, is not allowed to join the group. Luigi claims that he is not gay, although no one else believes him, as Mario asks everyone else in the room if they think that Luigi isn't gay, nobody replies. Mario continues begging to join the group. SMG4 says "How about no?" Mario gets fed up and pulls out a rocket launcher. Mario then says that if he gets to join the group, then nobody will get hurt. Starman3 screams for Mario to not hurt him, but to hurt Luigi instead. SMG4 pulls out a plate of spaghetti and throws it outside the castle, telling Mario to go get it. Mario jumps out of one of the castle's windows, trying to get the spaghetti. He even punches an old man trying to get the spaghetti. Starman3 wants to take a break, so he walks outside of the YTR room to go do something else. Mario asks Starman3 if he could join the group, and Starman3 says no. Starman3 tries to enjoy his day, and Mario repeatedly asks him if he can join the YTR. Starman3 says no every time, but Mario still keeps asking if he can join the group, even after being rejected so many times. Starman3 gets so fed up with Mario constantly bothering him that the next time Mario asked him if he can join the group, Starman3 screams "NO!" so loud that it creates a huge echo in the castle.

Mario gets upset and begins to cry. Starman3 begs Mario not to cry and apologizes for screaming so loudly. Mario then once again asks if he can get into the group. Starman3 kicks Mario out of the castle. Mario comes up with a plan. He puts on a fake mustache, and then goes into the YTR, hoping that nobody will recognize him. Upon entering, Starman3 asks Mario who he is. Mario claims to be SMG4. Starman3 is not sure whether or not Mario really was SMG4, although he feels that the fake mustache is convincing. Mario goes along with it, surprised to see his plan working. Thinking that Mario is SMG4, MarioDylan comes up to him, says hello, and asks SMG4 (Mario) if he remembers what they are going to do at 4:30 PM. Mario asks if crapping onto Luigi's bed was the planned event. MarioDylan informs SMG4 (Mario) that they are not going to crap on Luigi's bed, but rather, they are going to post a video of Mario naked onto YouTube. SMG4 (Mario) gets angry and almost blows his cover. He remembers that he is trying to hide his identity though, and he continues to go along with what MarioDylan says. MarioDylan then asks SMG4 (Mario) about Mario, who he hates so much. SMG4 (Mario) says that he doesn't actually hate Mario. MarioDylan is confused because he recalls a time in which the actual SMG4 said that Mario is so fat, that he could fill the entire castle.

SMG4 (Mario) says that he was lying and that he loves Mario to the extent of being gay for him. SMG4 (Mario) says that Mario is "like his girlfriend". MarioDylan awkwardly backs away from SMG4 (Mario). MarioDylan then asks SMG4 (Mario) if he remembers their secret handshake. He tells SMG4 (Mario) to start, but Mario is confused as to what to do, so he punches MarioDylan, and runs away. Mario goes back to Luigi and tells him that he has given up. Luigi informs Mario that he can always make his own group. Mario thinks that starting up his own group is a great idea, so he does exactly that. Mario starts up his own group, held in the cabin from Cool, Cool Mountain. Mario starts his group by thanking everyone who joined, because, without members, Mario would be sad. Luigi points out that the only other person who joined the club besides themselves is a penguin. Mario tells Luigi to shut up, and proceeds to ask if anyone has any questions. The penguin asks about when the group will get to listen to Justin Bieber.

Mario says that he hates Justin Bieber. After hearing this, the penguin says that he doesn't want to live anymore, and he jumps down the slide behind him, which causes him to explode. Luigi says "Nice Going, Mario". Mario explodes, turning him into a coin, and the video ends with a game over screen.



The YouTube Rangers (SMG4, TC4600, SMUS, Matt, and Mariodylan are not present in this shot)


  • The YouTube Rangers is a real internet group in which, like in the blooper, is led by Starman3.
  • SMG4 is no longer a member of the YTR.

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