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Stop It. This is not Okey dokey.
Stop it! This is not okie dokie!
WARNING: This blooper contains scenes of mild language, gun violence, and property damage. Viewer discretion is advised! (Don’t let your kids watch it!)

Toad Gold is the fourty-sixth blooper created by SuperMarioGlitchy4. In this video, Toad suddenly becomes rich after finding an enormous amount of gold. He takes over Peach's Castle and kicks out Mario, SMG4, Luigi, and X (Xboxfan997); it is now up to the gang to stop Toad from abusing his newfound money powers.


When Toad accidentally falls into a hole he finds gold! and he buys the castle from Peach and kicks Mario and friends out. Mario now has to find a way back in to stop all this!


The episode opens with the narrator trying to get through his intro to the video, only to be constantly interrupted by a crazed Mario. Meanwhile, Toad leaves the castle, saying how he's become suicidal about being a character in Super Mario 64. Mario (who is now spontaneously naked) knocks Toad into a huge hole that wasn't there before. At the bottom, Toad sees something glowing and finds tons of gold. Toad jumps for joy until naked Mario craps down the hole. After cleaning himself and climbing out, Mario insults Toad, who responds by telling Mario that he's rich, which Mario laughs at. Toad later asks Princess Peach to buy the castle and offers to give his whole fortune, but Peach simply accepts 10 bucks. He then kicks Mario out of the castle, along with Luigi, SMG4, and X (Xboxfan997).

The gang forms an anti-Toad group and try to formulate a plan, which never actually happens, as the group argues over lots of things. When they do form a plan, it fails horribly. Eventually, SMG4 decides to abuse the famous "Black Room of Death" glitch to get into the castle and let the gang in but is thrown out by a guard who somehow also made it in. Eventually, the group resolves to break through the roof but can't, so SMG4 gives a 'rage gift' to Yoshi (who is somehow STILL on the roof), which turns out to be a bomb that inadvertently kills Yoshi. After climbing through the hole, they blew in the roof, and the group is confronted by Toad. After Toad starts talking about how he now owns the castle, the entire gang does a secret head shake, pulls out guns and begins randomly firing them around the room. Luigi loses control afterward and shoots the ceiling enough that it collapses, and all the gold that Toad hid begins pouring from it. When Toad tries to stop the gang, Mario accidentally shoots the gold, which in turn causes the floor to collapse into a large chasm, taking every bar of gold inside.

Realizing now that Toad isn't rich enough to repay the damage, the group goes their separate ways. Afterward, Toad ponders what he is going to do now that he is broke and in debt, he leaps into the chasm (falling which may or may not have killed him) screaming, "I WANT THE GOLLLLLDDDD!!!!!!!!!!" and the blooper ends.



  • When Toad is talking about himself being a character in Super Mario 64, Mario's hat sticks out of the wall.

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