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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Ssenmodnar 2 (100th Vid) is the first episode of Season 3 and the one hundreth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on October 14, 2012.


Yes, it's here! finally! thanks for all the support so far and enjoy this random acid ride :D


The intro

An SM64ian called Dave pretends to be researching on the computer, when in reality he is watching Justin Bieber music videos and looking at the Google images for the Twilight saga. He comes across a video from a YouTuber called SuperMarioGlitchy4. He then remarks on how many views SMG4 has and then decides to watch one of his bloopers, 0% of Spaghetti. One second after he clicks on the video, he is rushed to the hospital due to a mental breakdown.

The title screen

A white pixelated "SSENMODNAR 2" logo appears on a black screen and starts shining in white. Suddenly, the screen breaks.

The skits

  1. The end of the Super Mario 64 is happening, but Mario crashes in the roof, causing a Toad to react with a WTF.
  2. A person is being 'beamed up' through the light on the carpet in Peach's Castle while the song "Hallelujah" from Handel's Messiah plays in the background.
  3. Some guy is racing Koopa the Quick at super speed, but Koopa the Quick is running at normal speed while whining.
  4. MarioMario761 slides down Cool, Cool Mountain, and finds a penguin. He then throws it off the edge of the map. Then 5 other penguins show up, and one yells, "Get that Motherf**er!" and MM761 freaks out.
  5. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is shown, except instead of Link as the playable character, it is Mario. Mario then screams "WHAT THE F**K ARE YOU LOOKING AT?!"
  6. Toad is muttering to himself and finds a Poison Mushroom. He eats it and then proceeds to go crazy.
  7. Mario says he bets you can't do "this" and dances upside-down as a ragdoll to the tune of Chaccaron Maccaron.
  8. Derpy the Mailman is standing in a hallway and says "DERP."
  9. A guy gets burned while fighting Bowser, and CrimsonMan5 comes out of nowhere and starts whining to Bowser telling him to "leave the poor man alone" but then proceeds to run around in circles naked.
  10. A Bob-omb Buddy is working at a McDonald's, singing The Burger King Song. He says he makes Whoppers wrapped with paper, and a burger appears. Then Jbro109 passes and Bob-omb Buddy's burger turns into a pie when the Bob-omb asks "Would you like an apple pie with that?"
  11. CooolBoy78 is pushing GageDawg around in a baby carriage. Cooolboy78 stops, prompting GageDawg to say "AGAIN!" Cooolboy78 starts pushing again.
  12. Enzo gets hit by a Goomba and says he's OK to Starman3, Enzo then gets blown up by a Bob-omb, then the spot where Enzo stood says "Never mind!"
  13. SMG3 says to UltimatePwnerful, "I DRINK YOUR...MILKSHAKE!"
  14. Peach kisses Luigi, then Luigi celebrates, but Peach takes off her head, revealing her to be Mario, who says "Hello!" Luigi whimpers Mario's name runs away screaming, then explodes.
  15. Mario is having a shower when someone sneaks in. The bathroom intruder then pulls the curtain down. Mario screams as the person is revealed to be Notch, who says "Daaammmn".
  16. A race in Mario Kart 64 is about to start, and Lakitu counts down slowly. Mario orders him to hurry up, but Lakitu ignores and restarts the countdown and puts on a trollface.
  17. The words "SLENDER DANCE TIME!!!" appears in flashing letters, and then Slenderman appears, dancing outside of the castle.
  18. Toad, still drugged from the Poison Mushroom hovers in front of the screen, is laughing maniacally.
  19. During the Mushroom Kingdom News, Ruffman8890 and PhazonMario are talking. PhazonMario talks about how someone combined an Xbox 360 with a PSP and then Ruffman8890 randomly throws up.
  20. A guy is finished taking a shower and realizes there are no towels. So he just walks by LuigiLuigi543212345, naked, and LL543212345 complains.
  21. A guy is struggling in the desert, and then finds water.He then dives right into it. Ggomorno comes to find him spinning in the water.
  22. A guy says to a girl that she is so hot, and the girl replies that she's his sister.
  23. Mrcliftin enters Bob-Omb Battlefield and tries to find the Star, he then says "Hit it, Scatman!", but then another guy appears and begs him not to do it.
  24. Mario seems to be staring at Peach, but in reality, he is staring at Luigi's butt. They come to their senses and appear shocked, yelling at each other.
  25. A guy trapped in a cell, alone, saying "Is anybody still here?"
  26. On the radio, the "My Little Pony" theme song starts playing. A guy proceeds to throw the radio out the window.
  27. Someone starts playing Farmville Beta and places 2 plants and an Old Man. Then a Bob-Omb comes and blows him up while the TF2 death screen message appears.
  28. Referencing the scene from Dragon Ball Z, OskarmanDude1 says to Gameactive "What does the scouter say about his power level?", while Gameactive says "ITS OVER 1000!" causing a giant explosion. OskarmanDude1 then says "That's not bad". 
  29. MarioMario761 is hiding from the penguins, when one appears behind him, and says "Surprise Motherf**er!" 
  30. A fake ad is presenting a new product. Xboxfan shows the audience a device called the Rick Roller-Away which prevents Rick Rolls. Someone clicks a video, which is a Rick Roll, The machine shakes violently, and then explodes. X then shows feedback, which is just Vidmaster saying "Help... me..." 
  31. A distorted Mario face says "Wassup?" 
  32. A guy walking around Bob-omb battlefield gets randomly crushed by a Whomp. 
  33. FM54321 is falling with the song "Free Falling" playing, but FM then crashes into the ground. 
  34. A guy asks SuperYoshi419, DynamiteRacer200 and SuperZeldaAlex987123 to search 2 girls 1 cup. The 3 start the video and start screaming while watching. 
  35. Mario asks to sing a Song for Oscarm00, but he says no. Mario then has a "Forever Alone" face. 
  36. Sinbad316 is launched off the mountain in Bob-Omb Battlefield.
  37. A PLEASE STAND BY screen, with a glitching Mario in the background. 
  38. MarioMario54321 slowly begins to tiptoe past the Mad Piano to get the last Red Coin, but a few centuries later, Starman3 surprises him, which causes MM to alert the piano. He begs Starman3 for help, but Starman3 just ignores him, saying that he came in to say "hi" but MM ignored him by playing the piano. 
  39. Enzo comes on singing a Japanese song, with ADD, the guy watching saying "WHAT THE F**K IS GOING ON HERE?!".
  40. Continuing from #25, The guy is still in the cell, with him mumbling "Please...kill me." 
  41. Some guys prepare to throw a Bob-omb off the mountain, screaming "IM GONNA DO IT, BRO! IM GONNA DO IT!" 
  42. Some guy is having trouble beating Bowser, so he uses cheats to become invincible. Then RainbowStar666 comes in, screams that the guy cheated, and everything in Bowser's arena swarming him. 
  43. Steve attempts to play the computer. He tries to click the mouse, but, since he has no fingers, he ends up punching it. He then types in random gibberish into Google but gets no results. Then he tries to play Minecraft but the computer crashes. Steve throws the computer at the wall and shouts, "ITS F**KING WINDOWS 98!" 
  44. Techmax791 Is going through a town when he finds 'Diamonds'. Another guy comes and moans because they are the wrong thing.
  45. CooolBoy78 smashes on a vending machine, demanding for some Doritos. 
  46. Continuing from #25 and #40, the guy is still in the cell and says "I hate my life." 
  47. Some kid is playing Super Mario 64, then Naked Mario appears, saying "Hey stinky!" and the kid runs away screaming. 
  48. MarioStar92 is on fire, saying "I'm on fire, Motherf**er!"
  49. Mario is naked and starts to sing "I'm Sexy And I Know It", to other people's shock and confusion. Then the person watching on the computer yells "HA! GAYYY!"

The ending

SMG4 tells the viewers that's the end of the video, he also tells the 'children at home' to stay at school and don't do drugs, and to wash their "nasty" hands after they eat spaghetti, but Mario comes and punches him, and then screams, "I JUST SH*T MY PANTS!!!"



  • This video was the longest Ssenmodnar video in the whole series (13 minutes and 22 seconds) and also the one which has the most number of skits (49).
  • This is one of the early instances of Mario as a ragdoll before 2013.
  • The sound used for the title screen is the Deep Note: the audio trademark of the 1983 American audio company THX.

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