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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Thugger Hugger is the twenty-seventh episode of Season 2 and the seventy-sixth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on April 8, 2012.


When a mysterious thief starts ransacking the the castle in the middle of the night, its up to Mario and SMG4 to stop him.


The blooper start outside of the castle, we see a shadow character walking near a garbage disposal and when he get inside the castle he got surprised to see Mario sleepwalking. The shadow man throws a spaghetti to distract Mario and went to Peach's room. After verifying that everyone is asleep he starts stealing things in the castle while the sleepwalking Mario keep hitting the wall until he wakes up on Toad and realizing that someone touched the fridge.

Mario screams and wakes up SMG4 who try to save Mario from the unknown shadow man. After the shadow man spot SMG4, he runs away.

Mario tries to sleep event with Toad telling him that he should help SMG4.

SMG4 track the thief in the basement of the castle and almost got killed by a rocket launcher. After various encounters, they end up in front of the castle and teleport behind SMG4 with a knife but got crushed by a car.

SMG4 unaware of what just happened decides to get back inside the castle wondering how is Mario, the shadow man disguise as Mario make him believe that Mario just got a tan in which he goes away without suspicion.

When SMG4 was looking away he almost kills him until the toad in the room says"HI BLACK AFRICAN ROBBER IN MARIO'S CLOTHES" making him realize that he is the thief. SMG4 asks where is Mario and he reveals that he is naked outside on drug.

After saving Mario from the drugs SMG4 ask him who he is and the shadow man takes off his mask revealing that he is someone called DP911 and he explains why he was stealing. His family has been going to some tough times and that they really need some supply Mario interrupts by saying that he stole a table and a old man but he continues and explains that his family tried to get money in any way they could.

And according to him one day he saw 2 men bashing up a poor kid he tells them to go away and they did only after they realize that they were running from the police and the Police Man arrested him instead and he stayed a year in jail and to get revenge he started stealing because it was fun.

SMG4 ignoring Mario comment ask about his family and he replied that they died and go to the fact that he is a thief with no life. SMG4 says that he can be a good person and he replies that he likes him they get out of the room together with SMG4 hoping they will be good friends. DP911 wonders if SMG4 is implying they are gay and Mario wishes he was gay. Mario asks Toad if he wants to go bash kids and Toad happily agrees. They are caught by the cops who proceed to open fire upon Mario while Toad starts reading a newspaper.



  • This blooper marks the first time the Policeman says "STOP RIGHT THERE!" (not including "pervert"). This line was never used again until the 114th blooper: A lost Luigi.
  • The end music is "Fabulous Secret Powers"

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