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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: World of Craftmine is the thirty-fourth episode of Season 2 and the eighty-third overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on May 21, 2012.


Mario and SMG4 get trapped in the world of Minecraft. With the help of their new friend, Steve, they must learn to survive and thrive.


Mario and SMG4 get trapped in the World of Minecraft, where they meet Steve. Later on, Mario accidentally floods the area with lava. At night, a house is built by SMG4. Steve sleeps on the bed, SMG4 on the fridge and Mario on the floor (which is made out of grass). However, later that night, during a heavy storm, a Creeper is peeking through a window. They invade the house but Steve sacrifices himself, allowing Mario and SMG4 to escape. Later they hide in the mine only to notice they arrived on a party run by Creepers. Steve, dressed as a Creeper, tries to liquidate the Creepers while Mario and SMG4 escape. Ultimately, it was revealed that it was just Mario playing Minecraft the whole time. Mario then lets Steve, who is real, play Minecraft instead.

The Portal (World of Craftmine)

The portal.


Trivia and Goofs

  • During the start, Mario originally hates Minecraft. But after Mario and SMG4 get sucked into Minecraft, Mario started to like it.
    • Years later, Mario's opinion on Minecraft nowadays is currently unknown, as shown in SMG4: Mario VS Steve, when Mario watching the commercial of Minecraft on TV in the store, Mario says Minecraft sucks, which made them get into the fight. Later when Steve is about to kill Mario with a sword, Mario said that Minecraft is cool, but he actually lied and got finished by Super (In)Saiyan Steve. After he got finished, Mario said that Minecraft is okay.
      • This seems to be further hinted at in SMG4: If Mario Was in... Minecraft, as Mario seems to have no memory or has long forgotten about his adventures in the Minecraft world. This is probably because there hasn’t been a blooper centering around the world of Minecraft since 2014 (the last being Super Minecraft 64 Bloopers: Legend of Steve). He also forgotten the namesake of the world, calling it "Roblox".
  • Even though Steve was blown up by Creepers, he still appeared disguised as Creeper on the party. He possibly survived the explosion and fled before returning.
    • This might just be because of the respawn mechanic in Minecraft, however.
  • It's unknown how Mario got all those lava to SMG4.
  • Steve has creeper paws when in the cave. However, this could all be part of his disguise.
  • It's a running gag that Mario keeps abusing Mobs and environment in the game. 
  • Another running gag that was in deleted scenes that SMG4 keeps solving problems which cause a bigger problem or just add to the problem that he's trying to solve.
  • When Mario is driving a car, another driver can be seen.

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