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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Pink Problem is the forty-ninth episode of Season 2 and the ninety-eighth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on September 24, 2012.


SMG4 gets a little change to his colour code. which SUCKS! and now they are trying to get new gloves!!!!


The blooper starts off with Starman3 flying in the skies with a Wing Cap, but just as he lands on a tower, a naked Mario appears out of nowhere, scaring Starman3 and making him jump off the tower, and land in the lake near Peach's Castle. He then sees SMG4 in the lake, swimming upside down, and his gloves are somewhat a reddish-brown sort of color. Starman3 asks what SMG4 is doing and SMG4 says he is swimming, confusing Starman3 due to SMG4's weird way of swimming, making SMG4 admit he got crap on his hands, making SM3 flee in terror.

Inside the castle, SMG4 tries to wipe the crap off his gloves on Toad, making him question SMG4 who responded, that he was just trying to hug him.  After making that lie, SMG4 tries to clean his gloves a couple of times (like metal water for example) until he chooses to make Mario clean his gloves. Unfortunately, Mario sets the washing machine on fire, threw the washing machine out of the castle and on SMG4, and finally gets it to work, but he puts his red hat inside along with SMG4's white gloves. When SMG4 got back, Mario gives back the gloves, and also Toad, who Mario explains needed to wash his afro in the washer. Unfortunately, the red color dye from Mario's hat bled into SMG4's white gloves, turning the latter pink. SMG4 yells at Mario for making his gloves pink. The racket stirred up draws the attention of SM3, who then comes as Mario tells him that SMG4 now has pink gloves. Enzo also comes into the scene, only to laugh out in hilarity at the sight of SMG4 having pink gloves. SM3 then punches Enzo out of the way. After a short conversation, SMG4, Mario, and SM3 go out to a store to buy SMG4 new white gloves.

When they arrive at the store, SMG4 is at first reluctant to get gloves from this store, as they are cheap, but Starman forces him to buy gloves at the store by punching him through the sliding door. After a long search (and encountering a Teletubby), they find out MarioStar64 took the final set of gloves, so they go out to chase him down to the bank. After a few failed attempts to get the gloves back, SM3 tells MarioStar about why SMG4 wants his gloves. This causes MarioStar64 to run off, with SMG4, Mario and Starman3 to give chase to him. On the way, Mario falls for a Free Spaghetti trap, goes into a building, and the exit is caged off, and Notch appears inside with Mario telling him, "It's rapin' time!" to which Mario screams "Meep!" Mario is heard screaming as he is presumably humped as the scene then switches to outside, where the chase continues. After SMG4 corners MarioStar behind a river, SM3 takes the gloves from MarioStar64. Sadly, SM3's victory dance ended up with him falling into the dirty river along with the new white gloves. The next day, Mario washes SMG4's gloves again, once again making SMG4's new gloves pink, making Enzo laugh out loud and causing SMG4's rage to the end the episode.



  • This blooper is referenced in the video "Smart(ass) Mario".
  • This blooper's idea is made by MarioStar64, who plays as the main antagonist in it.
  • In real life, the dye red caps can indeed bleed while inside the wash. However, the amount of dye that bled cannot turn white gloves into a hot pink color. While it may come out looking entirely light pink, it would take a lot of caps or a lot of dye that bled to turn the color into the deep pink that SMG4's gloves turned into. It is possible, however, that the light pink was not able to be used in SM64 color codes, and SMG4 used a color closest to the light pink.
  • This blooper was the first to feature the Prev. screen at the end of videos. At first, it was a black background with a 'Subscribe' button along with Mario and SMG4 dancing on the sides. This was brought up until 'Hotel Mario', where instead of a black backdrop it was a background related to the blooper. When 'The Wacky Wario Bros: Wario's Treasure Hunt Time' was made, it introduced SMG4 fanart to the screen.

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