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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: SwagQuest, more often simply called SwagQuest, is SuperMarioGlitchy4's 187th video. When Luigi is not allowed to go to Mario's party because he doesn't have enough swag, he seeks lessons from Bowser, who is supposedly the master of swag.


One day, Luigi finds a poster for a swag party at Peach's castle. He drives to Peach's castle, but Lakitu, who stationed up on the roof, sees Luigi and alerts Mario, who is naked and drunk. Mario attempts to 

cover up the party by hiding everything and everyone, and succeeds in putting everything away in the nick of time. When Luigi asks Mario about the party and the loud music (which could be heard from outside blasting), Mario tries to deny it, but he is busted when Wario crashes through the front door yelling, "SWEET RAVE PARTY!" and also when Steve (wearing nothing but underpants) crashes through the roof, yelling "PARTYYYY!" Luigi punches Mario, asking if he isn't good enough for Mario, but Mario explains that the party is for "The Swaggiest of the Swag," using Steve (now dressed as a gangster) as an example. Luigi walks away crying, vowing to gain swag at any cost. As he walks away, Mario resumes the party and loud music is heard from the outside of the castle.

Luigi goes to Bowser and begs for Bowser to teach him about how to gain swag. Bowser replies by saying he'll do it if Luigi pays him the ultimate price which he thinks Luigi will never guess. However, Luigi figures it out (a Justin Beiber magazine) and Bowser agrees to teach him. He starts by asking Luigi what swag is, to which Luigi replies that it's "idiots trying to look cool". Bowser is shocked with some tears slighly visible, and makes him stare at a "gorgeous" painting of Bowser with swag for a day so he can find the true meaning of swag. However, the following morning, Bowser wakes up to find the painting on fire and Luigi having a brain fry episode.

Later, Bowser tells Luigi to change his clothes, to add swag. After four clothes changes, Luigi and Bowser settle on a gangster costume. Then, an old man called Dr. Kleiner runs up to Luigi and slashes his clothes off, causing Bowser to force Luigi to fight the Old Man, stating that he "ruined Luigi's swag." Luigi is afraid at first, but gains the courage to insult the Old Man, telling him "You look ridiculous". The Old Man then gets angry and Luigi starts rapping. The Old Man reminds him that this is a fight, and a short battle ensues. The Old Man strikes Luigi with a multicolored ball, who counterattacks with a "Big Gay Dance" (which is mainly his Negative Zone Final Smash from Super Smash Bros. Brawl). The Old Man then throws a fireball at Luigi, who ducks as it richtochets off a tree, blasting the former into the air and eventually crashes into a boat, which sinks. Luigi does a short victory dance.

Luigi Kid

Luigi Kid.

Later, Luigi rides shadow the hedgehog's motorcycle while wearing sunglasses and is bouncing, as Bowser gets out of the toilet and sees Luigi's just bouncing towards a wall, eventually, both are on the motorcycle and Bowser tells Luigi he taught everything he knows and gives Luigi a pair of glasses because ít's the swaggiest item anyone could ever want as Bowser stops to show off his swag to Stacy, who screams and calls the Police. In response to all the commotion, Bowser runs away, leaving Luigi to face a Whomp (Stacy's boyfriend), who threatens to kill him with his army of Thwomps. When Bowser (who is watching from a roof behind the Whomp) tells Luigi to use his swag, Luigi dances while taking all of his clothes off. However, it backfires as the Thowmps beat him up.

It turns out that one of the Thwomps chased him all the way back to the castle. When Mario opened the door, a Thwomp and a beaten up Luigi showed up. Luigi asks if he can join the swag party, but Mario tells Luigi that the party was last week, and that Luigi was just drunk and should go home. As Luigi sadly walks away, loud music is suddenly heard from outside of the castle, which means that the party was actually still going on, and Mario lied. Luigi becomes very angry and plots revenge against Mario. Later, a drunk and naked Mario comes out of the castle. Luigi charges at him in a kart and hits Mario with a green shell pretty hard (and while jumping, a Luigi Doll seems to be driving the kart). As Luigi speeds away doing his 'Death Stare', Mario yells, "That didn't hurt", and a shocked Luigi crashes into the hill and explodes. As Luigi sadly approaches Mario, Mario reassures him that Luigi will gain swag someday. Angered at this remark, Luigi finally shows off his swag by putting on the pair of glasses Bowser gave him, causing Mario to scream in jealousy as the episode ends.


Here is the list of the names of the characters who appear in this video (in order of appearence):


  • While Bowser is shown attending the party near the start of the blooper, he is not at the party later on. He probably may have left when Mario tried to cover up the party from Luigi.
  • Luigi and Dr. Kleiner (aka "old man") both obtain Smash Balls from Super Smash Bros. Brawl when they fight, an item that allows a character to perform a very strong attack, a Final Smash.
    • Dr. Kleiner's Final Smash is identical to Mario's.
  • It's unknown how Mario couldn't have gotten hurt when Luigi hurled the green shell at him. From the camera perspective, it looks like Luigi hit Mario pretty hard. It may have been that either Luigi missed Mario's head, or Luigi missed Mario completely and that Mario was faking it just to make Luigi feel better.
  • It's the first time that Luigi gets naked in a video of SMG4.
  • Dr. Kleiner is originally from Half-Life.
  • The Thomas the Tank Engine theme song can be heard when Luigi is wearing the Swag clothes.
  • The Kerning City theme song can be heard when Luigi confronts the old man.
  • Luigi's death stare scene from Guards N' Retards: Prisoners is reused.
  • The scene with Bowser doing swag for Stacy reappears in the video "Ssenmodnar 8 (150k special)".
  • This is the first time MLG peoples appears but MLG screams aren't hear.
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