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Super Hello Kitty Rollercoaster Tea Party 2!!! is SuperMarioGlitchy4's forty-eighth blooper.


When a new game comes out, Mario really wants it, but it gets sold out really fast, so his friends help him stay awake for 24 hours.


Mario is bored one day and wonders what is on TV. He starts flipping channels until he finds a commercial where some guy announces the "newest and the BEST! game yet!": Super Hello Kitty Rollercoaster Tea party 2, which is being released the following day. Mario thinks it is the best game in the world, realizing that he needs to get it before it is sold out. He gets so excited that Toad calls him "Mariozorz" and asks him why he is so excited.

Mario then explains the new game to Toad (with speaking gibberish, as little subtitles). Then Toad says, "OK! I get it!". Then he starts to get nervous about it (thinking it's a Barbie game), which Mario thinks is "close enough". Then he decides he has to stay awake the whole night.

Mario waits and waits, but the game hasn't come out yet. Luigi comes in and asks what Mario is doing. Toad responds to him by telling him about Mario's situation, but Mario tells both of them to shut up.

Sometime around 7 o'clock: Mario still isn't sleepy, so Toad plays a lullaby that makes Mario end up finally going to sleep.

8:38 AM: Mario wakes up and realizes he is 38 minutes late thanks to Toad. So the second he wakes up, he goes to the game shop to get the game, but the clerk said it has sold out. Then Mario gets super mad, burns the shop (and the forest) as a result and gets mad at Toad, by giving him a very dirty look and roaring at him like the MGM Lion, Leo.

Xboxfan997 and SMG4 come in the room where Mario is and ask him what he is doing. Mario then responds that he wants to play Super Hello Kitty Rollercoaster Tea Party 2 but they're all sold out, so the only way to do it is to stay up all night, and that it's not a gay game. Then he asks them to help him stay up all night. SMG4 suggests getting an alarm clock, but Toad says that he breaks the alarm clock when it rings.

Xboxfan997 goes along with Mario's plan when Luigi comes in the room too. He asks what the other 3 are doing. Toad responds by saying "Mario wants this new game called super barbie but the copies are sold out so Mario needs to stay up all night long to get a new copy and these two noobs are joining him!"

Then Luigi says that he has no idea what Toad said but he asks if he can please join. Then X realizes he can see why they call him "gay". SMG4 goes along with it, then Mario says they can join. But then he tells them not to get anything gay infested (this is the part of the video that was shown in its thumbnail). Then SMG4 asks how long they have to wait.

Mario checks his watch, but it ran out of battery, so he just checks the one on the wall and then responds to SMG4's question by saying it "looks like 15 hours, maybe". Luigi then asks what they do for the next 15 hours, and Mario says that he will eat spaghetti for the next 15 hours, but SMG4 tells him that he cannot eat for 15 hours, adding that he would be 15 times heavier than Wario. X suggests they play fun activities, and Luigi goes along with that and suggests "swapping underwear", but Mario says they cannot do a "gay activity!", but then SMG4 also goes with X's suggestion and suggests "bashing up Mario". Toad also goes with X's suggestion and suggests "giving [him] 10,000 coins". X suggests that they do what THEY want to do. So Luigi says it's off for him to be the dumpster then.

12:04 AM: Mario says it's midnight, and that he is tired. He suggests someone punches him, and SMG4 asks why. Mario answers him the reason why he wants to be punched is to wake himself up. Toad says he'll do this himself, and then punches Mario, saying, "whacka pow!". After that, Toad says he always wanted to do that, but Mario says it didn't work, and says, "anyone else got a maneuver to get us awake?"

Luigi suggests they could get high, but Mario says they'll save that for Mario Party. So then Luigi says, "how about [they] do this thing where [they] have to bend over and-" But right then he is interrupted by X, saying, "don't go there, Luigi..." SMG4 suggests "disliking YouTube videos", but right then Mario says he is starting to drift, to sleep. Toad suggests he can help him with that and starts playing the same lullaby he played to make Mario end up going to sleep and wake up at 8:38 AM, but then Mario doesn't even want to go to sleep, either, and end up going to sleep again for the second time in two days, so he comes at Toad and rips his afro off him, calling it a "hat", so Toad says it wasn't a hat.

2:36 AM: Mario pretends he is committing suicide, and X alerts him not to do that. So then Mario tells him that he scared him. Then Mario puts down the gun and says that it doesn't have any bullets in it, but he accidentally shoots the gun halfway through that complaint, interrupting himself. Meanwhile, Luigi is playing with Barbie and Ken figurines, while SMG4 is playing with a plane.

5:55 AM: Mario is flying around while complaining he is an Italian who won't go to sleep. Luigi then kisses the screen, and then Lakitu (offscreen) says to him that he is getting the screen dirty. Then Luigi breaks the fourth wall by saying, "[he] was looking at those sexy people who are watching this". Lakitu tells him some of them are men, and Luigi agrees with him. Meanwhile, SMG4 is moonwalking like Michael Jackson, while saying he is not black, and a Fuzzy is on X's head. Toad, probably drunk, says that "you guys are going crazy".

7:26 AM: Luigi is playing with a Luigi figurine and a Daisy figurine, much like he did with the Barbie and Ken figurines at 2:36 AM. Mario says that his eyes are breaking, and then someone (offscreen) tells Mario to join the dark side of the force, causing him to end up finally going to sleep. X, Luigi, and SMG4 (who is looking at some creature with ears of a cat) are seeing Mario go to sleep, so they decide to go to sleep, too.

9:53 AM: The alarm goes off, and Mario sees that it's late, so he goes to the game shop AGAIN, but this time the clerk says that they don't have any copies left and that some guy with yellow overalls (Wario) took the last one. Mario gets revenge on Wario by using a hammer, and when he finally gets the game back, he decides to play it, but then when it is inserted the game doesn't work.

The next day: Mario throws the game in the trash, saying that it's gayer than Twilight (well, not that gay, according to Mario). Then a "GAME OVER" caption is seen, and then after a moment, it fades out.



  • Due to a YouTube glitch, Mario's watch is only shown for a single frame on mobile devices, similarly to the e-mails that Mario, SMG4 and YouTube write in Account Loss, as well as other photos in SMG4's 2011/2012 bloopers as well.

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