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Stop It. This is not Okey dokey.
Stop it! This is not okie dokie!
WARNING: This blooper contains scenes of mild language. Viewer discretion is advised! (Don’t let your kids watch it!)

Super Mario 64 Bloopers: tђє ๓๏ภรtєг is the forty-seventh episode of Season 2 and the ninety-sixth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on August 27, 2012.


SMG3 revives The Monster so he can command it to help him destroy the Mushroom Kingdom once and for all.


The episode starts with a quick rundown of what happened in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Babysitters. It then shows the monster already dead stuffed in a toilet due to being unable to find any other suitable location to dispose of the monster.

The video then jumps to Bowser whose plan was to steal Peach once again, which Mario came by to indicate that he already did it, causing him to swear but also indicate it was the evilest plan he came up with despite his Minion suggesting him to do another evil plan such as blowing up the world. Muttering under his breath, he called Bowser a pedophile but although quickly corrected himself to nothing after Bowser heard him say nothing. Determined not to change his plan, Bowser went ahead once again to steal peach.

Peach then went in saying he already stole her, causing him to realize he was running out of ideas. SMG3 suddenly came in telling Bowser he had another plan. Bowser called SMG3 a gaya** which he rebutted by saying it was only because he was jealous. SMG3 showed Bowser what he found in the trash which Bowser asked what was he going to do with it such as dressing it up. SMG3 denied it although, in his mind, that was what he was going to do. He then indicated it was dead and he needed to revive it, allowing him to take over the world. Bowser then said he would fail at it, causing SMG3 to sadly tell him to shut up before jumping off the platform into a bomb.

Back in Peach's Castle, Starman3 came out saying something was wrong. Mario thought there was no more Spaghetti but Starman3 indicated it was Xboxfan997. Mario suddenly said he was not interested but SMG4 told him it might be important. Later on, they went inside where Starman3 showed SMG4 what X had been doing since morning, where he was muttering that something terrible was going to happen. SMG4 brushed it off like it was nothing and that it was pretty annoying. His solution was to stuff them in the toilet much to Starman3's protest.

In Bowser's lair, SMG3 got a random guy which Bowser wondered what was he going to do such as dance. SMG3 replied it was to revive the monster using a ritual. He then ordered the guy to do so and told Bowser to get ready. All the guy did when he got to the monster was to make random gibberish, making Bowser ask if the guy had a mental issue and SMG3 confirming that he found him on the street.

Back to X and Starman3, X called for Starman3 and said it was one battle he could not win. Starman3 asked why he could not fight this evil when all other evils could be fought just to be shut up by X before telling him to prepare. Starman3 was confused as they already had the best people here (SMG4 and Mario, although SMG4 was spazzing out while Mario was just humming, causing Starman3 to change his mind)

Back in Bowser's lair, the guy from the street was still doing some random chants. Eventually, SMG3 got fed up and punched the guy out, saying it was hopeless trying to revive the monster. Bowser then tried his idea which was singing Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows, much to SMG3's protest. He then punched the monster which somehow started working. Once the monster was up, he ordered it to go and destroy the Mushroom Kingdom, which he happily compared it to sending it to its first day at school. Bowser thought he was the mom just for SMG3 to tell him that he was an idiot for that.

Just as Starman3 was saying how there were no issues, the ground started shaking. Turned out the monster had arrived. SMG4 indicated it might be friendly but Mario pointed out it was not friendly. Toad thought it was his friend and approached it, just to be killed by it. Mario was initially sad by the loss of Toad before realizing he did not care. Just as Starman3 wondered what they were supposed to do, SMG3 appeared on the roof and jumped down (causing a natural reaction of pain and laughing from the others causing SMG3 to tell them to shut up). He indicated how SMG4 and his friends had no hope in stopping them (and called them gay and as if on cue, Luigi was in the back, causing Mario to tell him to get out of the team much to his brother sadness just so Mario could retort saying there were no gay friends). SMG3 wasted no more words and quickly got out to destroy the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom but not before ordering the monster to do so. As a joke, as it flew into the sky, a plane came by and killed it, causing SMG3 to swear.

Mario went off the eat some spaghetti but Starman3 said no because they needed to save the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario did not care because it never paid him back in any way, causing SMG4 to add that it gave him spaghetti. That was enough for Mario to be determined to save it. Meanwhile, the monster had arrived and a guard reported he spotted something strange and reported it to his superior, who ordered him to use a gun on it. The guard by throwing the gun at it, causing a pedestrian to be knocked out. The superior commented on how dumb his subordinate was before getting out an RPG and firing the missile. However, he aimed it the wrong way, causing Roprinplup14 to be blown up instead. The superior then said it was better for the monster to come first.

As SMG4 was headed to the monster, he was called on his mobile. He thought it was Peach and told her to go away but it was someone else. He thought it was Luigi but the person revealed himself to be SMG3, calling SMG4 an idiot. His demand for stopping the attack was 20000000 coins, which SMG4 asked what would he do with it. Although he told him that it was none of his business, SMG3 wanted the money to buy pictures of Justin Bieber. SMG3 gave the location where the money was supposed to be given which was the town the monster was going to destroy and added there was something if he would do if he did not get the money. SMG4 asked what was it but before SMG3 could reply to that, the random guy from earlier took his phone, causing SMG3 to go after him. The guy then started saying nonsense in the phone, causing SMG4 to get confused and for Mario to ask if he was humping the phone.

Back to the guard, he reported it was almost near them. His superior told him to get ready and the guard asked what would happen if they did not make it, only for his superior to say that they were men of war, they would never say such things, and they were never afraid to die. However, when the monster was upon them, the superior screamed like a little girl and declared it was very men for himself. Meanwhile, Starman3 said they were too late since the whole town was on fire. SMG4 said he had a plan: Mario was to save the villagers, Starman3 would take care of the monster while SMG4 himself would take care of SMG3.

Soon, each character was ready to carry out the plan. SMG4 was about to confront SMG3. Mario was trying to save a kid trapped on the building's roof because he was trapped by the fire. Mario reassured him that he would be safe because he would catch him as he jumped down. The kid jumped but smashed onto the ground, killing him, causing Mario to swear. Just as Starman3 was about to engage with the monster, it fired a laser at him, knocking him down. He tried resorting to using his Starman power but the crazy guy took it, causing him to swear. As SMG4 approached SMG3, he asked if he had the money, which he replied he did not. SMG4 then asked how was his day, which SMG3 put as boring as usual.

Just as Mario turned out, he saw Starman3 fall down hard and said hi to him, who commented on how hard it was to defeat the monster before asking if he saved the villagers. Mario replied that he did but when Starman3 looked him over, there were a few dead villagers, causing him to correct to not all of them being saved. Then, Starman3 tried engaging the monster by charging huge energy balls before releasing it at it. It did nothing, causing him to rage into throwing Old Man Hobo at it. That caused something to fall near SMG4. He wondered what was it but SMG3 gave it away when he revealed his monster needed it to live, causing SMG4 to trick him into believing he would return it to him. Once that was done, SMG4 threw it on a ground (which was to the tune of Threw It On The Ground), which Mario and Starman3 called him a bada** for doing that.

SMG3 felt defeated because his monster's heart was gone. Soon after, it exploded and died. SMG3 pleaded with them to not arrest him due to claiming he had children. Starman3 assured that he would not be arrested and Mario added he had something better for him. Later on, SMG3, in one of Peach's Castle's room. asked what was he supposed to do again. Starman3 through the door said it was to just stay in the room. Wondering what was so bad, SMG3 turned to see something horrible, Notch. That caused him to swear, knowing he was screwed figuratively and literally.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters


  • Baby Mario flashback
  • Princess Peach (appears at 1:07 as a voice only (supposed to be physical appearance but none due to a glitch))
  • Random guy 2
  • Roprinplup14 (appears at 6:36 but was accidentally blown up by the Guard Captain)
  • Random guy 3
  • Random guy 4
  • Random guy 5
  • Kid
  • Old Man (appears at 9:39 as Starman3's projectile)
  • Notch (appears at 10:39)


  • Justin Bieber (mentioned by SMG3 when thinking of what to use the money with)



  • From 1:03 to 1:09, the first scene replays, which SMG4 himself indicated it was a glitch.

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