This is the transcript for Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Forgotten Door by SMG4.


Screen Text SuperMarioGlitchy4 presents...
Mario Zzz... night-nighty... zzz... ah, spaghetti... zzz...
[Scene cuts to Mario talking with Toad inside the castle]
Toad Ok your turn to tell a scary story
Mario Well once upon a time... (Mario gibberish)
Mario THE END!
Toad How is that scary?
Mario You don't know what happened OooOOH!
Toad Well I got a scary rumour about this castle
Toad But I shouldn't tell you it you wouldn't be interested
Mario Yeah your probabley right see ya
Toad Wait!
Toad I'll tell you anyway
Mario Dammit!
Toad There's this scary rumour going around which is about the castle
Toad Rumour says that there is a secret underground door under this castle
[The scene fades to show the door]
Toad They say the castle was built ontop of a burial ground...
Toad And inside this door was dead bodys... alive ones!
Toad And once youe inside that door you don't come out!!!
[Trollface jumpscare, scene cuts back to the castle]
Toad Oohh wait there's more
[Scene cuts back to the door]
Toad Then one day as the castle was done constructing a carpenter came across the door
[The carpenter appears in the hallway]
Toad He wondered what was inside the door
Toad He slowely move forward without warning
[The carpenter opens the door and enters as the screen cuts to black with a scream]
Toad And trapped in the haunted door forever... >:I
[The scene cuts back to the castle as Mario cowers in fear]
Toad And sometimes when your quiet enough, you can hear the carpenter laugh
Toad And that ends my rumor Mario...
Toad Mario?
Mario Now I'm going to have nightmares... ABOUT A DOOR!!!!!
Mario BUT! Its a fake story so wat you going to do
Toad Its a rumour, it could be true
Mario Pffft sure pal and Luigi isn't gay
[Mario goes down into the castle basement]
Mario Hearing the carpenter laugh when your quiet yeah right
[Creepy laughter]
Mario Hey what's that noise?
Mario Its the carpenter!!!!!
Mario Oohhh the rumors must be true...
Mario Wait a minute if there is an underground room, then it must be around here!!!!
Mario Time to start demolishing
[Mario tries to punch, kick, ground pound, and ragequit to break the walls and floor]
Mario Ok this isn't working...
[More creepy laughter]
Mario Shut up carpenter!
[The laughing gets louder...]
Luigi (Yeah!) You thought I was the scary guy XD
Mario OH YOU ARE SO DEAD! (angry Mario noise)
[Mario shoots off Luigi's head]
Mario That should teach you
Mario Now about the underground door
Mario Might as well try multiple things
[Mario shoots himself out of a cannon at the castle, but fails to break in]
[Then, he tries ground pounding the floors again]
Mario Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow
[Mario "drives" his kart through the sky into the castle]
Mario Break underground!!!!
[Scene cuts to Mario jumping into the castle wall]
Mario Weehe-
Mario Aaaaaahhhhh (ssssssssss) aaaaaahhhhhhhh (ssssssss)
[Mario attempts to dig underground to find the room]
Mario I'm going to find it first!
Screen Text Hours of searching and attempts to demolish later
[Mario is outside the castle with increased anger]
[Mario places a giant Landmaster outside the castle]
Mario Time to blow open this underound!!!!!!!!!!!
[Mario blows up the castle]
Mario I think I should of thought over this
[Mario summons weapons outside the castle]
Mario Don't worry I'll get this one right!
[Mario blows up the castle again]
Mario (Yeah! Hahaha!) Yeah! I think I got the underground open!
[Mario and Toad are standing outside the remains of the castle]
Mario (D'oh!) No wait I got the castle.....
Toad Mario! Your going to blow up the whole world if you keep this up!
Mario Don't worry I got another plan, I'm going to go to the owner of the castle
[Mario hits Toad with a hammer than goes over to Peach]
Mario PEACH! I need to ask you something
Peach What? Can't you see I'm trying to stand in a glitched pose!!!
Mario Peach have you ever heard of a secret underground door under your castle?
Peach :( I don't like to talk about it....
Peach When my castle was nearly complete
[Flashback to the sepiatone-colored past]
Foreman Ok bring it to the leffft no wait thats too much!
[Crashing noise]
Foreman Noo! You dumb imaginary builders!
Peach Are you done yet?
Foreman No but something strange did occur
Foreman One of our carpenters has disapeared
Foreman Some builders claim they saw him go into a weird under ground hole, but they patched it up
Peach Cmon I brought mushrooms for lunch
[Flashback ends, back to the present]
Peach And thats when I first ate lunch at the castle :)
Mario Thank you...............:p
[Mario walks to the front of the castle]
Mario Ok the only way to get to the secret door is to go back when the castle was being constructed...
Mario I need a time machine
Mario Screw it I'm not wasting time searching for it
Mario How am I going to get a time machine without searching?
Mario Hmmm
[A time hole appears behind Mario]
Mario Got an idea yet?
[Mario turns to face the time hole]
Mario Umm ok? This would do
Mario To the past!
[Mario enters the time hole, the screen cuts to black]
Screen Text (Couldn't be bothered putting the time hole part)
Mario D:< I wanted to see myself go down a hole!
Luigi You saw yourself go down the toilet hole
[Mario lands outside the castle in the past]
Mario (groan) Dammit I think I broke my pancakes
Mario Wow now I'm sure this is when the castle was being built
[The castle is surrounded by machines and TF2 engineers]
Engineer Spy's zappin' my sentry!
Mario ... Yep this is it
Mario With all the idiotic engineers
[One of the engineers looks over at Mario...]
Engineer (groan)
[... then goes back to his work as the Foreman approaches Mario]
Foreman Don't worry about them
Foreman Welcome to Peach's nearly complete castle, how can I help you?
Mario Has anything strange happened during your construction?
Foreman No, except I'm hungry!
Mario Hmmm
[Mario looks over and sees the carpenter walking]
Mario A carpenter!?
[The carpenter approaches the cannon hole...]
Carpenter Lalalalala :)
[... and goes down it]
Mario ??? No cannon :O
Foreman Something wrong sir?
Mario Have you installed the cannon yet?
Foreman No not yet, there's a small hole we need to patch up
[Mario goes over to the cannon hole]
Mario Small hole?
Mario All I see is blackness, some sphagetti and a gold nugget
Mario Nothing good
Mario Looks like we got to go deeper!!!
[Mario goes down the hole and ends up in a large cavern with a door]
Mario Wow small hole? Well more like a bunker!
Mario I wonder were this leads
[Mario opens the door and enters another part of the cavern with a Goomba]
Mario :( I'm scared, AHHH! It's a walking mushroom!
[Mario enters into battle with the Goomba]
Mario Ok want to fight I'll use my super moves!
[The screen goes to black with the sound of punches and gunshots]
Screen Text (too violent)
[The screen goes back to normal]
Mario Did you get that?
Mario Ok moving on!
[Mario looks at a sign by another door]
Sign Text No entry allowed.
Mario They do know people don't listen to signs
[Mario opens the door and ends up in another cavern with another Goomba]
Mario Ok skip this Goomba
[Mario jumps over the Goomba and progresses into another identical cavern]
Mario I'm just going to kill this one
[The screen turns to black, there is a gunshot, then it goes back to normal]
Mario Last door :)... Eww I think I got some of the Goomba's guts on me
[Mario opens the door and ends up in a realistic cave]
Mario How long is this cave really...
Mario It almost seems realistic
[Mario progresses into a room with a chalkboard]
Mario Though this cave does have style
Mario Wait is this even part of the cave?
[Mario keeps walking to an exit]
Mario Light! Yes I'm nearly outside!
Mario And maybe the door is here!
[Mario exits the cave and ends up on the side of a mountain]
Mario OMG! I'm out :)!
Mario I could kiss the ground! (kisses the ground)
Mario Mmm it taste good (licks the ground)
Mario I could dance forever!
[Mario accidentally backflips off the edge and crashes into a dark hallway]
Mario Wow where am I?
[Mario looks over and sees something]
Mario !!!!!!!!!!!!
[The camera shifts to show the door]
Mario Its th the door :s
Mario Should I go or shouldn't I?
Mario Lets do this
[Mario slowly approaches the door as "Also Sprach Zarathustra" plays]
Mario Which way was it again?
Mario Oh right
[Mario somehow becomes naked]
Mario It gets colder when you get closer
[Mario continues fully clothed again]
Mario This is soo tiring
Lakitu HURRY UP!
Mario Fine shessh
[Mario stops right in front of the door]
Mario Finally made it, now to open it
Mario Ok ok I can do this
Mario Now to turn the nob
[Mario reaches for the doorknob...]
Mario Yes almost there
[... and grabs it...]
Mario And TURN!

Project64.exe has stopped working

Windows is checking for a solution to the problem...

[The scene shifts to SMG4's room in the castle]
Mario Sorry that was my fault
Mario What are you so sad about?
SMG4 I was going to discover something huge!
SMG4 But you ruined it!
Mario Its not the end of the world, I can fix it
[The scene shifts back to the forgotten door]
Mario Where were you guys? I thought you left me here 4ever
[Glitch textures begin to appear, then disappear]
Mario Lets just open the door already!
[Rumbling noises]
Mario Wow! What the hell is this vibrating weeeee!
[The scene shifts outside the castle]
Foreman Yep men keep filling that hole with cement
Foreman And after this we'll have lunch!
Engineer Boooooo!
[The scene shifts back to the door]
Mario OH NO! They must be filling the only way out! Got to get out of here!
[Mario runs for the entrance hole in the dark hall]
[Mario jumps up the mountain and runs through the chalkboard room to the realistic cave]
Mario Move it invisable wall!
[The scene cuts to a picture of Mario and Luigi dancing before Mario enters the Goomba caves]
Mario Up ha move it!
[Mario runs through the cave, avoiding the Goombas, then jumps out of the cannon hole]
Foreman Wow a flying fatman
Mario WAAAAAAAAA- (groan)
[Mario lands on the Foreman, then runs back to the time hole]
Mario Sorry! I got to get back to my own time!
[The Foreman is shown flattened to half his size]
Foreman No worrys!
Foreman Ok men finish cementing the hole!
[The scene shifts to the present-day castle]
Mario Phew made it home and in time for dinner!
Mario Oh no I forgot about the door I never opened it
Mario And they must have cemented the hole by now
Mario Oh well an unknown mystery is a good mystery
Mario Hey Luigi! What's for dinner!
[The scene cuts back to the door]
Narrator So whatever happened to the door you may ask?
Narrator Well they blocked the route to the door
Narrator And it remained a rumour and never heard of again...
[The door opens and the carpenter steps out into the dark hall]
Carpenter Hey anyone here?
Carpenter This door leads to the bathrooms! Its vacant!
Carpenter Meh
[The carpenter leaves, trollface jumpscare, scene shifts back to the castle]
Mario Man thats one freaky troll, thumbs up if you agree :)
End of Transcript
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