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WARNING: This blooper contains scenes of mild language. Viewer discretion is advised! (Don’t let your kids watch it!)

Super Mario 64 Bloopers: War of the Fat Italians 2011 is the sixth episode of Season 2 and the fifty-fifth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This is also the first episode of the War of the Fat Italians series. It was aired on October 29, 2011.


smg4 and mario are in a fight after they pranked each other.


The video begins with Mario telling a story about his dinner, when Lakitu tells Mario the viewers probably don't care. Mario then tries to tell Toad his story, but he doesn't care either due to being told it every hour. Later Mario decides to prank SMG4 by scribbling all over his computer. SMG4 discovers this and decides to get back at Mario by posting a video Mario hid in several files on his computer.

A week later, Mario finds his video on YouTube of him talking about Hello Kitty while naked. When Mario finds out SMG4 posted it, Mario got angry and went to him. They get into an argument, then into a fight. SMG4 started hitting Mario with a toilet, later X comes in and tells them to stop fighting, but Mario will only do that if Luigi stops acting gay. SMG4 then declares this war, so Mario took Luigi and SMG4 took X to create a plan.

The next day Mario and Luigi started their idea, but later figured SMG4 and X had the same idea and had the supplies whereas all they had was a stick. Eventually, SMG4 and Mario started fighting again and then Toad recommended they participate in stupid competitions to figure out who was sexier.

Challenge 1: Quickdraw duel with pellet guns

The first challenge was to see who could shoot the other first once the command was given. After some messing around, Mario shot first when X gave the command. However, it turned out that Mario used a real gun and somehow aimed at Luigi, who claimed it was because he dressed sexy. X was naturally horrified.

Challenge 2: Question time

Since apparently neither SMG4 nor Mario got along well, X and Luigi agreed on having a quiz instead. X asked Mario what was SMG4's full name. Mario gave a wrong answer as "gay turd", angering SMG4 greatly although X said the answer was pretty close.

X then asked SMG4 what was Mario's favorite food, which SMG4 replied that it was Toad's "dump" in the toilet. Mario said that was wrong, but only because he eats off the ground.

Deciding to move on, X asked Mario what he would do if he saw SMG4 hanging for dear life on a cliff. Mario replied that not only would he poop in his mouth and laugh at him, but he would also film SMG4 falling to his death and posting it onto YouTube. X then asked SMG4 what he would do if he found Mario dead, which SMG4 replied that he would party at his house.

Seeing that they still hated each other, X decided to ask a question for both of them, would they forgive each other. Naturally, both Mario and SMG4 said never.

Challenge 3: Drawing

For the third challenge, X asked both Mario and SMG4 to draw the other. However, both of their drawings were inaccurate.

Challenge 4: Staring contest

They tried to stare at each other but they both said they blinked.

Challenge 5: Spaghetti eating contest

Naturally, Mario won this round, with SMG4 wondering how was that even possible.

Challenge 6: Pokémon battling

With SMG4 using Arceus and Mario using Snorlax because it was fat like him, Mario commanded Snorlax to use Super Ultra Sex but Snorlax just laid on its side instead.

Challenge 7: Barbie tea party

SMG4 and Mario were trying who could tolerate playing with a Barbie tea party set for longer but it appears that Mario won due to SMG4 wanting to kill himself.

Challenge 8: Giving a old man a bath?

As the old man was feeling pleased, Mario wished he was the old man.

Suddenly, X stopped the challenges because he found them idiotic. It was then revealed it was Toad giving the challenges, who wanted them to do Sumo wrestling. As X wanted them to get back to normal, neither SMG4 nor Mario still wanted to make up.

After some commotion, ??? broke in claiming he was a robber. Mario started panicking upon seeing that ??? had a gun. However, one hour later it is revealed that ??? was giving out a sad story when SMG4 decided he needed to leave. He turned and saw the gun Mario used earlier and the stick. As SMG4 made a dash for the stick, the robber suddenly held him up at gunpoint, threatening to shoot him. Getting Mario worried, he wondered what to do (With X playing on his Game Boy because the camera was not on him) when he decided to jump in front of the bullet, taking it for SMG4. SMG4 started feeling regret because Mario died saving him. However, it turned out Mario was unfazed and heard everything SMG4 said, calling him gay.

Turned out Mario was so fat the bullet could not hurt him. Then SMg4 had an idea, have Mario dress up as a queen. Mario and X played along, frightening the robber into running away. However, despite all that happened, Mario still hated SMG4. SMG4 though decided to brush it off when X realized what happened to Luigi. Turned out he was sleeping outside when ??? woke him up screaming in panic. Luigi then called ??? a baby.

The video ends with the old man asking if anyone would bath him.


Main Characters

Supporting characters

Minor Characters


  • Lakitu (Voice only at 00:10 and 2:28)
  • Link (Dead body appears at 2:56)
  • Ninjas (appears at 4:26)
  • Snorlax debut (appears at 8:53)
  • Arceus (appears at 8:53)
  • Pikachu (dead body appears at 9:04)


Round Challenge Suggested by Winner
1 Quickdraw duel with pellet guns Xboxfan997 None
2 Question time Xboxfan997 None
3 Drawing Toad None
4 Staring contest Toad None
5 Spaghetti eating contest Toad Mario
6 Pokémon battling Toad SMG4 (by default)
7 Barbie tea party Toad Mario
8 Giving a old man a bath Toad None


Mario SMG4 Draw
2 1 5


  • This video was released on the same day as Super Mario 64 Bloopers: SMG4 VS SMG3.
  • This is first and currently the only War of the Fat Italians video in which SMG4 started the war against Mario. Later videos in the series involve Mario starting the war against SMG4.
  • At one point in the video, there is music from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, despite this video being published in 2011, and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon released in 2013.
  • This is presumably the only video where Mario risks his life to save someone else's life.

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