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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Wallets and Dinosaurs is the twentieth episode of Season 2 and the sixty-ninth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on February 13, 2012.


When Yoshi steals Mario's wallet for fun. Mario tries to get it back but it seems harder than it seems to get a wallet back from a dinosaur.


On a beautiful morning, Mario is in a good mood and decides to go crazy, eventually climbing onto the castle roof to continue his fun. On the roof, Yoshi watches Mario dancing and waits for the right time to make his move. After a long while, Yoshi charges at Mario and steals his wallet, immediately fleeing afterward. Mario demands Yoshi to give him back his wallet, but Yoshi swiftly refuses. Fed up with him, Mario declares war on Yoshi.

First, Mario tries to punch Yoshi but fails to land a hit. Next, Mario attempts to shoot down Yoshi by aiming a machine gun at him from the top of the castle spire. However, just before Mario fires, Yoshi moves from the crosshair while Luigi walks into it, causing Mario to shoot Luigi by accident. Then, after two unsuccessful attempts to persuade Yoshi to give up the wallet, Mario throws a kitchen sink and hits what he perceives as Yoshi. As Mario is celebrating, Yoshi reappears and explains that he actually threw the sink at his twin sister, Yashi. Mario then proceeds to yell "Mama F*cker!" in frustration.

Mario makes another unsuccessful attempt to kill Yoshi, this time attempting to throw Gourmet Guy on top of him. Mario then goes into retro mode, transforming into an 8-bit version of himself. He lunges at Yoshi but he quickly deploys some sort of force field which Mario crashes into. Mario then threatens Yoshi while in a tank. Yoshi bets that the tank is dysfunctional so Mario fires Wario at the castle but Wario falls short. Mario then decides to get help from SMG4 and the YouTube Rangers. Mario plans an elaborate scheme to blow Yoshi up and MCG suggests they reason with Yoshi but SMG4 makes them all carry out his plan. So they all go outside and form giant balls of energy which combine. SMG4 kick the energy ball at Yoshi but it lands right next to him, not harming him. Mario starts crying at the failure of the mission but up on the castle roof, Luigi mistakes the ball for strobe lighting and in an attempt to adjust it he causes it to explode, burning him but not harming Yoshi. Mario does many more unsuccessful attempts before finally cracking and firing a nuclear bomb at the castle tower, intending it to fall on Yoshi. The bomb cracked the tower but it fell onto Mario instead. Mario gets a game over and wakes up in hell where he kills two boos, kills a shady figure with a mask and then proceeds to jump into a large hole in the ground. Mario then wakes up, revealing that he dreamt being in hell.

Mario chooses to go back to sleep and starts dreaming that he is singing next to a giant candy cane. Yoshi then wakes Mario up, reminding Mario that he still has his wallet. Mario gets annoyed at Yoshi because he woke him up from a candy dream and begins to fight him. Yoshi starts powering up a laser beam to attack Mario but Mario's phone rings and interrupts him. So Yoshi takes Mario to the Super Smash Bros battle arena while Mario talked to his Mother. Mario then finds out that he will be fighting 18 Yoshi and leaves. Mario and Yoshi end up back on the castle roof where Mario shoots Yoshi and immediately regrets it. Mario brings Yoshi inside where Yoshi slowly starts to float up in the air to heaven but Mario brings Yoshi straight back down again. Then, to Mario's surprise, Yoshi wakes up and gives Mario back his wallet, which annoys Mario because he wasted so much time trying to get it back. Then god tries to take Mario to heaven but Mario decides to take a dump instead. Mario took a dump and the whole world blew up.



  • This marks Yoshi's first major appearance in SMG4's videos. The second is Yoshrooms.

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