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Stop It. This is not Okey dokey.
Stop it! This is not okie dokie!
WARNING: This blooper contains scenes of mild language. Viewer discretion is advised! (Don’t let your kids watch it!)

Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Crazy Fighters is the twelfth episode of Season 2 and the sixty-first overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on November 19, 2011.


When a crazy toilet loving man dominates the castle SMG4 and his friends need to reclaim it back. with the teachings of FightingMario54321.


It all starts out as a normal, quiet day with Daisy flying around the castle. All the plumbers are laying around in the castle sleeping while MCG dreams of poop and while Mario is sleeping on Toad's head. Just then, an old guy (who's colored completely black) appears breathing heavily. Mario wakes up to see this guy and asks SMG4 who this is. SMG4 believes that that's his grandma. SMG4's supposed-grandma breathes heavily in Mario's face, who complains about her/his bad breath. X wakes up and asks who this is, which Mario replies that it's SMG4's "bad stinking grandma". X, very skeptical, asks how they're sure that the person is his grandma. RM claims that it's obvious because she/he has an ugly face. FM, however, believes that this is a trap while MCG claims that she doesn't have an ugly face.

However, Mario then puts a false face of an ugly grandma to prove his, RM, and SMG4's point, even though that's really a man. He then adds a gangster hat to the intruder saying that he's now "gangster grandma". X says the others to let him handle this. He asks the old guy of just who he is, but the old man only says crazy gibberish. X, while the old man acts crazy, then just says "uh... hi". Seeing how crazy this guy, SMG4 claims that this is grandma alright. RM gets the idea that he's trying to tell them something. Mario comes up with "you're gay!" but retracts that. He then proclaims that he's saying that he has a talking problem, though that's kind of obvious. After a moment of hearing saying gibberish, FM then asks anyone if he could kill him. The crazy old dude holds Mr. Toilet in front of the gang threatening to kill them. This causes most of the gang to freak out and start screaming and running like crazy. FM says "This has to stop!" and gets into a fight against the crazy old dude. The crazy old dude has Toad stuck in the Toilet where Toad is asking for help.

Later, Mario, SMG4, X, MCG, and RM are outside the castle. Mario asks "who wants to go check up on FM?" and no one answers. Suddenly the Old Man Hobo who's in a bathtub shows up and says "If I save him then we all take a bath" where mare says "Yeah, I thought so", FM later staggers out of the castle with a toilet on his head asking frustratingly why didn't the gang go to save him. Mario and the rest are dressed in funeral outfits assuming FM was dead.

They couldn't let the castle be taken by the Crazy Old Dude. Later in the castle, the Crazy Old Dude is having a sexual moment with Mr. Toilet (specifically maybe being gay). Mr. Toilet is dressed in Woman's underwear and bra. On the outside of the castle. FM teaches Mario, SMG4, X, MCG, and RM fighting moves but the gang doesn't seem to get it. FM says to punch press the B Button where FM literally breaks the fourth wall. FM does a ground pound calling it the sumo wrestler while Mario brings an actual sumo wrestler and brings a gangster version.

FM thinks pretending if the situation was real they would know how to fight but this causes some chaotic actions in the end. First, they needed something they could protect. Luigi dressed in Princess Peach's clothes asks if they could protect him but the gang refuses. They used a rock dressed in a bra and called it "The President". The entire group gets thrown in a chaotic fit where people are attacking each other and Mario throws the rock where it hits the Crazy Old Dude putting the guy in outrage and yelling "HEY! THROW YOUR TRASH ELSEWHERE! (ya stubborn whippersnappers)" at Mario.

Mario then says that he has an idea. He first jokingly puts a toilet on FM's head where FM responds with "Haha, very funny Mario, NOW CAN YOU THINK OF A REAL PLAN?!". Mario then comes up with an idea until when the gang follows Mario's plans, Mario stupidly forgets what was he supposed to do. Mario dressed up with a bra says that he's a bra dude that sells Toilets with bras. The Toilet Dude asks Mario to come in where Mario asks the Dude to sign the document called the "Legit Document". The Toilet Dude gets suspicious about the document where Mario says angrily that it's a typo. The Dude signs it until he notices that Mario has a nervous face and questions about it. This is because SMG4 and Mr. Toilet are dressed in Hawaiian clothes while the Dude doesn't notice it. Mario responds that he's fine. Meanwhile, X asks MCG what does he notice and MCG says that he hears loud Hawaiian music (the battle theme from Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga on the GBA). The Dude notices SMG4 and asks what is he doing to the Toilet and SMG4 says he's a Toilet repairman. The Dude throws SMG4 out the window with SMG4 saying "he had his wrench and several coins". The Crazy Toilet Dude throws a wrench and a Toad with a toilet on his head at SMG4. Mario asks the Toilet Dude ----please edit here---- and the Toilet Dude holds a toilet in front of Mario. Mario then crawls out with a toilet on his head and the gang is ready to give up. The Toilet Dude asks the Toilet if he wants more babies on a bun and a bag of Doritos.

Mario who was very determined tells that he has a better plan that doesn't involve bras and it involves everyone! Mario rings the doorbell where the Toilet Dude says that it better not have been the Bra Dude. Mario and RM dressed as delivery men say that the Dude ordered a Toilet. The Crazy Old Toilet Dude asks Mario and RM to come in and they hand out the document where the Dude signs it. X notices that he's signing the document and tells MCG and FM to get into position. MCG and FM argue who should go first where MCG falls and complains to FM where FM responds saying "Mario said humans can fly". Mario tells RM to throw the box where X opens it and SMG4 comes out and goes after the toilet. The Crazy Toilet Dude notices and chases after SMG4 while quickly getting ambushed by X, FM, and MCG. Mario & RM play a game of chess almost during the entire time. SMG4 fights against Mr. Toilet who is holding a pair of nunchucks and also a chainsaw with a shoop-da-whoop face with it flushing. The Crazy Toilet Dude is about to murder MCG where he screams like a little girl and throws a banana at the Crazy Toilet Dude's Eye. The gang gets into a SUPER-RETARDED and CHAOTIC fight that Mario then notices and tells them to shut up. SMG4 says the Crazy Old Toilet Dude started it and throws the sumo wrestler at the Toilet Dude where the wrestler twists the Dude's liver and the Crazy Toilet Dude disappears to death. The gang just start dancing to the song "Kung-Fu Fighting!".







  • It is the first 2011 blooper to have over one million views.
  • SMG4 recites a line called "FOR NARNIA!" which is referencing a short-lived meme.
  • According to a Hobo Pod video, SMG4 reveals that he hates this video because he thinks it's poorly made and he thinks the Crazy Toilet Dude was a bad idea.
  • At the scene where SMG4 and Mr. Toilet are dressed in Hawaiian clothes, it's possibly a reference to the gif meme where it has a redrawn version of the brothers dancing when idle in the battle named "Why Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga is Awesome".
  • The song "Kung-Fu Fighting" comes from the DreamWorks Animated film, Kung Fu Panda.
  • The end credits theme is the looped version of the save select screen in Super Mario 64.

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