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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Super Happy Magical Fun Fun Island is the forty-fifth episode of Season 3 and the one hundred and forty-fourth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

Crazy Japanese Guy makes his debut in this episode. It was aired on September 22, 2013.


All aboard! the plane to the majestic super hapyoremgdmgfbgnfg island is here!
:D its such a great place.......but i never heard of it :|


The video begins with Mario looking inside the fireplace. Luigi came by and pressed a button which activated the fireplace, burning him. After the intro which 8-bit Mario showed SMG4's name, with Mario angrily running after him for forgetting the "presents" part, Mario heard a doorbell go off. He went out to check who pressed it but saw no one. He then looked down and saw a brochure which was an advertisement for Super Happy Fun Fun Island :D. Mario imagined himself at its beach scaring Luigi, causing him to explode in fear. Knowing it, he got Luigi to buy some plane tickets.

Later on in an airplane, SMG4 was saying how he did not want to go but Mario reassured him that it would be fun, especially since the name had the word fun in it twice. SMG4 then asked him why was Luigi in a pet cage, which he replied that it was cheaper. Apparently Toad and Peach Toadstool were part of the flight too. Just then, an announcement came from their Captain, who hoped they were having a great time. As SMG4 said he was having a good time even though he actually did not, Old Man Hobo came bumping into his seat from the back. SMG4 told him to cut it, just to be attacked by him. Then, their captain mentioned how there was something attached to the plane but promised the staff would handle it. Turned out it was Bowser who wanted to be part of Mario's group too but was left out.

As the staff prepared to serve cereal, Mario asked if they had spaghetti. The staff said they did not serve it on their airlines. Not letting it slide, Mario burst through the doors to engage the captain. The captain wondered if he was having a good time while Mario complained why the airline did not serve spaghetti, which confused the captain as to what it was before concluding it sounded like someone would crap on the floor. Horrified, Mario punched the captain out of the cockpit before regretting what he did.

When he returned to his seat, SMG4 asked where did he go, which he replied that he found spaghetti in the toilet, causing SMG4 to be disgusted. The staff asked if everything was alright, causing SMG4 to ask when were they arriving at Happy Fun Fun Island. The staff corrected him saying that the plane was headed to France. Horrified, SMG4 declared he did not want to go to France but instead to Happy Fun Fun Island. Mario did not mind, as he hoped there was french spaghetti. Peach also did not mind, asking if he was taking her to France for a romantic trip together. Regretting it, he screamed.

Attempting to resolve the situation, SMG4 headed to the cockpit to talk to the captain. Mario tried stopping him, saying the captain was not in. When SMG4 asked why Mario replied that he was learning how to fly. SMG4 realized that it meant the captain was thrown out of the plane, causing him to ask who was flying the plane. Mario tried it but it went horribly wrong, causing Bowser to exclaim that he could fly and everyone inside the plane to start panicking naturally. As Mario tried to calm the situation by operating the TV, it showed Teletubbies, causing him to say that they were doomed. The plane then crashed and Nintendofan997 ended the story by saying that everyone died.

The story though immediately resumed with Mario climbing out of the wreckage. Realizing he was the only one who survived, he needed to make babies. SMG4 shortly appeared crawling out as well, saying he was still alive. Mario wanted SMG4 to make babies with him and even became nude for that, obviously making SMG4 regret asking. Peach and Toad were also alive with the former asking if they were enjoying themselves, which SMG4 quickly put that he was not homosexual. Mario though realized that if that was everyone, then Luigi was dead. As he started celebrating, Luigi came crashing onto SMG4, knocking him out.

Suddenly, a shadowy figure approached them. Turned out it was a Crazy Japanese Guy (CJG) who indicated they have reached Happy Fun Fun Island, causing everyone to celebrate. As SMG4, Mario, and Luigi viewed the ocean, Toad went in claiming it to be his and even proved it by peeing in it, although the rest were not amused. Suddenly, a Cheep Cheep came by and ate him. SMG4 asked if they should save him but they chose not to.

As Peach was exploring the cave, commenting on how beautiful it was, Bowser came crashing down, naturally freaking her out. He claimed he was an angel who flew from the heavens. Peach asked what was he doing on the island which Bowser explained that he flew through the sky before the crash happened. Peach said that was the cause of his brain damage and Bowser asked if he should steal her or just go for a walk together.

Back to the others, as they were doing their stuff, SMG4 got very suspicious due to the lack of amenities. He went further into the island and saw the CJG from earlier following SMG3. Knowing something was very wrong, he sneaked with them into their lair where SMG3 asked if he had loaded up the missiles. The Crazy Japanese Guy replied that he did, allowing him to destroy not just Peach's Castle but also them. SMG4 suddenly shouted, telling them they would not get away with it. The CJG asked if they should summon Minion but SMG3 just ran away. Realizing SMG4 was upon him, the CJG tried to play innocent but was punched across the lair. He tired his ploy again but SMG4 said he was not Japanese and he could speak English before trying to get where was SMG3, just for the CJG to explode.

Meanwhile, SMG3 managed to escape to his escape vehicle sector because he was too scared to get his a** kicked by SMG4 again. He activated the island's self-destruct button to kill everyone before bringing in the escape submarine. However what came out was a truck, causing him to realize he was trapped on the doomed island too.

Seeing the self-destruct countdown happening, SMG4 quickly headed to where everyone else was but was interrupted when he saw Bowser dancing. Mario corrected him saying that it was the effects of too many mushrooms. SMG4 then realized he had something to say regarding that the island was very dangerous and that they needed to leave. Mario asked if the island was full of homosexuals but SMG4 corrected him that the island would blow up in thirty minutes. Bowser said goodbye to them before flying, causing SMG4 to be jealous of Bowser's flying skills.

As they tried to find a way out, they encountered SMG3 in his robot mech suit, who said they could all die together before attempting to shoot Mario down. SMG4 told Luigi to hide Peach while he and Mario tried stopping SMG3, avoiding getting shot in the process. As SMG4 and Mario ran with SMG3 on hot pursuit, Mario picked up an item block that gave him bananas. He left a peel there and SMG3 sipped on it, causing him to fall flat and having the audience laugh at him, although he told them to shut up. As he got it back up and running, he realized he was unable to control the suit well before accidentally running past Mario and SMG4 into the water.

Just as Mario and SMG4 celebrated, SMG3 came back up flying at that, causing them to quickly run for it. After a while, SMG3 wondered where did they go, especially considering the fact that it was dark. As Luigi told Peach she would be safe at where they were, SMG3 approached them although he thought Luigi was SMG4. Panicking, Luigi threw Peach at him, causing SMG3's robot suit to malfunction badly before shutting down. As SMG3 said that they were all going to die with Mario saying that Luigi was a virgin, SMG4 asked if the suit was explosive-proof. SMG3 said yes and SMG4 had a plan. Turned out it was to stuff everyone into the suit. The island's explosion finally happened and it pushed the suit into the water. As it floated in the water, SMG3 asked how would they get home which Mario replied that they let the currents take them back.

As the credits rolled, Toad showed up telling kids to not litter and to get him an ambulance.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters

  • Airline staff
  • Captain



  • Minion (mentioned by Crazy Japanese Guy when asking if they should summon him)


  • The airplane in which Mario and his friends are traveling is an Air France airplane which is going to France, and not on the island SMG4 and his friends wanted to go. This brings up the question if they knew if it was their plane or not.
  • The crazy Japanese guy's voice is from the Shigeru Miyamoto skit from Nin10doh.
  • The song "Easy" by Lionel Richie plays whenever Bowser flies in the blooper. This marks the first time Lionel Richie's music is featured in a blooper, the second being Mushroom wars: that space series?, and the third was Two great friends!
  • When SMG3 was planning to destroy Peach's Castle, Yoshi can be seen on the roof of the castle for a split second while the camera is zooming in.
  • The song Toad is rapping on the plane is "Toad - Party in the Tub" from SuperMarioLogan. 
  • At 2:44, just after SMG4 headed to the cockpit to talk to the captain, a message popped up that said that the people in the background were supposed to be sitting down instead of lying flat on the floor.

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