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Super Mario 64 Shorts: Toad has a secret is a short blooper by SMG4. It involves Mario undergoing an investigation to find out what Toad is hiding from him.


While Toad is having fun with his secret box, Mario wants to find out what is inside that secret box, by stealing it from him. What's inside Toad's secret box? Here's a hint: it will scar him for life.


Toad is with a box, but Mario wants to know what he has in there. When Toad is being chased by Mario, Toad went into the Bob-Omb Battlefield. Mario goes face-to-face with a Chain Chomp. He tries to throw Peach at Chain Chomp, but fails. Mario continues chasing Toad as he goes into a cannon, but Mario was warned by a Bob-Omb Buddy about something, so Mario goes into the cannon to follow Toad. Mario wants to know what is inside, but an alien saying "It's a trap!" appears. Mario is shocked as it explodes. Toad fell into the ground as the Whomp falls on top of him. Mario has the box, but Toad was mad as he chases Mario. Mario goes inside a tree and Toad gets angry. The tree branch snaps and Mario and Toad fight. Toad has the box now. Mario tries to look for things, but he saw a red gun and goes with it. Mario has the gun and aims it at Toad as he turns into Luke Lerdwichagul's head with a green toad afro-esque hat. He gets a picture of Mario laying on the ground naked with the words "I'll be YOUR princess! <333". Mario was shocked as he explodes. He was in space alongside Luke's head, Mario and the box.



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