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Ssenmodnar 5 (WAT O_O Edition) is the 143rd blooper made by SMG4 and the fifth video in the Ssenmodnar series.



In the 5th installment of the Ssenmodnar series, Mario and SMG4 show one of SMG4's fan a video which shows SMG4 walking with Toad and Mario naked. The fan's eyes are hurting because Mario is naked, then he burns.

Title screen

A blue title "Ssenmodnar 5" appears on a black screen. Then a random guy floats across the screen, saying: "Gaayyyyy!".


  1. Two Chain Chomps say "Hey!" to each other.
  2. In a parody of the ending of the castles in Super Mario Bros., Toad (the main character of the video) tells Mario that the princess is in another castle, and Mario gets pissed. But then Toad says "BUT I BROUGHT THIS CAT", then Mario and several other guys start cheering.
  3. A guy poops on the floor of the Tick Tock Clock room in Peach's Castle, then freaks out.
  4. Mario tells MarioLuigi252, "You are gay.", then ML252 says "WAT" twelve times, in the rhythm of the start of Bob-omb Battlefield's BGM and beats him up.
  5. Continuing from skit #3: the guy continues freaking out about pooping on the floor. (after that skit, Mario's troll head floats across the transition screen).
  6. Continuing from skit #2: Mario and the other guys are at the Mushroom Kingdom Petting Zoo, and everyone are just saying "YAY! YAY!". But suddenly Mario takes out a chainsaw, and everyone starts screaming "NO!" and try to hold Mario back.
  7. OiramOiram12345 is flying in the sky, then he explodes.
  8. One guy asks another guy, "What are you looking at, Butthead?". Then the other guy happily replies, "I fight for my friends." Then the music "Friends" starts playing as the other guy dances in a spinning rainbow background.
  9. A man is impaled through his testicles on the pole on top of Princess Peach's Castle.
  10. Laa-Laa is driving in a car bobbing her head to Teach me How to Dougie, and she crashes into the side of a building and blows up.
  11. Continuing from skit #1: the Chain Chomps, still saying "Hey", are approached by Luigi, who is immediately attacked.
  12. Bowser, a banana and Peach have a dance party.
  13. MCGustavo keeps messing up attempting to draw lips on Mario.
  14. MarioMario54321 and Solid Snake compete in a sports match, but things don't work out so well.
  15. A guy finds out his roommates ate his hard boiled egg, and jumps off a cliff, killing himself.
  16. Toad (the main character of the video) wants to be gay with Mario, then follows him everywhere. Mario starts to have enough of Toad, and screams when Toad says "I LOVE YOU MARIOOOOO!!!"
  17. Another Moments With Steve: Steve approaches the monster piano, kills it, and begins playing it madly, and rides it into the sky.
  18. FightingMario54321 is watching a movie where Daisy asks Enzo to poop on her, then FM begins crying hysterically.
  19. Starman3 is riding a penguin.
  20. A :D face is plastered on Peach's self-portrait photo on the castle.
  21. Luigi stomps a Goomba on a bridge in Bob-Omb Battlefield, then the Goomba lets fall a coin but Luigi doesn't manage to take it, so it falls of the bridge. Then Luigi gets evil. Toad suddenly appears, not caring about Luigi's personality change.
  22. An Old Man finds a Pikachu, and attempts to use it during a battle with Team Rocket Grunt, but fails.
  23. Peach becomes a rocket in the ending of SM64. It turns out someone is playing the game, and is realizing if he won.
  24. Mario is watching a video of someone impersonating him, then becomes angered at it.
  25. Bowser is dancing to "Don't Cha".
  26. A distorted Mario face appears, then the song "Call Me Maybe" plays.
  27. The Teletubbies become gangsters!
  28. Waluigi is singing "I'm Sexy and I Know It", then Wario appears and says "Gaayyyyy!".
  29. Mario and Luigi begin singing "Gangnam Style", but are interrupted by a Teletubby (Po) with a machine gun.


Mario and SMG4 try to hide the corpse from the opening credits, afraid of the police seeing it. They:

  1. Throw him in the lake, but end up hitting a hobo
  2. Give it to a Chain Chomp to eat, but the Chain Chomp refused
  3. Feed it to the piano, not realizing Steve had taken it

They are eventually confronted by a cop, who asks them what they were doing, but they narrowly avoid getting caught. However, the cop is revealed to be gay Toad in a costume. It is then shown Mario was dreaming the entire time, but is approached by an actual gay Toad in an SMG4 costume. Mario, fed up, ends the video by simply saying "F*CK YOU TOAD! Suck my d!ck!".


Mario Facts

These appear at the skit transitions.

  1. Mario eats around 640000 bowls of spaghetti each hour.
  2. Mario had his first kiss with a blonde looking hobo.
  3. Mario hit puberty when he was 30.
  4. Marios can fly with their magic hat.
  5. Mario farted over 13456 times in the castle.
  6. Mario isn't right or left handed.
  7. Mario makes 1 coin per pipe he blows up or destroys.
  8. Luigi is actually Mario's sister.
  9. Mario is actually Chinese but changed to Italian.
  10. Mario's last name is "The Plumber".
  11. Princess Peach is Mario WAHHHHHH????????????
  12. Mario's favorite color is boobies.
  13. Mario's birthday is at 31/13/1942 or something.
  14. Mario's middle name is Sexy.
  15. Mario has children and their names are Toad.
  16. Mario has no teeth.
  17. Mario's overalls were created from dirt.
  18. Mario was going to star in Justin Bieber's music video, but got kicked due to destroying everything.
  19. Mario has no fingers.
  20. Everyone's eyes are blue.
  21. Everyone stole Mario's mustache style.
  22. Bowser hates Mario because he made him drop his sandwich.
  23. Mario wears contact lenses and panties.
  24. Mario's nose originally was a genetic mutatuion.
  25. Mario rates this video 0/10.
  26. (Insert fact here)


  • This is the first time SMG4's fan can be seen.
  • The tabby cat reappears in Retarded64: A Dose of Dr. Mario.
  • This is the first time a character (Steve) was not afraid of the piano.
  • This blooper marks the first Starman3 appearance in a while.
  • At the start of the video, the song "Bangarang" by Skrillex can be heard.
  • At skit 16, the song "The Truth about Toad" from brentalfloss can be heard.
  • This video got uploaded at the same date than Lilyncookies' birthday (September 15).

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