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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Youtube Mario? is the thirty-fifth episode of Season 3 and the one hundred and thirty-fourth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

TheAwesomeMario, back then as theawesomario, debuted in the video. It was aired on July 14, 2013.


Mario is jealous that SMG4 is too busy with his "CRAPPY VIDEOS" which is why Mario decides to make a YouTube channel himself :3


The episode opens with Mario and Toad playing chess, with the Toad scoring checkmate. Mad that he lost, Mario used an RPG to blow up the board but Toad still said he won. Still upset, Mario decided to find SMG4 because he said that he did not play crappy games, unlike Toad. As he went to ask him, Mario saw SMG4 busy on his computer with bloodshot eyes. When Mario asked SMG4 to play with him, the latter replied that his bloopers were more important than him. Mario tried to see if SMG4 loved him but he naturally said no, much to the plumber's frustration. Annoyed, Mario decided to make his own YouTube channel to show that he was just as important to SMG4 as his bloopers.

At night, Mario snuck inside SMG4's computer room but was followed by Toad, who screamed and spooked Mario. Mario told him to not do that and then went inside where he started to make his own channel. He asked Toad to keep quiet on what he was going to do but Toad said no, causing Mario to stuff him in a toilet. As Mario was going to start, Toad asked if it was to announce he was gay on YouTube, causing Mario to tell him to shut up. He started by keying in his name, which he said it was easy. He then had to pick a username, where Toad suggested "Gayassmarioyoloswag69X". Mario found it interesting but chose to go for "Sexymario". Sadly for Mario, that username was already taken. He then tried "Luigi is Gay" but was denied due to the username having spaces in it. Mario complained about Google not letting him choose a simple username. He kept trying, using "marioawesome", "ITALIANSWAG", "DORITOGUY", "swagmaster6969", "pingaster", "barbieyolo", and a hundred more stupid usernames that were either already taken or did not meet Google's username requirement. He eventually managed to use "theawesomario", which Toad said that it was he who came up with it. Of course, Mario, mad, turned to Toad to tell him to shut up before he stabbed him.

The following day, SMG4 returned to his workplace to find Mario naked, who exclaimed it was not what it seemed. SMG4 asked why was he recording himself naked, why was Toad in the toilet, and why was he using his computer. Mario replied that he made a new channel, which SMG4 pointed out that he thought of the channel as a way to sponsor diabetes plus the fact that there was nothing in his channel. Mario countered by saying that he was uploading a video. SMG4 thought of it as dumb, where Mario happily suggested watching the video, which was just a 3-hour video of him eating spaghetti naked. Fed-up with Mario's nonsense, he left the room, where Mario hoped he would return to worship him. Toad asked if he could go but Mario said no.

Later on, Mario could be seen refreshing the page so that the view count of his video would increase for two hours. He then happily told SMG4 that his video had 50,000 views, which caused SMG4 to ask if it was because he refreshed the page 50,000 times. Mario slowly slid away when he realized SMG4 saw through his ploy. As he was trying to get more subscribers and views, he had an idea. He asked SMG4 to give him a shout-out. SMG4 asked if the shout-out was to announce that he was homosexual. Mario said no and instead, it was for his channel. However, even after asking SMG4 to subscribe to him, giving him a hug and subscribing to him, and even threatening to kill his family, which caused SMG4 to get mad and for Mario to slide backward with a troll face, it still did not work.

As SMG4 headed to his office to use his computer, he saw Mario using it to finish his second video, "The Mario Happy Face Foundation". SMG4 was mad that Mario's second video was asking for money, which the latter replied it was for his future videos. SMG4 doubted Mario's words and asked for his computer, which Mario refused, saying he needed to upload his videos. SMG4 said that no one watched them which Mario replied that he needed money to do so, causing SMG4 to give him the poker face and lock him out of the room. Mario, not letting this go down lightly because he could no longer look at spaghetti, decided he would make the best video in the world.

As SMG4 returned to Peach's Castle, hoping Mario did not touch his computer while he was gone, a passerby told SMG4 that he recognized him from the video that he watched on theawesomario and that he looked stupid in it. Just as Mario was happy that the video was uploaded, he heard SMG4 shout his name. He realized he was in trouble and hid the computer in the toilet. SMG4 ground-pounded into the room demanding Mario to tell him what happened. Mario tried to play innocent but was soon caught. SMG4 watched the video that the passerby said he watched and realized it had him doing idiotic stuff. Mario, fearing the repercussions, slowly walked backward but soon ran from SMG4 who was clearly angry. He asked Mario why he chose to upload the clips that made him look like an idiot, which the latter replied that he did not know and that his video would not gather so many views. However, he was proven wrong when the view count was at 143,234, causing him to swear. SMG4 cried, fearing people would no longer respect him while Mario was happy that it did get him a lot of views. In response to that, SMG4 crawled out crying, which Mario misinterpreted that as being happy.

Mario soon was outside regretting what he did and only wanted SMG4 to cry at him being famous and not cry in humiliation. He needed a wizard to undo what happened and sure enough, one showed up. The Magic Rock asked if someone said wizard, which Mario said no. As Mario pondered on what to do, the rock asked if he did not need help. Just as Mario said he did not need help from an Asian, he was surprised to see the rock. He indicated that the help was to fix the oven by the following day, which the rock asked if his problem actually had something to do with SMG4, which Mario suddenly remembered that was what he needed help with, although he told the rock to fix the oven first. Inside the room, Mario asked the rock to undo the video but it said it could not see so it had to rely on the wand's power. It then cast a spell but it just set the computer on fire. The rock said it was the wrong spell, with Mario panicking. The rock then tried again after Mario begged the rock to do something even after the rock indicated that it was just part of his imagination, and managed to get the video removed. Mario was super happy, unaware that the rock actually just mashed into the URL to make the video disappear. He went to SMG4 about it, who responded that he has gotten over the shame and that it did not matter what other people saw him doing, meaning Mario just wasted his own time. He allowed Mario to upload any video he wanted provided that he was not in any of them, causing Mario to happily exclaim he just uploaded a video of him in a bathtub. SMG4, realizing with horror, jumped through the window, where Mario then said that he still thought the video had not finished uploading.

After the outro, Mario has gotten his first subscriber but when he saw it was from Luigi, he got mad over it.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters


  • Guy (appears after watching Mario's video featuring SMG4)
  • Luigi (appears as Mario's first subscriber)


  • At 3:42, the length for Mario's video is not 3:00:00 but rather, 14:45.


  • "Dramatic Chipmunk" was playing when SMG4's eyes were bloodshot.

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