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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Ssenmodnar 4 (30,000 Soobs) is the twenty-fourth episode of Season 3 and the one hundred and twenty-third overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This is the fourth installment of the Ssenmodnar series. It was aired on May 12, 2013.


Here it is, the 4th installment of this crazy and stupid series :D, banana.


Plot (start of the video)

One day... SMG4 HAS 29,999 SUBS! SOON IT WILL BE 30,000! :D Mario, Luigi, Starman3, Toad and even Princess Peach (with a cake) celebrate and congrats him. They wait for hours and hours for him to get 30,000, but one week later, practically nothing changed, and someone even unsubscribed him! SMG4 eventually got so angry that he blew up the castle.

Plot (title screen)

There's a parody of the Adventure Time theme song.

Plot (middle of the video)

  1. A guy is flying with the flying cap, singing "I Believe I Can Fly". The guy then hits the castle, falling down.
  2. Mario joins a choir naked but messes it up.
  3. JamalioHabbo14 is on fire, screaming that he is.
  4. Peach turns herself in o a random shape. Then she sings "Wannabe" by The Spice Girls but distorted.
  5. A guy punches Mario34299 Then he laughs and claims that was a joke.
  6. A guy is walking around the Bob-Omb Battlefield. Then OiramOiram12345 comes around saying "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!". The guy says "Oh, okay." and walks away. Then the guy says he's lonely and he wants him to come back, But it was too late.
  7. A guy is playing the piano. And then another guy wants to try, only to find out that it was the monster piano and he screams like a little girl.
  8. Peach tells Mario that the power of the stars is restored to the castle. The results end in rage due to the fact that Mario didn't care and Peach wasted Mario's time.
  9. Luigi is wearing a mask and says "Spaghetti". Then he blasts stuff with his hand.
  10. Mario enters into Peach's castle, singing the "The party don't start till I walk in." part in Ke$ha's "Tik Tok". SMG4 then screams due to seeing Mario naked.
  11. A family says random things like "duh duh blah duh duh blah blah blah" and "blah duh blah duh duh".
  12. A father says to his son Jacob to keep his shirt on. Jacob refuses to keep it on and then runs off.
  13. A chimpanzee rides on a Segway (that "Chimpanzee Ridin' on a Segway" song).
  14. Enzo wants a guy to teach him how to go through paintings. The guy says he just has to believe. Enzo then tries to go through a Bob-Omb Battlefield painting but fails (because it isn't the real Bob-Omb Battlefield painting) and says "D'oh!". Then the Toad next to the painting says "MAGIC", and makes pig noises.
  15. Meanwhile, SMG4 is still waiting for his subs to go up to 30,000. A picture of Starman3 saying "BAH!" scares him so much that he screams and blows up.
  16. A giant Wario tells a village to get in his belly.
  17. Mario goes crazy with a gun.
  18. Old Man is singing "You're So Sexy".
  19. Here is a Bowser battle with MarioMario54321, he punches Bowser. Bowser then wails off, Then MM54321 asks if they could have a serious scene in the video.
  20. X dances to "Gentleman" by PSY. Then SMG4 comes in, punches him and screams "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOD!".
  21. The life of a Bob-omb shows a Bob-omb Messing around. Then the Bob-omb explodes. This is most likely a parody of SMG4's other video, Tale of a bob-omb.
  22. This features Bowser Jr. saying "boobies".
  23. Toad is playing with dolls. Toad is reacting the saving thing except Toad is Mario. SMG4 shows up and Toad, surprise, screams.
  24. SuperMegaUltraSonic (SMUS) asks MarioStar64 if he wants to hear the most annoying sound in the world. Then he shows an annoying song.
  25. This features Mario, Techmax791, and GlitchyMario64 flopping on the ground.
  26. Nyan Cat's head is replaced with Mario's head.
  27. Mario and Bowser are drunk.
  28. Moments With Steve: Steve pretends to be a helicopter. He soars in the sky, then gets shot down by a missile launched by two guys.
  29. Yoshi burps and stuff.
  30. Mario is Bowser surfing to the extreme. In real life, he is pretending to be a car.
  31. FightingMario54321 gets up by a pile of ducks in a place from My Little Pony, then he asks: "Where am I?", "Where the hell am I?!?", "What are these?" and "What the hell are these!?". Then he goes crazy.
  32. King Bob-omb is happy that he is getting a piggyback ride from his son. Then the son says: "Kill me!".
  33. Mario is naked and is chasing Luigi, nude, saying "I love you!".
  34. Possibly continued from skit #18, Mario is staring at Peach, only to find out that it was Old Man Hobo disguised.

Plot (end of the video)

Bowser thought that the video would end with a naked Bowser in the bathtub, but then Old Man Hobo came to his lair and said to go on an adventure. They took the bathtub Bowser is on and flew to the sky (derpy hooves in the background), but they came crashing to the ground in front of Peach's Castle. Then it is revealed that SMG3 is watching the video, he says it is terrible and explodes.



  • In the title of this blooper on YouTube, it's written "soobs" instead of "subs".
  • The description of the video states "Ssenmodnar 4" is "really retarded".
  • This is the first Ssenmodnar video which hasn't had any scene separated in two different skits.
  • When Enzo falls just after he tried to jump into a painting which doesn't lead anywhere, he says "D'oh!", which is Homer Simpson's famous catchphrase.
  • This is the last video of SMG4 where Wario appears in a Mario look (the video: "The Wacky Wario Bros.: The Welcome Invitation" comes after Ssenmodnar 4, and to this date, SMG4 don't use Mario looking guys anymore).
  • In skit 20, the place where X is dancing looks similar to the S.M.G Club.
  • The scene with Mario and Bowser drunk is a clip from the video "Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Two Evil Friends".
  • The second part of skit 28 is a reference to asdfmovie6 by TomSka.

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