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Scatman's Revenge, is the thirty-third video created by SMG4. In this blooper, Scatman's ghost haunts Mario for overusing his songs.


The spirit of Scatman John gets mad at everyone because they overuse his songs, and Mario tries to stop him.


The blooper starts with Mario repeatedly liking Scatman John's music videos. When Toad notices that Mario is liking Scatman John's video over and over, he tricks Mario so he can get on the computer by telling him he heard there's pasta outside. Mario decides to do a searching montage, and tells Scatman John to "hit it." Then the sky turns dark and the ghost of Scatman is angry because people have been overusing his music. Mario said he loves his music, but Scatman's ghost is annoyed of keep hearing his own music, Mario claims he never uses it in his whole life, Scatman's ghost said he has been using it a lot yesterday, Mario flashback to how much he used it yesterday. Mario claims again that he only used a little bit, Scatman's Ghost wanted his revenge for people (especially Mario) overusing his music, he then tells Mario to close his eyes.

When Mario opens his eyes, he is now wearing cursed clothes that repeatedly flash random colors. If someone is to lay their eyes on them, weird things will happen. Toad takes one look at the clothes and his head becomes crooked. SMG4 loses his head and legs, and when Mario turns to talk to the audience, the video turns to static. Mario tells the trees to disappear if they hate him, which they do. Finally, when Mario talks to King Bob-omb, he explodes. Fed up, he demands that Scatman take the clothes off, which he does. However, he summons a giant Mario, which runs towards the castle. The giant Mario tries to get into the castle, but Mario refuses. In response, the giant Mario kidnaps Peach. Luigi tries to save her, only for his head to be removed. The military comes to take down the giant Mario by shooting at him, but that doesn't work either. The giant Mario ends up tossing the military vehicles. Lakitu, deciding he's not wanted in general, risks his life to stop the giant Mario. He unleashes "nerdy numbers" onto the screen, which kill the giant plumber.

Scatman, now really mad, decides to overlay a slowed-down version of his music video over the castle to annoy Mario forever. Mario decides to overpower him by playing "What Is Love". Scatman responds with a sped-up version of one of his own songs. Mario responds with another one of his own songs. Scatman responds with another one of his own songs. Mario decides that Scatman is too good, and orders Toad to respond with Justin Bieber's "Baby," stopping Scatman once and for all. It is at this point that Mario orders Scatman to reveal his true form; a ghost from "Scatland". Scatman explains that he is sick of blooper makers overusing his songs. Mario explains that Supermarioglitchy4 loves his music and that he is a nice chap. Mario shows the number of likes Scatman has gotten on one of his music videos. Scatman realizes why everyone loves his music, thanks Mario, and returns to Scatland.

Excited, Mario runs outside, only to find all the dismantled military equipment left over from the giant fight earlier. He decides to clean up and orders Scatman to "hit it."



  • When Mario calls the army, an Arwing and a Landmaster from the Star Fox series can be seen as two of the military's weapons.
  • The blooper references how at that time, Scatman's songs were overused in SM64 machinimas.
  • In this blooper, Toad hates Justin Bieber's music, but in the future videos, he loves Justin Bieber.

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