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Super Mario 64 Halloween Special 2011, more often simply called Halloween Special 2011, is the 53rd video made by SuperMarioGlitchy4. As its name indicates, it has been specially released for Halloween 2011. It's his first Halloween special blooper, as well as his first holiday special video.


The Mushroom Kingdom is infested with zombies all thanks to Mario.


As the video begins, it shows a floating Weegee head that floats around outside the Mushroom Kingdom. Toad tells Mario it was so cold, so Mario has a flamethrower to set him on fire. Toad tells Mario can he go play with someone else, but Mario asks "Like who?". Toad forces Mario do to the decorations. As Mario does so, he painted the castle with words that said: "Luigi is gay LOL :D". X is sending something bad is happening, but SMG4 says that X has been like this. Mario tries to tell SMG4 to download the Halloween texture pack, but the internet is super slow. Luigi is downloading 715 gigabytes of gay pictures and thinks that is best for Halloween. SMG4 is going as Blooper Guy while Mario is going as Albert Frankenstein. X is some scary guy who rapes people with toilets.

Meanwhile, Mario is looking for something scary but gets trapped in the sand. In Take 2, he knows what is in the pyramid and finds a mustache. Mario saw the hands and a voice is heard. It was the hands. Mario dances on what the hands just said. The hands said that the zombies will rise if the mustache was cursed.

Outside Peach's Castle, there is a zombie hand rising out of the ground. As Mario puts on the mustache, he talks to Toad and a zombie's hand rises up. SMG4, X, and Mario talk about the hand. As a doorbell was heard, Toad was attacked by zombies off screen. Mario answered the door to reveal three zombies and a zombified Toad. He checked the door to reveal a zombie with a chef hat and pizza box, but it was revealed that there is a zombie toad inside the box. Mario uses a giant brain to lock the door. A zombie breaks into the window, but SMG4, X, and Mario run off inside. Mario used a pickaxe and SMG4 asked if Mario heard that. Luigi was trapped inside the dark until zombie Toads arrive to attack him. Mario was forced to go get the mustache back, but there are zombie Toads. Mario defends himself with a banana. The zombie Toads want to eat Mario, but Mario screams. He was forced to calm down by the zombie Toads, but he did. SMG4 wants to force Mario to return the mustache and made a zombie Toad look like a nerd. Zombie Toad appears with a Ghostface mask, but Mario scares him with an ugly person picture. The zombie Toad wants to hear his sad story, but Mario shoots him in the head.

Back at the place where Mario put his mustache, the zombies come from Mario as Mario farts on his hand. SMG4 says that the mustache comes with a unibrow. Mario fights with the hands as he uses zombie Toads to attack the hands. X uses the mustache, but a zombie Toad ate it. Mario uses his own mustache to fix the problem but turns out that it turned back to normal.

Meanwhile, everything was fixed. There are zombie Toads laying on the ground. Mario mistook Toad for a zombie Toad. SMG4 complains about the internet being slow, but a zombie Luigi says that there are only 1% of 741 gigabytes downloaded.



  • This is the first Halloween special.
  • "Albert Frankenstein" is a Pun on the scientist "Albert Einstein"

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