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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Super Mario Attorney, more often simply called Super Mario Attorney and sometimes SMA for short, is the 165th video made by SuperMarioGlitchy4. It's a Super Mario 64 Blooper made as a parody of the Phoenix Wright series.


The blooper opens with Mario annoying the hell out of Toad (as per usual) in the castle lobby. Mario suddenly notices that SMG4 isn't around. After running up the stairs, Mario asks Other Toad where he could be teaching King Bob-omb how to fly. After a camera cut, we see that this is true; however, SMG4's method for teaching him how to fly consists of throwing him off the summit until he explodes. After killing the King, SMG4 gleefully hops down from the mountain. We see him jump off screen, and then, we see a Goomba stomped and killed. A Koopa Troopa, noticing this, rushes over to the corpse, heartbroken. The Koopa is then joined by a Policeman, demanding to know how committed the crime. He then sees SMG4 hopping along, and arrests him. Later, in his jail, SMG4 calls Mario, who refuses to help him because he was supposed to be making spaghetti for him when he was at the Battlefield.

Finally, SMG4's trial begins, and his lawyer is none other then....Mario. Then, the prosecution is introduced, Waluigi. After bombarding Waluigi with rocks and giving useless opening arguments, the Judge finally has enough, and demands they stop. He then calls the first witness, a...TELETUBBY! He describes his account, only to be interrupted by Dr. Eggman, who claims he knows exactly what happens. He says that SMG4 threatened to rape the Goomba, and killed him with a bazooka while he was teabagging Daisy. The Judge then has him expelled from the court. Suddenly, Wario takes the stand, much to Waluigi's dismay, and begins shaking erratically and babbling gibberish. He is then literally thrown out of the courthouse. The Judge, having had enough, is about to say his verdict, when suddenly, the Koopa from the beginning of the blooper rushes in and tells them he doesn't think SMG4 did it. He tells them he actually saw SMG4 jump over the Goomba, which Waluigi doubts, claiming "his fat a$$ couldn't jump that high". Suddenly, a Toad approaches the Judge, telling him that there is new evidence, and that his family has come to visit. The Judge says he has obtained a photo of the murder, that does show SMG4 jumping over the Goomba, but also shows the silhouette of familiar looking, almost blocky figure, hurdling towards the Goomba. Waluigi dismisses it as a smudge, but Mario claims he recognizes it somehow. The Judge then adjourns the court for a 10 minute recess so he could have a rave party with his family.

After the court is back in session, Mario admits he still can't figure out why he recognizes it. Suddenly, Steve crashes through the ceiling, and Mario puts 2 and 2 together. He calls Steve to the stand, and asks him questions. Steve tells the court he had been hit by an airplane while flying, and was knocked out of the sky, where he inadvertently landed on, and crushed the Goomba. SMG4's innocence is proved, and Waluigi is devastated. Suddenly, Wario storms back into the court, but is immediately killed by Waluigi. The video closes with Waluigi with a look of triumph on his face.



  • The blooper uses Phoenix Wright bubbles, but instead of only saying phrases like " Objection!" or "Hold it!", it says "Bullsh*t!", "Mama F**ker" and "PINGAS", At one point the "Hold it!" Bubble is seen even though Mario says "Whoa!"
  • This is the first blooper where Steve speaks through normal text.
  • Most of the soundtrack during the video is from the Ace Attorney series.
  • When Wario makes his appearance, The soundtrack "Lively People" (From Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies) is heard playing.
  • When Tinky-Winky, the purple Teletubby, takes the stand, Ace Attorney soundtrack "Age, Regret and Reward" is heard playing
  • This is the second blooper that spoofs a franchise that isn't endorsed by Nintendo, Mushroom wars being the first.
  • At some points of the blooper, Waluigi's pose mimics that of Ace Attorney character, Manfred von Karma; the main antagonist of the first installment, at another point he mimics the pose of Winston Payne, who like Von Karma is an Ace Attorney Character and a Prosecutor.
  • At one point, Zero-Suit-Samus Aran can be seen dancing behind the Judge's desk.
  • The music playing when Steve crashes into the airplane is the Starman (invincibility) theme from the video game Super Paper Mario on Wii.
  • The airplane in which Steve crashed is the Air France airplane from the blooper "Super Happy Magical Fun Fun Island". It's the fourth time we can see it in a video of SMG4 (fifth if we also counts its appearance in the outro of the video "Mineswap").
  • When SMG4 throws King Bob-omb, few seconds after the SMG4 s' dialogue, shadow is seen flying diagonally to the upper-left corner. Logically it's King Bob-omb, returning to the arena, however, at the trial Steve says he was flying. Shadow is possibly King Bob-omb's, Steve's, or it is a simple error in the blooper.
  • When the Judge is reading a newspaper the icon is actually from Club Penguin
  • According to this blooper, the Judge has a daughter.
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