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Stop It. This is not Okey dokey.
Stop it! This is not okie dokie!
WARNING: This blooper contains scenes of mild language. Viewer discretion is advised! (Don’t let your kids watch it!)

The Blooper Competition is SMG4's 30th Super Mario 64 Blooper. In this episode, SMG4 and MM54321 compete against each other in the annual blooper competition to claim the title of best SM64 Blooper. MarioMario54321 makes his debut in this episode, and this is also the first time SMG4 creates a competition-type blooper.


When an annual blooper making competition comes SuperMarioGlitchy4 signs up for it.


The video starts with a morning view of Princess Peach's Castle. A few seconds later, Mario is seen running around looking for the "boogie man". Inside the castle, SMG4 wakes up and checks his calendar, which reads Sunday, September 11, 2011. He asks Toad what day it is, not knowing he's sleeping. SMG4 then begins excitedly shouting and jumping for joy, until Mario asks him what he's so excited about. SMG4 tells Mario something really cool is going on, but Mario is confused and eventually can't understand him, as SMG4 begins speaking in gibberish.

Mario decides to watch the news report on TV. The reporter announces that today is an important day, the day of the annual blooper competition. The reporter then states some information regarding the competition, including the current 4-time winner of the event, MarioMario54321. Mario turns off the TV, having now realized why SMG4 was so excited that morning, and tells SMG4 his videos suck. This causes SMG4 to cry, but then Mario tries to cheer him up by offering to train SMG4 and help him make his blooper. SMG4 happily accepts and jumps frantically.

First, Mario and SMG4 go out at sea to find the meaning of "blooper". Mario begins by asking SMG4 what bloopers are, to which he answers, "Mess ups". Mario refutes this, instead offering that bloopers are videos that contain many "LOLs". He states that these "LOLs" make people "LOL", and that this is what a blooper is. SMG4 mutters under his breath that Mario has no idea what he is talking about. Mario hears this and angrily asks SMG4 what he just said, which he nervously replies with "NOTHING SIR!"

Next, Mario and SMG4 return to the castle, with Mario wanting SMG4 to learn about his rival competitor, MM54321. SMG4 already knows some information about him, but Mario elaborates this with research he conducted. He presents SMG4 with MM54321's profile, followed by two mugshots of MM54321, which SMG4 calls out as fake. Despite this, Mario says MM54321's bloopers suck anyway, but SMG4 tells him he shouldn't say that because MM54321 could be watching them on YouTube. Realizing this, Mario runs up to the camera and tells MM54321 he better be "LOLing" at this video if he is watching it. Additionally, Mario states he knows where MM54321 lives, but SMG4 tells the viewers to not listen to him, and that he's only joking. Mario denies this, claiming he can jump through SMG4's monitor and get his face. Mario then charges at the camera and kills the camera man, adding that he wasn't important anyway.

Finally, just outside the castle, Mario congratulates SMG4 for passing blooper training, stating that he now has the ultimate "LOLs". After this short celebration, Mario and SMG4 head for the blooper competition. 

At 05:39, after a scene in Super Mario World, they make it to their destination. (But being tricked next to the shower scene.) Oviscity, a deserted city of Garry's Mod maps & characters walk around the town. When Mario hear the music at the coming cars (which is MarioMario54321's business car) have their meets. MM was very rude-acting against everyone throughout the whole blooper. The competition begins. The race ends when they show MarioMario54321's video. Peoples cheers for the success. They show SMG4's video but the video failed miserably. The new winner is still MarioMario54321. But Mario calls the military and blows the entire city, making the host cry in rage. MM calls the host a baby.

MarioMario54321 by MarioMario54321




  • The video was released and took place on September 11, 2011, the tenth anniversary of the 2001 U.S. Terrorist Attacks. This is indirectly referenced in the video.
  • The video that MarioMario54321 entered the competition with was "OiramOiram12345 and the Dark Star X - Part 30", which he had previously uploaded to YouTube on June 7, 2011.
  • This video is one of two only videos that had the 2013/2014-era text subtitles in 2011/2012, with the other being Breaking Walls.
  • If you look closely, SMG4's score in Pac-Man is 330.

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