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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Swap is the twenty-second episode of Season 3 and the one hundred and twenty-first overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on April 28, 2013.


SMG4 is getting a job :D, until something strange happens ;O but what?


SMG4 wakes up and happily proclaims that today is the day to get his new job, to find Mario naked beside him in his bed, and he screams in shock.

SMG4 later asks Mario why he was in his bed, as Mario claims SMG4 "let him sleep in his bed" (in reality it was SMG4 snoring and Mario interpreted it as a confirmation), which SMG4 tries to deny, but doesn't care because of Mario's intelligence. SMG4 still asks why because he's about to do something really crazy, Mario asking if he'll get a girlfriend, and SMG4 explains that he's getting a new job. Mario asks him why he's getting another job since he already has a "retarded video making job" to which SMG4 denies the insult of, and explains he's getting a job as a janitor. Mario finds pleasure in it and SMG4 runs off to go prepare for the interview he set up for in 2 hours.

Toad highly disagrees with SMG4's dreams and proclaims him getting a job is the "end of the world." Mario tells him at least his job is better, Toad reminding him that plumbers clean toilets and pipes. Mario gets very depressed until the doorbell rings.

A wizard appears at the door, and Mario tells him the old folks home isn't here, and the wizard claims he only needs to use the bathroom, Mario stating they don't have one, The wizard claiming he wants to come in since it's pretty cold. Mario explains the situation to Toad, who tells him to tell the wizard nicely they don't allow strangers inside, to which Mario takes the wrong way and yells and harasses the magician.

SMG4 asks Toad where Mario is, who replies he's talking to an old guy outside, to which SMG4 becomes worried and tears Mario off the wizard, apologizing for his behavior. The wizard doesn't seem to forgive after his harassment and calls the two the worst people he's ever met. Mario takes this as a compliment, but the wizard decides to give them a punishment for their acts, emanating a bright light between his hands, as SMG4 worries that he has magic, Mario commenting it looks shiny, as the wizard mutters an incomphrehensible spell, and switches Mario and SMG4.

Toad comes outside and screams to stop making the noise as he's watching TV, and goes back inside. The two wake up and wonder why they sound and feel different, as they stare at each other and scream in disbelief. SMG4 gets worried because he can't go to the job interview in Mario's body, Mario telling him he can do it, which results in denial from SMG4 because he doesn't want to let an idiot do his job for him. Mario tells him he's insulting his own self, and chuckles. SMG4 asks him why he annoyed a magician, Mario telling him that they can cooperate for the interview and asks SMG4 if the job or his body is more important to him. SMG4 chooses the job and asks what faster way there is into the city, Mario saying that riding on Luigi will help. SMG4 tells him Luigi doesn't have 2 seats, and looks at 2 cars, choosing a buggy. They get inside, but SMG4 can't drive because of Mario's fat hands, and Mario suggests he drive since he's "the master of Mario Kart." They fight in the car for a bit, as Toad watches, backing away slowly and calling the situation weird. Mario finally proclaims their start, and SMG4 mutters that his voice sounds horrible with an Italian accent. They back up, and SMG4 checks who he ran over, finding it to be Peach, but claims it's just a Goomba.

A while later, Mario drives crazily through town, SMG4 asking him to tone it down as Wario's on the window, and numerous people are getting run over. Soon enough, the car breaks down and the two have minutes left before SMG4's interview. Mario wants to go to the ice-cream truck but follows his own body. SMG4 begins to get ambushed by many people, and he tries to scare them off, asking advice from the one trapped in his body.

SMG4 claims there's only 30 seconds left by the time they arrive. Mario asks why he can't just clean the castle if he wants to be a janitor so bad, and SMG4 tells him to shut up. SMG4 then tries to get the elevators working, Mario told him to calm down. SMG4 firmly tells Mario that his job is his dream and it means everything to him, and an elevator comes with a Teletubby in it, SMG4 claiming they can wait a little longer.

They eventually get in and after a not so pleasant trip, SMG4, in Mario's body, runs up to the counter and claims he's not late, the reception not believing him. SMG4 claims he's here for the job interview, and the reception claims that he doesn't look like SMG4. SMG4 tries to explain he got his body swapped by magic, but the reception doesn't believe him and asks if SMG4 is here or not. Mario as SMG4 punches a table and is confirmed to go. Mario happily boasts to SMG4 how this interview will be easy, SMG4 telling him that he doesn't know a single thing about his body, Mario easily confirms this by asking if SMG4 is a girl, and Luigi comes in explaining some random gibberish SMG4 doesn't understand. Mario tells him to speak Italian and SMG4 does, repelling Luigi from the building.

The reception asks for SMG4, and the real SMG4 asks if he can come with him, but he is denied because office policy states no fat people or strangers. SMG4 gets quite worried and decides he's going to help. Mario speaks mostly gibberish to the boss, and SMG4, who's eavesdropping, assumes Mario doesn't even know what he's saying himself. The boss, however, accepts this in "SMG4," and Mario says he likes men too, SMG4 facepalming in the distance. An employee spots SMG4 (as Mario) and shouts at him to leave. SMG4 throws a frying pan at the employee, knocking him out so he can flee. The boss reads things relating to SMG4 but asks why he sounds Italian since he claimed he was Mexican, and Mario claims he was raised by Elmo.

They walk out, and the boss asks "SMG4" why he wants to clean. SMG4 at the window asks Mario to let him help with the questions. Mario tries to find a reason, SMG4 at the window saying he likes to clean. Numerous attempts at getting through fail as Mario doesn't understand SMG4's body language. The employee goes outside and spots SMG4, who decides to do this quickly. Mario fails once again, and SMG4 says furiously, breaking through the window, that cleaning is awesome. SMG4 then asks the boss to give his body the job, but the boss looks at them in shock, and they are thrown out of the building.

Mario mutters to SMG4 there could've been worse ways to have been ejected from the building, as SMG4 becomes depressed that he is now stuck in Mario's body and is jobless. The wizard then suddenly appears, noticing his crying. SMG4 angrily rages at the wizard for ruining his entire day, and he is disciplined by the wizard that they have learned a valuable lesson, after Mario's answer, the wizard claims that they have learned not to harass an old man, or they get a punishment. SMG4 asks for him to change them back, and he initiates the spell again, and the two are restored to their former, natural bodies.

The wizard disappears off to play poker and abandons the two forever. They wake up in their bodies, relieved that they're alright. As the two cheer, Toad runs off again, muttering it as weird again. SMG4 then doesn't care that he didn't get the job, now that he's back in his own body. Mario tells him he doesn't care, SMG4 saying there's only one thing left to say. Mario asks what that is, and SMG4 says one of Mario's lines, "Mama f**ker.", the plumber muttering that's his line, as the video ends.



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